Lip frenulum


The lip frenulum is a structure made of connective tissue and covered with oral mucosa, which is stretched between the upper jaw and upper lip in the oral vestibule. A lip frenulum can also be found between the lower jaw and lower lip. He is most likely assigned a stabilizing task.

Torn lip frenulum

A torn lip frenulum is common Result of a fall or a similar force on the upper lip and comes more common in children in front. At first, parents and children like to be frightened because the lip frenulum, when it is torn, bleeding profusely can. You can have this bleeding with a clean cloth try to breastfeeding. It should then end on its own, otherwise you should consult a doctor.
After the injury it can happen Swelling of the upper lip come. Otherwise there is a torn lip frenulum not too tragic. Depending on how badly it is torn it grows back together by itself or heals without growing together Well. Since the lip frenulum no special function you are not restricted if it is torn. It even has to be surgically cut in some people if it causes a gap between the front teeth.


A OP of the lip frenulum can be used as causes have that this too short or too strong or the base of which is too low on the gum line so that it becomes a Tooth gap of the incisors can come.
That too Receding gums can in some cases be traced back to the lip frenulum.

In the OP on the lip frenulum is the goal that this severed becomes. If it surgically cut by the dentist this will mostly be under one local anesthesia carried out, but can also be done under a small anesthetic. The lip frenulum is cut with a scalpel and the edges of the wound are then sutured. here we can absorbable sutures can be used so that pulling the threads is no longer necessary.
Wound healing takes an average of two weeks. As an alternative to the surgical operation, the lip frenulum can also be used treated with a laser become. This procedure is intended less pain and bleeding generate and for a faster wound healing to care.


If a lip frenulum is inflamed, this often occurs first in the form of Pain noticeable that when talking or eating, but can also exist in peace. An inflamed lip frenulum can also be something reddened and swollen be. The inflammation can affect different parts of the lip frenulum more, for example at the transition to the lip or the gums.

As root cause can Germs come into question that could enter the lip frenulum via cracks in the oral mucosa or as part of an improper piercing. Also one Inflammation of the gums can sometimes spread to the lip frenulum. A antibacterial mouthwash help. If the complaints do not get better, you would visit the dentist too highly recommended.

Shorten the lip frenulum

This is understood by shortening the lip frenulum Severing or cutting through the structure that causes problems in this case, which is stretched between the upper or lower jaw and lip in the oral vestibule.
The shortening will carried out by the dentist and can either by a Scalpel or a laser respectively. It is usually required if it is designed to result in a Tooth gap the incisors or to one Receding gums leads. Shortening is only carried out when the outer incisors have erupted. Therapeutic shortening of the lip frenulum can also be possible and helpful later.

Piercing with a cost

The piercing through the lip frenulum is one of the more likely uncomplicated piercingsbecause the lining of the mouth heals quickly. Usually it takes Wound healing takes about two weeks at. During this time you should go to one adequate oral hygiene Pay attention and regularly the place of the piercing on the lip frenulum disinfect.
The costs of the piercing, which is done by trained specialists, is on average 40 to 50 eurosDepending on the piercing studio, this can include various services, such as jewelry, or is charged extra. Before getting a piercing on the lip frenulum, you should first and foremost look for one suitable piercing studio with reasonable Hygiene standard and trained specialist staff search. Then you should also discuss the costs. Usually the first piece of jewelry is included in the price.
A ring that is closed with a ball is often chosen as jewelry, as this is also visible when you smile, as desired. At the Jewellery Care should be taken that the ring is the correct thickness and diameter and that the Ball does not touch the incisors if possible. Also, the piercing can Pressure points at the Gums leave behind, which is why this should be checked regularly.

Possible problems in the mouth


The lip frenulum can in some cases cause problems if it is too close to the space between the central incisors. For example, it can be a Cause tooth gap or for Receding gums to lead. If it is not treated in time, this can later lead to further complaints due to the Misaligned teeth or des Gum recession can arise. The lip frenulum can also tear as part of an injury, but usually leaves behind but one small woundwhich, however, healed very quickly, no permanent damage.
Instead of tearing it can also be a bruise arise on the lip frenulum, which recedes again in the course of the wound healing.
Furthermore, the lip frenulum ignited and then cause pain when speaking, eating, and making other movements of the lips. Also, it often is with inflammation reddened and swollen.


The cause of that partially up complete tearing of the lip frenulum is usually a Fall or a blow on the mouth, so that shear forces arise that tension the lip frenulum so that it ultimately tears.
Behind one inflammation of the lip frenulum is usually that Carrying over a germ into the oral mucosa. This can be done by either Cracks in the mucous membrane happen or as a result of stinging a Piercings through the lip frenulum.

The cause of the Formation of a tooth gap between the frontal incisors or the receding gums is most likely the too deep attachment to the upper jaw, that means it is too close to the interdental space. For one thing, it makes it relative strong pull on the gums. On the other hand, the lip frenulum acts like a wedge that is placed between the two incisors.


The dental examination Diagnosis is used both in general of the gums and teeth, and especially of the lip frenulum and the oral vestibule, which is located between the lips and the teeth. The Intactness of the lip frenulum, the Stand of the gums and the Position of the cutting teeth respected.


Is at Depression of the lip frenulum Tooth gap the incisors or a Damage to the gums can see the lip frenulum severed by a dentist become. This can be done relatively early to get the Avoid Consequences, but also bring success later.

At a inflammation can be special antiseptic mouthwashes and mouth ointments to be perished. Depending on the form, a systemic antibiotic therapy become necessary. If the lip frenulum is injured, the wound is usually only treated in such a way that the Bleeding stopped the wound is kept clean and the healing is controlled. The suturing of the lip frenulum is not carried out, as this does not bring any additional benefit to the person concerned.


Injuries to the lip frenulum usually heal without complications and relatively quickly. Even after shortening the lip frenulum, wound healing is usually without any problems.


In order to counteract a misaligned tooth, cutting of the lip frenulum is indicated for prophylaxis.