Figure pain calf

Illustration of pain in the calf: arteries and veins of the right lower leg (I) and muscles of the rear (II)

Pain in the calf

  1. Popliteal artery -
    Popliteal artery
  2. Popliteal vein -
    Popliteal vein
  3. Large rose vein -
    Great saphenous vein
  4. Posterior tibial vein -
    Posterior tibial vein
  5. Posterior tibial artery
    Posterior tibial artery
  6. Fibula artery -
    Fibular artery
  7. Small rose vein -
    Vena saphena parva
  8. Sole muscle -
    Plantaris muscle
  9. Internal calf muscle -
    Gastrocnemius muscle
    Caput mediale
  10. External calf muscle -
    Gastrocnemius muscle
    Caput laterale
  11. Clod muscle -
    Soleus muscle
  12. Achilles tendon -
    Tendo calcaneus
  13. Long fibula muscle -
    Musculus fibularis (peroneus) longus
    A. - Atherosclerosis
    (Changes in blood vessels)
    Arteriosclerosis (hardening of the arteries)
    B - venous thrombosis, DVT -
    Deep vein thrombosis
    C - Torn muscle fiber, strain
    D - thrombophlebitis -
    Inflammation of superficial veins

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