Laser spider veins

How does laser therapy work?

Spider veins can be obliterated using drugs or lasers.There are fewer side effects with laser treatment and compression therapy is not necessary after laser treatment.
In itself, laser therapy is only slightly painful, often only a tweak is noticeable. The time required varies, it depends on the vessel to be treated. The larger the jar, the longer it will take. You can expect a time of around 10-30 minutes for a medium-sized vessel. Several sessions are often necessary to remove the spider veins.

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Treatment process

Lasers the spider veins.

During treatment of spider veins it is necessary one safety goggles to wear around the eyes before Laser light to protect.
In order to protect the skin from the laser and also to reduce the pain, the skin is treated with a Ice pack chilled. Then the laser is placed on the skin. During the treatment of the spider veins, laser pulses are released which can be felt as heat. Often times too will be a Tweak or easy Pain felt.
The vessel becomes through the laser pulses desolate. It comes to one Coagulation of the blood and to break down clotted blood and the blood vessel.

Side effects

Often a result is visible immediately after the treatment, but it takes time Weeks until the full result is there. After the spider vein treatment, the skin is in the area reddened, however, this is reversible and can through cooling of the affected area can be undone even faster.
Other side effects are Blistering, Discoloration, Scabbing, Hypopigmentation (a fading of the treated skin area), allergic reactions, Inflammation and itching. However, these skin reactions usually recede. Sun exposure after laser treatment should be avoided as this can lead to increased side effects. It should also be noted that tattooed skin not be treated with this laser, as it can burn the pigments.


The cost of the laser will be the spider veins Not of the Health insurance taken as it is a purely cosmetic Matter acts. Depending on the size of the vessel, the duration of the treatment and the type of skin, a treatment costs approx. 50 to 200 euros. Most are several Treatments needed.