Bach flowers: emergency drops

Bach emergency drops

From all Bach flower essences is this combination, the best known and most widely used for emergency drops.
This flower mix Of course, it does not replace medical treatment. In an emergency, it helps to prevent or quickly resolve the “energetic shock”, which would result in physical damage. Emergency drops help to cope better with threatening physical and psychological situations and to deal with them.

The flowers used are:

  • Star of Bethlehem: Against shock and numbness
  • Rock rose: Against terror and feelings of panic
  • Impatiens: Against mental stress and tension
  • Cherry Plum: Against the fear of losing control
  • Clematis: Against the tendency to "step down" and the feeling of "being far away" as often occurs before unconsciousness

Prepare and take emergency drops (No. 39) for long-term use

Emergency drops (Bach flowers) from the storage bottle are only diluted half as much as the other 38 flower concentrates.
Use 4 drops per bottle.

Take as needed, several times a day between 4 and 8 drops from the oral bottle.
The emergency drops are basically only for temporary use certainly.

Preparation for a day or a momentary emergency

One gives four emergency drops into a water glass and drink in small sips as needed.

Emergency drops can also be instilled (if no water is available) directly from the storage bottle on the lips, temples, wrists or in the crook of the elbows.

Examples of Bach flower mixes as an alternative to emergency drops

With upcoming exams:

  • Gentian: Against doubt and discouragement
  • Elm: Not being able to cope with the feeling of being in a position
  • Clematis: Against mental absence
  • Larch: Against a lack of self-confidence
  • Mimulus: Against many small fears
  • Cerato: Against the feeling of not knowing where to start
  • Gorse: Against tiredness

Bach flower mix for the first day of school:

  • Honeysuckle: Against homesickness
  • Mimulus: Lots of little fears
  • Walnut: Change of a phase of life
  • olive: Exhaustion in a new situation