Causes of Dark Circles

Why is the discoloration under the eyes?

The skin under the eyes is particularly thin and usually has almost no cushioning fat tissue.
For this, there are many small blood vessels and lymph vessels around the eye that supply the important organ of vision. These are then clearly visible from the outside through the thin skin, so that a change is immediately noticeable and shows itself in dark circles under the eyes.

Causes of Dark Circles

In some families it is Tendency to dark discoloration it is particularly pronounced around the eyes and is always passed on because the particularly thin layer of skin is in the genes. Also Skin color, Shape of the eye socket and other hereditary factors can be obscure eye bags particularly emphasize.

Skin changes, like aging of the skin, increased pigment formation by exposure to the sun (or solarium) and changes after (Conjunctiva-)Inflammation can cause dark circles. Through a Sagging eyelids with age the eyes can also get dark shadows that visually enhance the effect of dark circles.

Dark circles that are not inherited can also be Signs of a disease of the body be and are symptom of a large number of diseases and Nutrient / vitamin deficiencies.

Straight iron, zinc and vitamin C prevent the appearance of unloved dark circles with sufficient care. To determine a vitamin or nutrient deficiency is a Blood count helpful and expedient by the family doctor. Diseases that lead to fluid retention, such as diseases of heart, thyroid, Kidneys or liver This can be the reason for dark circles and should be treated.
Also the intake of vasodilators Medication can lead to dark circles.

By Allergies, above all through hay fever, it can also lead to an intensification of dark circles. These arise from itching and related Eye rubbingwhich can increase puffiness in the eyes.
Here is one Therapy of hay fever makes sense, ideally through a Desensitization started in autumn before the hay fever season and can now also be carried out using the turbo method.

Another cause of dark circles can be drug consumption be. The Associated Poisoning of the body shows up outwardly through the dark discoloration under the eyes and only disappears again after weeks or months when the drug use has been stopped.
By Salt in the diet or through Smoke The fine blood vessels under the eyes can swell and cause dark circles under the eyes, as salt removes fluid from the body and that blood becomes thicker.
When consuming salty foods, it is therefore strongly recommended to drink sufficient fluids.

Computer and television are unhealthy for the eyes in the long run because they stare at the screen get dry and burn and through the resulting irritation Dark circles can arise.
When working on the PC for a long time, it is therefore important that "Eye exercises“Inserted and regularly Breaks can be made in which the eyes can relax. Additional moisturizing eye drop can soothe irritated eyes.

The typical cause of dark circles is natural lack of sleep. During sleep, the body can normally regenerate. If this is taken away from him by insufficient or bad sleep, it comes to pass Lymph congestion and swellingso that dark shadows appear under the eyes.

Also mental stress is reflected in the skin and eyes. depressions, which are also often still associated with Trouble sleeping, can lead to dark circles. Likewise are stress and persistent worries possible triggers for dark circles under the eyes.

At Children can cause dark circles in particular stuffy nose (cold, Allergy) or by Dehydration (Gastrointestinal disease) arise. Others too Deficiency symptoms (see above) show up more quickly in children than in adults and can be expressed in dark circles under the eyes.

Figure dark circles

Figure dark circles (A, B) and muscles of the eye area (C)

a - Constant overpigmentation
b - Blood vessels show through
c - pigment growth
d - allergy
e - neurodermatitis
= Atopic eczema
(Chronic skin disease)
f - deficiency symptoms
(Iron, vitamin C, zinc)
g - overexertion
h - Chronic lack of sleep

  1. Lateral tendon hood muscle -
    Epicranius muscle
  2. Upper lid plate -
    Superior tarsus
  3. Lower lid plate -
    Inferior tarsus
  4. Eye sphincter
    (Eye ring muscle) -
    Orbicularis oculi muscle
  5. Small zygomatic muscle -
    Zygomaticus minor muscle
  6. Upper lip lifter -
    Levator labii superioris muscle
  7. Nasal alar elevator -
    Levator labii superioris alaeque nasi muscle
  8. Nasal muscle -
    Nasalis muscle

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Causes of dark circles in the child

Dark circles can appear even in childhood. This often gives outsiders the impression of poor general well-being. However, dark circles occur especially in small children often as Accompanying a cold on. In children, the skin below the eyes is much thinner and more sensitive than that of adults. Since there is no fat pad there and the small blood vessels run directly under the skin, the impression of dark circles quickly arises.

One of the most common causes for this are blocked sinuses. Just like a common cold, these can lead to increased shadows under the eyes. If you have a stuffy nose less oxygen absorbed and the Blood appears bluish. Due to the very thin skin, this can be seen especially around the eyes. When the disease recedes, the dark circles should also disappear. Also allergy-related can it, for example due to hay fever to get dark circles. In addition, dark circles can be a side effect of skin inflammation or a Neurodermatitis With itching occur.

If children have dark circles, they should care should be taken to ensure that they are drinking enough, because even Dehydration can lead to dark circles. Caution is advised when the dark circles are related to a Gastrointestinal disease appear. Then there is the Risk of dehydration.

Another possible cause is a possible one Iron deficiency. This should be done by a pediatrician Blood count be checked. As with adults, can too lack of sleep cause dark circles in children. Therefore, care should be taken to ensure that the children get sufficient and, above all, restful sleep in suitable, quiet surroundings.

Also Infections can be associated with dark circles in children. Not only with inflammation of the sinuses, but also with Conjunctivitis or Sore throat Dark circles can appear as an accompanying symptom.

Often there are dark circles in children too genetically conditioned. This is particularly likely if several people in the family have noticeable dark circles. Children of other origins, for example Africans or Asians, often give the impression of dark circles under the eyes because their skin pigmentation is different.

In rare cases the dark circles are on one Kidney or thyroid disease traced back.

Help in most cases lots of movement and a balanced diet rich in vitaminsto make the dark circles disappear again. It should also be ensured that the children drink enough.

Causes of dark circles in men

In men, dark circles are mostly caused by theirs lifestyle triggered. Are common too little sleep and stress the trigger.

The skin below the eyes is that thinnest skin on the body. Here the blood vessels are very close under the skin, as there is almost no fatty tissue, and they shimmer through there. If this is increasingly the case, one speaks of dark circles. In men, the skin below the eyes is thicker than in women, and the connective tissue is more pronounced, but it occurs with increasing age, especially in men increased collagen breakdown. That is why men suffer most of all with increasing age under shadows under the eyes.

This can also be done by Dehydration to be triggered. Therefore one should pay attention to at least 2 liters of water a day to take in. Likewise can Sedentary lifestyle and a unbalanced diet, the few vitamins contains, cause dark circles under the eyes. So a common cause is an existing one Iron deficiency. However, men are less affected by this than women. In some men, the dark circles are too hereditary.

Although cosmetics are generally considered to be “women's affairs”, men can also take action against their dark circles. There are Eye creams specially developed for men, the cooling and decongestant work and can be applied to the eye area in the morning. Also home remedies, like cold cucumber slices or cooled tea bags are just as helpful for men. If that is not enough, men can also use cosmetics Concealer take action against the dark circles and thus hide them.

Causes of dark circles in women

In women, a common cause of dark circles is an iron deficiency due to the monthly menstrual period.

For women, just like for men, lack of sleep and stress as the Main causes for dark circles. But you can also Nicotine consumption, Sedentary lifestyle or wrong diet lead to dark circles.
Not infrequently it occurs in women because of Iron deficiency to dark circles. For this women are because of her Menstruation particularly vulnerable. An iron deficiency can get through balanced nutrition, in more severe cases Iron supplements to be balanced for oral use. The doctor can use an Blood count determine.
Also through Dehydration dark circles can appear. That's why there is a lot of drinking, so at least 2 liters a day, an effective method against dark circles.

Dark circles occur when small blood vessels pass through the very thin skin around the eyes shimmer. In women, the dark circles are usually more visible than in men. This is because women generally have thinner skin.

Home remedies for treating dark circles

First of all, it helps with dark circles that appear due to stress or lack of sleep, enough sleep. Often this is not possible, however, or the dark circles still persist because they are due to other causes. In such cases it is helpful to have the To cool eyes. Next cooling eye creams can do this too Cucumber slices that have been stored in the refrigerator can be used. These are placed on the eyes and left there for about 15 minutes. Also Teabag, about from black tea, can after cooling can be placed on the eyes as moist compresses.

In addition, dark circles can be concealed by using make-up. Often times, a concealer that is applied to the eye area below the eyes helps to make the eyes appear fresher. The shade of the concealer should be chosen one or two shades lighter than the actual skin tone. Normal make-up can be applied over it. Special correctors help to cover up shaded circles under the eyes. Depending on the appearance of the dark circles, the corresponding opposite color must be selected here. For reddish dark circles a green corrector, for bluish dark circles a corrector in pink and for brownish-violet dark circles a corrector in yellow-orange.