Pain on the right side of the body


Pain on the right side of the body can have various causes. Depending on the region in which the pain is located, the problem can originate in different organs, muscles, bones or other body structures. Traumas such as falls or bumps can also be the origin of the complaints. The pain is often harmless and disappears on its own after a certain time. If they persist for a long time without an apparent cause, it is advisable to consult a doctor who can get to the bottom of the pain in more detail.

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Pain under the ribs / costal arch

The liver lies under the costal arch on the right side. The gallbladder is attached to it. Both organs can cause various problems, most of which are expressed in the form of pain. For example, the liver can be affected by inflammation (hepatitis). The inflammation is often triggered by viruses and can have both acute and chronic courses. With heavy alcohol consumption, the liver can develop what is known as cirrhosis. Colloquially one speaks of a fatty liver. The capsule, which protects the liver, is stretched by the increased amount of stored tissue. This often causes pain.

The gallbladder is particularly painful when the bile in it builds up. This can be triggered, for example, by a gallstone in the draining biliary tract.

The intestine lies a little further below. Both the small and large intestines are distributed over the entire abdomen. The large intestine, however, has a suspension on the right side directly below the liver. Because of this, pain on the right side under the ribs can also come from the colon. Possible causes range from simple constipation to complicated, acutely life-threatening diseases.

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Like stitch in the side

Anyone who does sport from time to time or, above all, runs, knows the pain that is commonly known as a stitch. This pain is usually caused by uncoordinated breathing and occurs especially in less trained people. The exact mechanism by which pain develops is not yet known. It is believed that muscles in the region (also the diaphragm, which is needed for breathing, is a muscle) become over-acidic due to increased metabolism. This means that metabolic products are deposited there that cannot be removed quickly enough. This can cause sharp pain.

Other causes of pain in this area could be problems with the liver or gallbladder.A cause in the gastrointestinal tract is also conceivable. An acutely dangerous disease would be appendicitis. This does not necessarily express itself in stabbing pain, but it can be a cause of pain on the right side of the body and, due to its dangerousness, it must be clarified.

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Other possible triggers can be back problems. A problem with the kidneys can also be expressed in pain that resembles the feeling of a stitch in the side.

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Pain emanating from the back

Back pain is a common ailment and one of the main reasons why people see a doctor or take sick leave. They are particularly nasty because the back becomes noticeable with almost every movement and in every position. Due to its diverse functions, the possible causes of the pain are also very different. In most cases, classic back pain is due to incorrect posture. People who do their work in a seated position and thus remain in the same posture for several hours a day are particularly affected. In these cases, tense muscles are usually to blame for the pain. These can often be significantly improved through improved posture and regular exercise every 30 minutes. In case of doubt, physiotherapy and light muscle training can also help to get the pain under control.

Other possible causes of back pain can be the nerves that travel from the spinal cord to various organs and tissues. The nerves often become noticeable when they are pinched (nerve root compression). A herniated disc can also pinch and squeeze the nerves. This should definitely be treated by a doctor.

It is also possible that problems in various organs, especially the kidneys, manifest themselves in the form of back pain.

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Pain in the abdomen

Classically, abdominal pain, especially in women, is often associated with menstrual complaints. These mostly cramp-like abdominal pain are initially no cause for concern, as they are not necessarily associated with an illness that requires treatment. Nevertheless, if the symptoms are too severe, a gynecologist (gynecologist) should be consulted. They can prescribe pain relievers. Another option would be to prescribe a cycle-regulating agent such as the pill.

In addition, the gynecologist can rule out diseases such as endometriosis (benign growth of the uterine lining outside the uterus).

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Pregnancy can also cause pain in the lower abdomen. Likewise, the pain from various sexual organs (in women the uterus and ovaries, in men testicles and prostate) can be.

Urinary bladder disease should also be considered.

During pregnancy

Pain in pregnancy can have a number of reasons. One possible cause is ectopic pregnancy. At the time the symptoms occur, the women concerned are not yet aware that they are pregnant, because the symptoms appear just a few days after the egg cell has been fertilized. The fertilized egg normally travels down the fallopian tube to the uterus. This is where the cell settles. Transport disruptions within the fallopian tube can occur for various reasons. Then the egg embeds itself inside the fallopian tube. However, there is too little space there for the growing cells, which leads to pain.

An ectopic pregnancy is dangerous for women and in the vast majority of cases has to be surgically removed. Later in pregnancy, pain can occur for a variety of reasons. Simple and harmless causes would be, for example, child movements or labor that starts at some point. It becomes dangerous for mother and child if the child lies badly in the womb. As a result, it can either push off other structures in the mother's abdominal cavity or endanger itself. Despite pregnancy, one should never forget that other problems can also be causes of the pain.

On the hip

Most people affected by hip pain are caused by orthopedic problems. The easiest to identify cause is a fall on the affected body region. This is particularly common in older people who are no longer able to walk well. Since they are often unable to adequately absorb a fall, they usually fall unchecked on the hips.
Typically this results in a femoral neck fracture. So it breaks the thigh bone right next to the hip joint. As a rule, this injury has to be treated surgically, and the rehabilitation afterwards takes a particularly long time.

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But hip pain can not only be caused by traumatic causes. Many children are born with hip malpositions. Nowadays, these can usually be treated with a special plaster technique in very early childhood. However, if a complete correction of the deformity is not possible, pain in the hip joint can occur as the children get older.

Pelvic obliquity, a difference in leg length, a sideways curvature of the spine (scoliosis), or a poor posture in the back can also trigger hip problems. Injuries in the area of ​​the ankle or knee joints often lead to a relieving posture, which becomes noticeable after a long time through hip pain.

On neck

In the case of pain in the neck, one must first of all recognize whether the underlying cause is more orthopedic (bones, ligaments, joints, muscles, etc. are affected) or internal (disease of organs) in nature.

A sore throat can be triggered by a cold, for example. In this case, the throat is irritated, the area becomes reddened. It is possible that the tonsils are also affected, which is often expressed by pain when swallowing. In addition, if you have a cold or other infection (caused by bacteria or viruses), the lymph nodes in your neck can swell painfully. The lymph nodes form nodes in the immune system, the body's own defense system against pathogens.

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If the neck is affected (one usually speaks of neck pain rather than sore throat), the problem is usually more on the orthopedic side. Bad posture in the back and neck are the most common cause. They lead to tension in the muscles, which in turn cause pain. In this case, one should not forget to clarify a herniated disc in the area of ​​the spine.

Here you will find helpful information about recognizing a herniated disc: Symptoms of a herniated disc

Whiplash injuries, such as those that occur in a rear-end collision, can also cause neck pain.

In the belly

Pain in the upper abdomen

On the right side in the upper abdomen, problems in the liver or gallbladder usually cause pain. The liver usually only causes pain when there is an increase in volume due to various diseases (inflammation of the liver, fatty liver, alcoholic liver). This will stretch the protective capsule, which usually causes pain for the affected person.

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Gallbladder complaints are usually characterized by colic-like pain. They mainly develop when the bile ducts or the gallbladder itself are inflamed. This can be triggered, for example, by biliary obstruction due to gallstones. The stomach is also in the upper abdomen, but it is more in a central position. Nevertheless, stomach pain can in various cases be particularly pronounced on the right side of the body. Possible causes of stomach pain are, for example, spoiled food or a gastrointestinal infection.

An inflammation of the stomach lining (gastritis) can also be a trigger. Stomach pain also occurs when the person concerned suffers from an ulcer (damage to the stomach lining caused by bacteria or chemical substances, for example). The pain usually comes from the fact that the particularly aggressive stomach acid gets to unprotected places in the stomach wall.

Pain in the lower abdomen

In the case of pain on the right side in the lower abdomen, the first thing to do is to clarify whether it is appendicitis. What is colloquially called appendix is ​​actually just the so-called appendix, which ends in a dead end from the appendix. Normally he doesn't cause us any problems. However, it can happen that the entrance and exit of this appendix is ​​blocked. Then the area behind it ignites. This leads to severe pain in the area of ​​the right lower abdomen. The disease is usually accompanied by increased muscle tension in the right lower abdomen. Appendicitis is an acutely dangerous situation and must be treated by surgical removal of the appendix.

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However, other structures can also be affected on the right side of the lower abdomen. At roughly the same point where the appendix is ​​located, the small intestine merges into the large intestine. People who suffer from inflammatory bowel disease often have a lot of problems at this point.

Pain in the leg

Leg pain can indicate a variety of problems. Often, due to excessive stress, there are signs of wear and tear (osteoarthritis) in the area of ​​the joints (feet, knees, hips). These problems are particularly common among athletes who have been stressing themselves in the same way over and over for years.

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Acute pain often arises from injuries during training or in competitive situations. Even then, in many cases, the joints are affected, but injuries to ligaments or muscles are just as common.

But exercise and exercise are not the only causes of leg pain. A sudden onset of pain can be triggered, for example, by a deep vein thrombosis. It often affects people who rarely or not at all walk. Compared to other population groups, blood clots form particularly often in the veins (vessels leading to the heart) on the legs of these people. These clots can clog the veins, causing pain and swelling in the affected leg. Such a thrombosis should be treated as soon as possible, because as soon as the blood clot separates from the site, it becomes dangerous. The clot returns from the leg vein to the heart and can then be transported to the lungs. There it may block a large blood vessel (pulmonary embolism), which can lead to acute shortness of breath and is life-threatening.

Right chest pain

In the event of pain in the chest, everyone should immediately listen carefully, because even if the left side is traditionally affected in a heart attack, it cannot be ruled out that the heart is the cause of the discomfort even in the case of pain in the right chest and it becomes a problem within a few minutes life-threatening situation comes.

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Other causes of right chest pain can be for a variety of reasons. Injuries and trauma to the rib area are a possible explanation for pain. The esophagus can also be the source of problems. In so-called reflux (heartburn), the sphincter between the esophagus and the stomach no longer works properly. This allows stomach acid to flow back into the esophagus and cause burning pain (heartburn) in the chest area (usually behind the breastbone).

If the pain is only on the right side, a lung disease should also be considered. Between the ribs and the lungs there are two layers of tissue that can be moved against each other. This ensures that the lungs can expand and move with each breath. In the course of lung disease, these layers of tissue can stick together, causing pain with every breath.

In the area of ​​the waist

Most pain in the waist area comes from the abdomen. Often the cause is in the digestive tract. General diseases such as gastrointestinal infections usually present themselves with pain that is not only limited to the right side of the body.

If only the right side is affected, special focus should be placed on the organs located there. Possible problems can be in the liver or gallbladder. Appendicitis is also a possible cause. The kidney on the right side may also be affected.

Jaw pain

In most cases, jaw pain comes from the teeth area. Since their roots extend deep into the jaw, they can also cause problems there. Furthermore, jaw pain due to tension or psychological tension and stress is possible. The jaw muscles are often tense subconsciously, which is why pain occurs at some point.

People who grind their teeth at night can also develop jaw pain. With them, the pain also comes from the muscles.

There are lymph nodes below the lower jaw, which can swell painfully when infected. In addition, jaw pain can result from nerve irritation. Trigeminal neuralgia is particularly painful.

When coughing

Pain on the right side of the body that occurs when coughing is usually triggered by the pressure the body builds up to do so. In the event of injuries (bruises, etc.) on the ribs, coughing causes pain in the affected area. Pain in the abdomen or groin is also typical.

If there are problems in the utility room, especially in the intestinal area, such as a blockage or twisting of the intestine, the pain is increased by coughing, as this suddenly creates high pressure. This can also push the intestine through a weak point in the tissue into the inguinal canal. A so-called hernia develops.

After alcohol

The liver is typically particularly affected by alcohol. The liver is responsible for processing nutrients in our body. It metabolizes almost everything that we ingest. Valuable substances are collected and brought to various parts of the body. Waste materials are mainly transported by the liver towards the bile and thus removed from the body again.

If you consume too much alcohol, the liver is particularly affected. A fatty liver develops (liver cirrhosis). This means that the liver tissue is increasingly remodeling into fat tissue.On the one hand, this makes it harder for the liver to carry out its usual tasks; on the other, the tissue expands and tears at the capsule that surrounds the liver. This creates pain that is just below the right costal arch.

Pain in the right abdomen from gallstones

Gallstones are particularly common in a certain population group. This group is defined by the "6 F": female (female), fair (blond, light skin type), fourty (forty), fertile (fertile), fat (obese), family (same illness in others in the family). But people who do not all meet these criteria can also suffer from gallstones.

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The bile is used in the body to metabolize fatty substances and excrete fat-soluble waste products. Gallstones can clog the bile ducts or lie in the gallbladder itself. This leads to an inflammation of the bile duct or gall bladder, which is painful. Often the pain is colicky (wavy) and gets worse over time.

On the tailbone

Pain in the tailbone is usually caused by a fall on the buttocks. The tailbone is usually very poorly padded and therefore relatively unprotected. Therefore, falls on it usually leave a very painful memory for a few days. Usually these disappear again after a while. The tailbone may be bruised or broken in severe falls. Then it may be advisable to consult a doctor. Whereby this usually only treated with painkillers. Surgical therapy only rarely makes sense for the tailbone.

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Liver pain

The liver is in the right upper abdomen, just below the ribs. Even with liver disease, pain rarely occurs at first. Only when the disease is so advanced that the liver increases in volume does pain arise. In this case, the capsule that protects the liver is stretched and causes the symptoms. Inflammation of the liver is a disease that typically causes symptoms more suddenly. This is usually caused by viruses and can be both acute and chronic. Regular alcohol consumption makes the liver fat. Even then, it can expand over time.

Other causes can be parasites or worms.

Pain in the right arm

Pain in the right arm is mostly caused by accidents. This can cause injuries to the joints (wrist, elbow, shoulder). Most of the time the ligaments and sometimes muscles are affected. Broken bones or bruises are of course also possible.

What is rather untypical for the right arm is pain due to heart problems (e.g. heart attack), which usually radiate into the left arm. Pain in the right arm can also be caused by pinching the nerves supplying the arm. Possible causes are also a congestion in the bloodstream or in the outflow of lymphatic fluid.