What should be considered when buying protein powder?


For many athletes, protein powder is an essential supplement, i.e. dietary supplement.
A balanced diet can be supplemented with protein powder, especially if the goal of training and diet is to build muscle. Protein powder is available in a wide variety of flavors from numerous suppliers, as well as different types of protein powders. Depending on the objective, the selection should be different, it is worthwhile to compare the various providers and invest in high-quality products.

Where can I buy protein powder?

Protein powders are now available everywhere. They can be found in supermarkets, drugstores, on the Internet, in fitness studios and in specialist shops. Pharmacies also offer protein powder, including various diet drinks such as Almased®.
Well-trained trainers and sales staff in fitness studios and in specialist shops can advise their customers on the choice of protein powder. Pharmacists are specially trained in weight loss and can provide assistance. You can also learn about the different types of protein powder and read reviews from other customers on the Internet. However, beginners and newbies in particular can quickly be lured by false promises and should seek advice from an expert at the beginning or deal with relevant literature. Although products from supermarkets and drugstores are comparatively inexpensive, they often do worse in terms of quality than their competitors from specialist retailers.

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What are there for different manufacturers?

Protein powders are a real best seller and can be purchased in specialist shops, supermarkets and drugstores, pharmacies and of course on the Internet. Well-known manufacturers of protein powder are, for example, Weider® and Optimum Nutrition®, whose products score very well in the product test.
Scitec Nutrition®, ESN® and Zec + ® are also well-known manufacturers. The Internet trade MyProtein® offers high-quality products with an excellent price-performance ratio. The products of the successful company Rocka Nutrition® have recently flooded the market and are now even available in supermarkets. They have excellent values, but are a little more expensive. If you want to lose weight with protein powder, you can also seek advice from a doctor or pharmacist. Diet drinks such as Almased® or Slimfast® are available in pharmacies; these contain carbohydrates in addition to protein and are intended to replace entire meals. It only remains to emphasize that protein powder should only complement, not replace, a balanced, healthy, permanent diet.

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Are there qualitative differences between the products?

Protein powders do not only differ in terms of taste, the composition and purity of the product in particular are crucial quality features.
For example, if you are looking for a high protein content with few carbohydrates, you should get a whey isolate or hydrolyzate. A look at the nutrient table provides information about the protein and carbohydrate content. Depending on your objectives, you should also find out about the calorie content of the drink, especially in a low-calorie diet for weight loss. Another quality feature of protein powders is their solubility in water or milk, they should not form lumps.
Value should also be placed on the proportion of essential and branched amino acids, as these are essential for the body to build muscle. Ultimately, as with nutrition, it is worth paying attention to the quality and, if necessary, digging a little deeper into your pocket. Products from drugstores and supermarkets, especially house brands, often perform worse than the competition.

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What flavors are there?

There are apparently no limits to the imagination when it comes to the flavors for protein powders and the consumer can find virtually any variety on the market. Neutral protein powder, especially in water, does not taste good, which is why manufacturers are very inventive.
Classics are of course vanilla and chocolate, and most products can also be found in the strawberry flavor. If you like it sweet, you can use cookies, caramel, cheesecake, coconut, Rockyroad, banana and others, salted caramel is also quite delicious. In many cases, the protein powder can taste very artificial, here it is worth comparing the reviews of other consumers. Of course, these are only guidelines, after all, tastes are different.
It actually makes a difference whether the protein powder is mixed with water or with milk. The latter naturally increases the calorie content of the drink. At the beginning it can be advisable to order smaller portions or samples and not to reach for the 5 kilo sack until your personal favorite has been found.

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