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After hiking, swimming is the second most popular leisure activity for Germans. Swimming is easy on the joints. Since you only have to carry a tenth of your body weight in the water, swimming is especially used for back pain and knee pain. Swimming is also an ideal way of doing endurance sports for people who are overweight. When swimming, all muscles are trained and the cardiovascular system is economized. Although the breaststroke is one of the most difficult types of swimming to learn, it is most commonly used in swimming pools at home. In order to be able to use the positive effects of swimming optimally, one should make sure to use all swimming styles. Below you will find the techniques of the individual swimming types listed. As in all other sports, beginners can see an increase in performance or muscle build-up after just a few weeks of training.

Water temperature and swimming

Choosing the right temperature in the swimming pool is of particular importance for the respective training, as exercise in the water can lead to hypothermia or overheating more quickly than with running training in the air.

With cold water, e.g. In the lake or unheated swimming pools, you should get out of the water immediately after swimming to prevent hypothermia. Cold water is particularly suitable for long, persistent loads because the body increases its temperature here and cools the water. However, when swimming in cold water you should do enough beforehand warm up.

During sprint and interval training, care should be taken to ensure that the water is at a pleasantly warm temperature, as breaks in the water occur and the body can cool down more quickly and the risk of muscle injury increases. The temperature in the competition pool is approx. 27 ° C.

Decrease water resistance

In the performance area, care is taken to ensure that there is as little resistance as possible in the water, so a full-body shave is recommended. Water particles can no longer be carried away by the hair on the skin. If you still don't want to do without your body hair, a full body swimsuit is recommended. According to the latest research, modern swimsuits should reduce the resistance in the water many times over, as their structures are similar to the skin of a fish.

Note: Even the best swimsuit is not a guarantee of fast swimming. It only creates optimal framework conditions.

Swimming with back pain

Who at Breaststroke Keeping your head above water on your neck at all times risks damaging your cervical vertebrae. In addition, many breast swimmers fall in Hollow back. To relieve the back should Freestyle swimming and Backstroke should be chosen because the S-shape of the spine is retained. Backstroke especially strengthens them Neck and neck muscles.

To the effects of swimming in terms of health To be able to achieve, mastering the correct swimming techniques is of great importance.

Cramp in the water

If you get a cramp in open water, you have to pay attention to the following points.

  • keep Calm
  • Stretch the affected muscle if possible
  • Continue swimming in the supine position
  • Lie in the water if possible
  • Swim to the shore
  • Ask for help

coordinative skills and swimming

Swimming, especially the right technique for dolphin swimming, requires a high degree of coordination skills. For more information on coordinative skills, visit our coordinative skills article.