Symptoms of optic nerve inflammation


Neuritis nervi optici (Latin)


The main symptom of optic nerve inflammation is a visual disorder in which the decrease in visual acuity (Loss of vision) occurs suddenly.
This deterioration in vision can occur, particularly in the case of multiple sclerosis, as a result of body warming, such as after strenuous physical activity, after a hot bath or shower.
In addition, the patients suffer from visual field defects (Scotomas), in which parts of the normal field of vision can no longer be perceived and are seen, for example, as black-gray spots.

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If there is retrobulbar neuritis, a feeling of pressure and pain behind the eye can also be perceived. The pain then increases with eye movement, since when the diseased eye moves, the optic nerve is minimally stretched and thus irritated at its exit point from the eyeball into the cranial cavity.
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multiple sclerosis

As one of the most common Initial symptoms of the Multiple Sclerosis (MS) counts the inflammation of the optic nerve of an eye. This occurs in around 20-30% of MS cases Optic nerve inflammation on.

In up to 80% of all patients who have suffered from an inflammation of the optic nerve in one eye, other symptoms of multiple sclerosis will develop in the following 15 years.

However, are both eyes and not only one eye is affected by the optic nerve inflammation, it is very unlikely that multiple sclerosis will develop over time.

Typical early symptoms of a Multiple sclerosis are unspecific complaints, which are therefore difficult to assign at the beginning and thus make an early diagnosis difficult. These symptoms include general exhaustion, reduced performance and easily triggered states of exhaustion.

Often also occur relatively early Sensory disturbances which appear as a disturbance in the perception of temperature, a feeling of heat or wetness on the body surface, as limbs asleep, a tingling sensationAnt running") Or pinpricks.

Perception disorders such as "bandaged limbs", "belt feeling" of the constriction in the middle of the body or "armor around the chest" are typical. Often it is Vibration sensation or the Position sense (Orientation in space, dizziness) in MS patients, which leads to slight swaying and tumbling movements even in the early phase of MS. Also Vertigo is possible in the more severe cases.

About a third of people with MS experience current-like surges along their spine when they bow their head.

In addition, in the early stages of multiple sclerosis, you can do one several times an hour Bladder dysfunction occur, which manifests itself as an obsessive urge to urinate. In the course of the dysfunction develops into a voiding disorder, which up to Incontinence or Urinary retention can lead.