Training with the Thera-Band


Training with the Theraband

Strength training with a rubber band developed as early as the 1960s, when Erich DEUSER trained the national soccer team with bicycle tubes.
In 1967 he developed the ring-shaped Deuserband. Although training with increasing resistance has numerous benefits, it has not really caught on in the past few decades.

The Thera-Band

The one from the company of the same name Thera-Band ® is a 10 cm wide, flat and approx. 1-3 m. long rubber band, with different strengths of resistance. Due to the popularity of the brand, almost every latex strap on the market is called Theraband ® designated. The individual strengths are identified by different colors. Starting with the extra thin beige Thera-Band ®, up to the strong black band. The special colors silver and gold with particularly high resistance are available for competitive athletes.

Benefits of training with the Thera-Band®

The steady increase in the resistance during the execution of the movement ensures that the Musculature the maximum tensile resistance arises. By not using additional weights, training with the counts Thera-Band ® one of the safest variants in strength training. In addition to Muscle building stimuli are set to promote movement coordination. Since the training can be done at home, it is very inexpensive. Only the acquisition costs are incurred. Since the Thera bands themselves do not represent any weight, they can be transported without any problems compared to dumbbells and can be used anywhere.

What should you watch out for when training with the Thera-Band®?

  • Since the individual muscle groups develop different strengths, different levels of resistance should be used. Either stronger resistances can be chosen, or that Thera-Band ® be folded.
  • TheTheraband ® should always be in perfect condition. If there are small tears, the tape should definitely be replaced.
  • The execution of the movement should always be carried out slowly and in a controlled manner.
  • The Thera Band ® should always be slightly pre-stretched.