Circumcision in men


As circumcision (Circumcision) of the man is called the Removal of the foreskin of the penis. The foreskin is a flexible fold of skin that surrounds the glans of the penis. In circumcision, it is done by means of a small operation partially or completely removed. While around ten percent of all men in Germany are circumcised, the proportion of circumcised men worldwide is an estimated 30 percent.


There are various causes for circumcision in men, with a large part of the circumcision occurring religious reasons is based.

This is how circumcision becomes Judaism explicitly required and on the eighth day after the birth of a boy terminated. Also in Islam it is custom that the boys in the childhood or the youth to prune.

Out medical point of view the indication for circumcision is most often due to an existing one Phimosis (Forehead tight) that causes discomfort.The removal of the foreskin by circumcision eliminates the cause of the disease and the quality of life of those affected can be increased enormously.

Another medical cause for circumcision is treatment for Penile cancerif this has manifested itself on the foreskin of the penis. In addition, although rarely, circumcision occurs Patient request due to aesthetic considerations in question.


Surgical removal of the foreskin can be performed using different techniques. For one, there are procedures that target a complete removal the foreskin (radical circumcision) and on the other hand, the circumcision can also be planned in such a way that remnants of the foreskin still remain, what is known as the Foreskin cuff designated. It is about a minor surgical procedure 15 minutes duration. Common to all types of circumcision performed by doctors is the anesthesia of the surgical area. Usually one occurs in adults Local anesthesia. Alternatively, if the patient so wishes, the operation can also be performed under general anesthesia (general anesthetic) be performed.

The operating area is disinfected directly before the procedure. This is followed by the actual circumcision. The most common way of performing it is on the foreskin annular (circularly) removed with a scalpel. To do this, it is pulled over the glans and gripped with a clamp. Then a scalpel is used to cut vertically into the plane of the ring until the length of the foreskin to be removed, which is to be determined individually, is reached. This incision is followed by the ring-shaped incision around the glans.

After the procedure, the patient should be save physically and the wound area should up to three weeks after the operation not with water get in touch. Sexual intercourse should be in this period as well avoided become.

Risks and Consequences

It is true that circumcision only works with men very low risks hand in hand, but as with any other surgical procedure general complications, for example as part of a carried out General anesthetic, occur. It can be, among other things Pain come on the penis or one inflammation occur on the injured skin, so that a new operation may even be necessary. Another risk poses the development of a swelling in the freshly operated state. In some cases one occurs Intolerance to the anesthetic on.

The power remains from circumcision unaffected and the Sexual intercourse can be considered essential in the case of pre-existing phimosis after circumcision more pleasant be felt. By removing the foreskin decreased yourself that Risk of infection especially opposite Urinary tract infections and HPV-Infections (human papillomavirus), since intimate hygiene is easier without the foreskin. Because the HPV virus is a risk factor for developing the rare penile cancer, circumcision will reduce the likelihood of developing this cancer in men.

There is a persistent rumor that circumcised men have a changed touch sensitivity compared to the time before the procedure. This occurs until about a month after the circumcision because the glans is more sensitive. After this time, the sensation corresponds again to the original state.

Phimosis as the most common medical indication

Under one Phimosis one understands the presence of a Narrowing of the foreskin. The foreskin surrounds the glans and can usually be pushed back without any problems, which is a prerequisite for adequate intimate hygiene and a painless erection during sexual intercourse.

In phimosis, the foreskin is so narrow that it not completely or only in pain can be pushed back over the glans. On the one hand, this is a sufficient Intimate hygiene difficult and bacteria can easily settle under the foreskin, which in turn Promote infection and inflammation can. In the following time, these can spread to the prostate or urethra, which can result in a urinary tract infection, among other things. On the other hand is a erection of the penis mostly only in pain possible because a physiological erection requires the complete retraction of the foreskin over the glans.

As a result, phimosis often leads to problems and restrictions in sexual intercourse. The clipping, i.e. the removal of the narrowed foreskin, represents the causal therapy the phimosis and then opens up an immense one for those affected Increase in quality of life.

Circumcision in Judaism

in the Judaism represents circumcision, too Brit Mila called, one of the most important commandments and according to the Torah it should be a ritual of faith given by Yahweh to the forefather Abraham. Circumcision should on the eighth day after the birth of the boy, which puts the infant into the Covenant with god is recorded. In addition to the covenant with God, circumcision is a sign of Community of the individual with the rest of the Jewish people.

Only in exceptionsIf the boy is ill, circumcision is postponed to a later date, usually eight days after recovery. There is a possibility that Circumcision up to the age of 13 if this does not happen, the boy places himself outside of the covenant with God and the religious community. As a result, circumcision will occur converting adults too performed.

Must during the ceremony ten Jewish men (Minjan) to be present as a representative of the community. It is also assumed that the prophet Elijah participated in the circumcision as an invisible guest. The circumcision gets by contemporaneous Blessings in the context of the ceremony their complete validity. Performing a Anesthesia is in the context of circumcision not clearly regulatedso that only 20 out of 400 Jewish doctors registered in Israel perform the circumcision under anesthesia.

Meaning of circumcision in Islam

In contrast to Judaism, circumcision is not explicitly required in Islam. However, it is called Sunnah, so as one established behavior and custom and thus often perceived as an essential part of the practice of Islam. According to one tradition, the Prophet Mohammed without or with just one very short foreskin to the world, from which the circumcision with the aim of wanting to resemble the prophet can be derived. The usual age for circumcision of boys is between seven and fourteen years. Often circumcision is celebrated in the family circle and as a Symbol of belonging celebrated to Islam. In contrast to circumcision in Judaism, it is under in Islam Local anesthesia carried out.


Lies a medical indication for circumcision, such as phimosis, so will the incidental costs of the Health insurance accepted. Should the intervention be canceled without a corresponding reason, for example religious reasons must be made, the Costs borne by myself and are calculated according to the fee schedule for doctors. A distinction is made here whether the minor intervention outpatient or with subsequent inpatient stay carried out in the hospital. It is also important whether the intervention in Local- or even in General anesthesia (General anesthesia) is performed. A price range for circumcision is derived from these external circumstances 200 to 700 euros from.

Circumcision in childhood

Until Toddler age is a Phimosis in the form of an adhesion of the foreskin very often and is considered completely without symptoms normal viewed. As a result, phimosis in young children does not require treatment if it is asymptomatic grows together in 90 percent of cases with age.

However, kick Symptoms on or is one clipping Necessary in the child for other reasons, the process is largely analogous to circumcision in adulthood. The only decisive difference is the type of anesthesia, since the Adult local anesthesia is preferred. The operation of the Child usually takes place in general anesthetic, from which the longer duration of the patient's stay in the operation center can be derived. Due to the circumcision under general anesthesia, the child initially remains under supervision in a recovery room to avoid any aftermath to be able to handle. This results in a Total length of stay of the child in the clinic that three hours mostly not below.

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