External ligament stretch of the knee


The external ligament stretch manifests itself as pain in the knee

The Outer band of Knee joint (Ligamentum collaterale fibulare) is one of the main ligaments of the knee joint and must accordingly high loads withstand.

An overstretching of the outer ligament often occurs with certain Ball sports and at Running before and is usually for the persons concerned very uncomfortable.
The injury typically goes with Pain in the knee goes hand in hand and in most cases draws one strict protection of the affected knee joint.

The outer band is then loaded when a Strength from within on the knee acts and pushes it outwards. With this movement the outer one opens Joint space of the knee joint and the ligament is stretched.

If there is a suspicion of an external ligament stretch, a medical evaluation recommended that therapy of the injury be carried out, and as soon as possible Restoration of stability and function of the knee joint can occur.


A Knee outer ligament stretch usually goes with typical symptoms hand in hand. If the outer ligament has been overstretched there is one Involvement of the surrounding soft tissue structures due to the violence on the Knee joint not be ruled out. So can next to the outer band Vessels, annoy, cartilage or Bone structures be damaged.
When the outer ligament is stretched, a comprehensive diagnostics of the knee joint, so any existing Accompanying injuries not be overlooked.

The symptoms of overstretching the outer ligament can be frequent not exactly localized become. In the foreground of the symptoms are a Tenderness on the outside of the knee joint as well as one swelling of Knees. A restriction in the mobility of the knee is also noticeable when the outer ligament is stretched. If the Lower leg When moving inwards, there is often a stabbing effect Pain in the knee on.

If other structures occur due to the violence, it can also Bruising, open wounds or sensory disorders am leg and foot occur.

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In the foreground are the symptoms of an external ligament stretch Pain in the knee. Depending on the extent and cause of the injury, the pain can be at different points and with different movements of Knee joint occur.

Especially when the pain is on the Outside of Knees and at pressure the involvement of the outer ligament is to be assumed. Even if the pain is certain diagnostic tests occurs, an overstretching of the outer ligament is likely. For example, does the pain occur when the Lower leg moved towards the middle while keeping the knee with a hand is fixed, an injury to the outer ligament can be assumed.

Other pains that occur in the knee can be attributed to the the accident as well as the impaired soft tissue structures lead back. Especially when annoy If the injury was damaged, it may cause pain in the knee and the affected person leg come. Furthermore, the swelling of the knee can also increase diffuse and difficult to localize pain in the joint to lead.

root cause

The development of an outer ligament expansion is in the foreground Sports injuries. Particularly certain Ball and martial arts can often be associated with the development of an external ligament stretch. So it happens with ball sports like Soccer, basketball or Handball often to one Twist as well as physical contact with other players, which can lead to stretching of the ligaments. Direct violence in certain martial arts can also lead to ligament overstretching.

In any case, there is a so-called "Varus trauma". That means that Knee joint temporarily and mostly by force in a If a Position is brought. This position goes with a Extension of the outer ligament hand in hand.


So that the affected outer ligament can heal completely and that Knee joint If the function and stability regained as before the injury, an external ligament stretch should always be treated.

Immediately after the accident happened, the so-called PECH rule (Break, ice, compression, elevation) can be applied. So the knee should be first spared, chilled and elevated become. If available, there should also be one in acute cases Compression bandage be created.

In the later healing process there are especially one Immobilization of the knee joint by a rail as well as taking pain reliever medication in the foreground of therapy.

Sports break

So that the outer ligament can heal after overstretching and the Flexibility and stability of the knee joint is not restricted, a Sports break be inserted. At the same time is one Immobilization of Joint sensible through a rail.

Usually the joint can after about 2 weeks be burdened with sporting exercises again. Depending on the extent of the injury and any existing one Accompanying injuries however, the duration of the sports break may be longer.


Besides the conservative treatment options An outer ligament stretch, which mainly consists of protecting the structure and pain therapy, the application of a tape bandage can help to minimize the symptoms of an outer ligament stretching. The tape can especially be used in a advanced healing phase help to increase the stability of the knee joint and thus enable sports activities again.


The duration of treatment and symptoms of an external ligament stretch can vary greatly depending on the extent of the injury and the soft tissue structures involved. With consistent therapy of the injury can one 2 week healing period can be assumed. After about 2 weeks there is a slow getting used to sporting and everyday stress usually possible and useful.

Diagnosis of an external ligament stretch in the knee

Diagnosis is primarily made through physical examination

If an external ligament stretch is suspected, the development of Avoid complications, one medical evaluation of symptoms recommended.
An outer ligament stretch can not usually just by imaging an MRI of the knee be proven, which is why the diagnosis of the injury usually relies on the Description of the course the injury as well as the physical examination restricted to the data subject.
In order to rule out accompanying injuries, a X-ray carried out in two planes to rule out bony injuries.
If there is a suspicion of an injury to soft tissue structures (e.g. outer ligament tear, outer ligament partial tear, outer ligament stretch) and bleeding, a MRI diagnosis of the knee as well as a Puncture of the joint be necessary.


The individual prognosis of an external ligament stretch is essential Involvement of other structures of Knees as well as individual factors of the person concerned. In general, the prognosis of an external ligament stretching with consistent therapy of the injury is as very good to assess. So are Complications rare and it can usually be a complete restoration of function and stability of Knee joint can be achieved.
It should be noted, however, that the prognosis for participation bony structures and serious injuries as a result of major accidents is significantly worse.


There Sports injuries as Main cause an outer ligament stretch are known, is particularly recommended for sportswho are suspected of causing this injury, take special care. A general recommendation, which represents a precaution for the development of the external ligament stretch, cannot be recommended.