Dry eyes in the morning

The causes of dry eyes can be very diverse. A distinction is made between exogenous and endogenous causes.

To the exogenous causes heard:

  • increased screen work or Watch TV
  • climatic influences how
    • air conditioning
    • Drafts or
    • dry air
    • unbalanced diet
    • to low fluid intake
    • the Taking certain medications (e.g. birth control pills, Beta blockers)
    • the frequent wearing of contact lenses or
    • chronic use vasoconstricting eye drops (so-called "whiteners").

In the column of the endogenous causes for dry eyes, on the other hand, they are lined up decreased tear production in the Age, the Hormonal changes while Menopause and pregnancy, Nerve paralysis a (for example after a stroke) and certain diseases such as:

  • diabetes
  • Neurodermatitis
  • rheumatism
  • Thyroid disease or
  • Autoimmune diseases

When the discomfort In the morning occur so is to acceptthat the underlying cause less an irritation than an irritation internal influence acts.
It is also possible that a chronic wetting disorder of the eye, which can be found in the technical jargon "Sicca syndrome"Or"Keratoconjunctivitis sicca“(KCS) calls.

Normally, the Blink every 4-6 seconds the Tear fluid evenly distributed on the surface of the eye. If, on the other hand, too little tear fluid is formed when the eyes are dry, the surface of the eye can no longer be adequately moistened.

Since that eye during the night in contrast to the day don't blink, it is often also dry in the morning. Through this dryness rubs that eyelid without the protective film of tear fluid in between with every blink of the eye on the conjunctiva and cornea.
This creates an unpleasant one Scratchy feeling or that too Foreign body feeling or a "Grain of sand" in the eye. One is also noticeable increased sensitivity to light and sometimes even watery eyes, because the constant irritation stimulates a temporary increased flow of tears.
the eyes are tired and the Lids of the eye feel heavy in the morning so that the Opening your eyes especially after sleeping difficult.
You can also add to dry eyes chronic eyelid inflammation added, which exacerbate the symptoms even further.

It's important, that dry eyes treated urgently Need to become! At first it seems banal to go to the doctor about dry eyes. However, it is important, especially when you notice that the dryness not only exists temporarily, a therapy initiate to the Cornea in front Injuries to protect by the constantly scratching blink of an eye.
If this is not done, it depends Corneal surface to Crackswhich by penetrating dirt or Bacteria inflammatory processes may result, whereby the Tear production Additionally negatively influenced becomes.

So it comes to oneself sustaining cycle dry eyes to break through severe corneal damage to avoid.

In the worst case scenario, untreated chronic dry eyes can occur Corneal opacities and thus to one Loss of vision come.

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