Who are the authors of the - Page?

www.was founded by Dr. Nicolas Gumpert founded in 2002, and Dr. Marc Jungermann as a 50% partner in the company.

Peter Gumpert has been the managing director of www.since July 2004 and manages the business fortunes of the internet platform.

In the course of a continuous expansion of the information offered, more and more authors were added to the team, so that many more authors are now writing for "Medizin Online".

Dr. Nicolas Gumpert (Founder) - Peter Gumpert (Managing Director) - Dr. Marc Jungermann (co-founder)

Our authors

  • Author Tobias Kasprak
  • Author Dr. Nicolas Gumpert - orthopedist in Frankfurt
  • Author Mario Habersack
  • Author Thorsten Kraut
  • Author Dr. med. Christoph Barthel
  • Consultant Dr. Marc Jungermann
  • Web design