Bach flowers for loneliness in children

Taking Bach flowers can help children to positively influence their social development and to lure them out of their loneliness. In the following three different flowers are presented, which can be used depending on the behavior of the child.

Heather / Scottish heather

Bach flowers can help lonely and withdrawn children to become socially active again.

The children are completely self-centered, always want to be the center of attention and demand the undivided attention of their parents. You feel like “The center of the world“! You talk a lot, push yourself in between, don't stay alone.

Over the years they develop excessive vanity and a need for recognition and can become very unpopular and thus lonely characters. They constantly need an audience, have a tendency to show off, ridicule other children for their weaknesses, and hurt them with derogatory words. Only their own ailments count and they keep talking about them, but other people don't listen to them. Generally they show little pity to people and animals.

So they maneuver themselves into isolation, nobody wants to be friends with them.

This personality structure continues into adulthood. Often one shows a certain religiosity to the outside world, is convinced that one's own person is the worst in this world, one is the most important.

The Flowering heather helps the child to develop a certain sensitivity towards others. The importance of oneself is pushed into the background a little, willingness to help can develop. This increases the chance of finding friends and partners.

Impatiens / glandular balsam

Things don't go fast enough for the children, they can't wait, they get angry and scream. As soon as they can walk they are constantly on the move, they don't stay in one place for long, everything has to go quickly. A certain feeling of tiredness often triggers tantrums.

As they get older, their movements are hasty, everything is done quickly, they speak so quickly that other children can sometimes find it difficult to follow. Sometimes this also develops into stuttering. The children seem hyperactive, spirited and prefer to do things alone in order not to have to be considerate of other, slower contemporaries.

They also tend to make rash decisions and are extremely impatient with themselves and other people. Too little time for everything leads to careless mistakes and something is often forgotten.

In adulthood, choleric personalities develop that can be mean and cruel and thus suffer from loneliness. You work very quickly and effectively yourself, you cannot accept being different. Are impatient, irritable, tense, excited, roar aggressively. You can't stand criticism, get outbursts of anger, which, however, quickly evaporate again. Compare with a well-bred horse that is harnessed to a plow.

The Impatiens flower can bring more calm and serenity into the child's life and alleviate this difficult development. The children should develop more patience and understanding with themselves and with other people. For hyperactive children, the doctor should be consulted, but you can always treat supportively with Bach flowers.

Water Violet / Swamp Water Feather

The children are quiet and calm, appear very well-behaved and, if at all, only attract attention. They like to be alone and are not particularly interested in other children's games. In their self-chosen solitude, they are not sad but rather feel superior, are haughty and proud.

Even the smaller children play quietly and like to play alone, but they also seem shy and shy. When they get older, they want to be special, they may wear unusual clothes, they need a distance, they don't like to mingle with the people, sometimes they stop communicating with their environment, which can even lead to autism. They want to be able to do everything, solve their problems themselves and are also capable of doing so.

There is a risk that these children will develop into self-centered and arrogant personalities. The mastermind in the background who doesn't get his hands dirty. However, you will also find a good advisor in difficult situations like the "Solid as a rock “Can act.

Whenever the parents discover that the child is suffering from a lack of contact and withdrawn contact Flower water violet to think.

The blossom can set the children on their way to humility and a feeling of togetherness, and arouse interest in other people.

Where can you get Bach flower essences?

In Germany you can 38 Bach flowers Buy individually or as a set in the pharmacy in storage bottles. Mixtures are also available on request. In England, Bach flower essences are sold in drug stores. The supply bottles are durable and should at one light-protected place at normal room temperature be kept.

Preparation and consumption

  • Short-term use in acute illnesses or emotional states: In acute cases in which the mood and behavior of the child can change quickly, the so-called Water glass method. Add 2 drops of the selected flower essences to a glass (0.2l) of tap water. You give a small sip at a time within 2 to 3 hours.
  • Long-term use from the oral vial: You need a brown 30ml bottle with a pipette or dropper insert, available in every pharmacy, a still water (no distilled water), the selected Bach flower, fruit vinegar. 4 drops of one or more selected Bach flowers are dripped in each (available as a storage bottle (stock bottles) without a prescription at the pharmacy) into the bottle, three quarters of which are filled with fresh water and the rest with fruit vinegar. Of that you give Four drops 4 times a day, spread over the day, preferably on an empty stomach. Do not use a metal spoon. Leave the mixture in your mouth for a while to take full effect. The mixture stays in the brown bottle for a maximum of three to a maximum of 4 weeks and must then be renewed.
  • Duration of treatment: The duration of treatment depends on the child's situation and mood. In acute conditions, an improvement can often be seen very quickly. In the case of deeper problems that have existed for a long time, experience shows that it takes significantly longer - sometimes a few weeks - until a clear positive change in the child's condition can be observed. To three to four weeks always have to be taken into account and if necessary to discontinue the mixture or to change its composition. Children often have a very good sense of what they need or not. It is possible that the child stops taking the flower mixture on its own, refuses to take it or forgets to take it. Parents should accept this fact and not force it to take it.
  • No effect after a long time: If there is not the slightest change in the child's behavior after a few weeks, this can have various causes. Of course, the mix cannot be the right one. Check again and, if necessary, ask an experienced practitioner. Sometimes parents expect too much from therapy. Bach flowers only cause small changes that are sometimes difficult to perceive. Children's behaviors often spring from family situation. Parents and siblings should also be ready to change something in their dealings with one another. Bach flowers can also help here.
  • Ambiguity in the choice of flowers: If no flower is found that fits the child, it must first be assumed that the child does not need any treatment. If you find too many matching flowers (more than 8 to 9) you first have to know the behavior that has been observed in the child for a long time and also those that have only recently appeared. You start with the treatment with the flowers that match the current behavior. Take your time choosing the flowers, watch your child carefully for a while.
  • Basically, Bach flowers should not always be taken. The flower essences are harmless, but the constant ingestion of drops can trigger the feeling in the children that they have to take something constantly to feel good. That can Dependencies also promote other substances that may not be so harmless.
  • As soon as you have the feeling that the child needs it urgent help (in the event of injuries, in exam situations, fears, etc.) you can always use the so-called "Emergency drops „ (Rescue Remedy) deploy.

The Rescue Remedy

Emergency drops

The Emergency drops According to Bach, 5 flowers contain: Star of Bethlehem, Rock Rose, Impatiens, Cherry Plum and Clematis. This mixture is available as a finished concentrate in the pharmacy and is also part of the Bach flower set.

The emergency drops are only for acute emergencies intended, under no circumstances for taking over a longer period of time. They are free from side effects.

  • When are emergency drops used?: Always in shock (accidents, psychological injuries), stress, test anxiety, homesickness and everything that briefly scares children, shocks them and triggers emotional distress. It doesn't always have to be the major emergencies in the event of accidents or serious events.A bad school grade, a fight with friends, fear of a spider, nightmares or the upcoming visit to the dentist are reasons for using the emergency drops. In all cases, the drops have a calming and comforting effect on the child's state of mind.
  • Please note! Under no circumstances can emergency drops replace necessary medical care in the event of an accident!
  • Use of emergency drops: Add 4 drops to a glass (0.2l) of fresh tap water and drink the glass in small sips. You can repeat this procedure again if there is no sufficient improvement. If you are out and about and have no water available, emergency drops can also be taken undiluted. Add 1 to 2 drops from the stock bottle directly on the lips or tongue. You can also put 2 drops on the back of your hand and lick it off. Emergency drops can also be prepared in a bottle. To do this, put 4 drops in a brown 20ml bottle (from the pharmacy) and fill up with fresh tap water.
  • External use: As an envelope for minor injuries, insect bites, minor burns, tension. To do this, add 6 drops of emergency drops directly from the stock bottle to ½ l of water and soak a cloth with them.