Vegetable diet

What is the Vegetable Diet?

Only vegetables are consumed in the vegetable diet. You can eat as much as you want and lose weight without going hungry. The vegetables can be eaten in the form of raw vegetables, vegetable juices or smoothies, vegetable soups, and fried vegetables. This mono diet is very one-sided, but you can lose a lot of weight within a few days because vegetables are generally very low in calories. You can still eat your fill, so that you sin less and do not suffer from food cravings. The meals can also be prepared well for the office, school or work, the diet is well suited for everyday work. Nevertheless, the vegetable diet should not be carried out for too long in order to avoid deficiency symptoms.

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Process of the vegetable diet

You can eat as much as you want and still lose weight, which leads to the lack of hunger and the dreaded cravings. The menu with this diet is very varied, from raw food plates to vegetable juices, vegetable soups and vegetable stir-fries. The range of vegetables available is so large that it can be varied daily. Vegetable recipes are easy to cook and can be prepared well. It is important that you drink a lot as part of the diet, water and unsweetened tea are good (see also: Water diet). However, sweetened drinks such as cola or lemonade, coffee with milk and alcohol are prohibited. Low-fat quark or yoghurt can be added to certain vegetable diets in individual main meals.

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Lose weight with vegetable broth

A special option of the vegetable diet is to lose weight with vegetable broth. Vegetable broth is low in calories and yet tasty. You can choose the vegetable broth as a substitute for certain meals and, for example, eat fruit and raw vegetables, sometimes also yogurt, rice or meat. Recipes and plans can be found on the Internet. A cure in which nothing other than vegetable broth is spooned would be radical. This radical mono diet is difficult to maintain, but it has enormous weight loss success with an almost predetermined yo-yo effect. In any case, it is important that you prepare a vegetable broth yourself with fresh celery, leek, carrots and soup greens. Flavor enhancers and preservatives are hidden in instant soups.

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Fruit and Vegetable Diet or Just Fruit Diet - Which Is Better?

With a fruit and vegetable diet, which is also a kind of mono diet, you have colorful meals full of nutrients and valuable vitamins as well as a variety of design options. Some nasty fattening foods such as meat and desserts are completely absent from the menu. However, deficiency symptoms can still occur because essential fatty acids are missing and certain trace elements and vitamins can be absorbed less easily from the intestines or are completely absent from the menu. An advantage of the fruit and vegetable diet that should not be underestimated is that you have both sweet and savory meals on the menu, while the vegetable diet is more one-sided. A pure vegetable or fruit diet is therefore more difficult for many people to maintain for several days. In general, all mono-diets are unhealthy in the long run, as certain vitamins and nutrients are missing in such an unbalanced diet and deficiency symptoms can occur. Nevertheless, the fruit and vegetable diet is more versatile and richer in nutrients and vitamins than the vegetable diet and is therefore preferable to it.

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Side effect of diet

Vegetables are known for their high fiber content. Dietary fiber is very difficult for the body to digest and in the breakdown processes it causes gases that lead to a bloated stomach. If you want to lose weight and the stomach appears even fuller from the gases, this can be very frustrating.

Criticism of the diet

The vegetable diet is unhealthy over a long period of time because the body lacks important vital substances. Deficiency symptoms can occur and significantly hinder everyday life. In addition, very few calories are consumed with food during the day, so that the metabolism switches to the back burner and very easily causes a yo-yo effect at the end of the diet.

What are the risks / dangers of this diet?

The vegetable diet is very one-sided and dangerous deficiency symptoms can arise over a longer period of time. Deficiency symptoms can range from difficulty concentrating to dangerous anemia. Therefore, the diet should only be carried out for a few days. The bloated stomach, which often occurs due to the fiber, is often perceived as uncomfortable. In addition, the diet is difficult to keep up for many people because it is very one-sided. Food cravings can occur and ruin the success of the diet for the first few days. It is not uncommon for a yo-yo effect to occur after such a radical diet.

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Where can I find good recipes for the vegetable diet?

You can find numerous very easy to cook recipes for vegetables on the Internet. If you prefer to relax in books, you can buy very good diet books on vegetable diets in bookstores or on the Internet. These have the advantage that they often contain shopping lists and complete nutrition plans and valuable tips.

How much can / should I lose weight with this form of diet?

Weight loss depends on what vegetables you eat, which vegetables and whether you also exercise. The initial situation is also essential for the success of the customer. Basically, it is said that you can lose up to 5 kilos in a week with the vegetable diet. However, this also includes a large proportion of water, which is washed out, especially in the first two days.

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How can I avoid the yo-yo effect with this diet?

If you only eat vegetables for the duration of the diet, you lose a lot of weight and water very quickly. The body reduces its overall consumption due to the small amount of calories that it only gets now. He fears that he will be hungry again and that after the end of the diet this can lead to all of the energy absorbed through food being stored in the form of love handles. If you want to avoid this yo-yo effect, only a slow transition from the radical vegetable diet to a long-term healthy and balanced diet will help. You should definitely continue to eat vegetables every day, but gradually also other important nutrient suppliers such as fish, nuts and fruit. Exercise helps to keep the desired weight permanently.

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Medical evaluation of the vegetable diet by

The vegetable diet is a form of diet that allows you to lose some weight in a few days. This is mainly due to the fact that vegetables are very low in calories, especially the healthy vegetable broth. In this respect, the vegetable diet is much better than the fruit diet, as vegetables contain less sugar than fruit. Vegetables also contain numerous valuable vitamins and trace elements and fiber. Dietary fibers promote digestion, purify the body and help to rebalance the acid-base balance.

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A disadvantage of the diet is the one-sidedness that is unhealthy for the body in the long run. If not enough fat is absorbed, the body cannot absorb certain fat-soluble vitamins through the intestines. Iron and other trace elements can also be missing and cause serious deficiency symptoms. In addition, some people find it difficult to eat only vegetables for days, because at some point they crave other foods. This can lead to food cravings. A yo-yo effect often occurs after very one-sided diets if the diet is not subsequently changed to a healthy and balanced diet.

team considers the vegetable diet to be very useful in connection with a detox, for which vegetables are ideal. However, the pure vegetable diet should not be carried out for too long. The vegetable diet is well suited as a metabolism-boosting entry into a long-term healthy and balanced diet.

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What alternative diets are there to the vegetable diet?

A good alternative to the pure vegetable diet is the fruit and vegetable diet, in which both fruit and vegetables can be consumed and you can eat your fill. A great advantage of this diet is the variety of taste and preparation options, which make it much easier to stick to the diet. The low-carb diet, which is considered pleasant to implement, is also very popular. Here, carbohydrates are increasingly replaced by protein so that the body gains its energy from them and breaks down the body's own fat. An example of a well-known low-carb diet is the low-carb Atkins diet, which consists of individual Atkins phases and provides a strict plan.

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If you have problems doing without carbohydrates, you can also try diets that are particularly rich in carbohydrates, such as the rice diet or the potato diet. The tried and tested cabbage soup diet is popular for quick weight loss. In general, people who have previously done less sport should start training slowly and gradually improve.

Another good way to lose weight and at the same time purify the body is the detox diet.

There is also the possibility of losing a notable amount of weight within a few days with the crash diet.

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