Rash on the corner of the eye


The inner (medial) and outer (lateral) The corners of the eyes form the transition between the upper and lower eyelids. In principle, a skin rash can occur at both corners of the eye, which can be limited to the respective corner of the eye or also spread to other parts of the body. A definition therefore seems difficult, since it is not a specific clinical picture, but there are various causes and diseases that can lead to a rash on the corner of the eye.


The causes of a rash on the corner of the eye can be very diverse. The common causes are discussed in a brief overview.

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Allergic rashes

Allergies can often be the cause of a rash, including around the corner of the eye. A distinction is made here between allergic rashes in the context of general allergic reactions, such as a pollen allergy, and allergic contact eczema, which arise through skin contact with an allergen, for example a fragrance. Signs of an allergic reaction or allergic contact eczema are itching, reddening, swelling and small, raised skin appearances, which are known as wheals (see also: Wheals on the skin).

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Blepharitis (inflammation of the eyelid)

Blepharitis is one Inflammation of the eyelidthat can have various causes. Are typical thickened, red eyelids, Which Crusts and scaly deposits can have. A itching is also typical. Furthermore, it can become a Eyelash loss and one accompanying Inflammation of the conjunctiva with a Foreign body sensation in the eye come.

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Zoster ophtalmicus

Of the Herpes zoster is also colloquially called Shingles designated. If the eye or the skin area around the eye is affected, one speaks of zoster ophtalmicus. This shows a typical vesicular red rash in the corner of the eyewhich with severe pain, burning sensations such as general complaints such as fever goes hand in hand.

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Dellar warts

Are dellar warts small, flesh-colored, wart-like skin changesthat occur preferentially on the eyelids and in the corner of the eye. Are particularly common Children and young people affected. Dell warts usually do not cause symptoms.

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Lacrimal disorders

At a Inflammation of the bags under the eyes it comes to one Redness and swelling around the inner corner of the eye. Pressure on the corner of the eye can drain pus or purulent secretions. Also Pain is typical for inflammation of the eye sac. In an acute one Inflammation of the lacrimal gland on the other hand there is one Redness and swelling in the area of ​​the upper eyelid and the outer corner of the eye. The eye takes on a typical paragraph form. This type of inflammation is usually accompanied by severe pain.

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Other causes

Also in the context of other diseases, such as the Neurodermatitis (see also: Eczema on the face) or the psoriasis a rash may affect the corner of your eye. In most cases, however, other skin regions are also affected. Even with perioral dermatitis, so one Rash around the mouth, the eye area can also be affected.


The accompanying symptoms depend on the underlying disease and can therefore be very different. A common accompanying symptom is itching. Furthermore are Pain, fever or Swelling possible accompanying symptoms.
Typical symptoms of conjunctivitis include a Foreign body sensation in mind, a strong one Redness of the eye and a Photophobia added. For tear sack inflammation there is still one Evacuation of pus or purulent secretions typical. Also one Swelling of the lymph nodes in the head and neck area may be present. The possible accompanying symptoms are therefore very diverse and differ depending on the clinical picture.

Itching as another symptom

Itching is a frequent accompanying symptom of rashes.
Allergic rashes are very often accompanied by itching. Another typical cause of an itchy rash on the corner of the eye is blepharitis, which is inflammation of the edges of the eyelids. Inflammation of the conjunctiva can also be a cause of an itchy rash on the corner of the eye. However, the diagnosis is usually made clinically, based on the symptoms and the appearance of the rash.


If you have problems in close proximity to the eye or directly at the corner of the eye, you should contact one Ophthalmologist turn. This can narrow down the cause of the rash through special tests.
It is important clarify whether there is a risk to the eyes and vision. Therefore, you should first see an ophthalmologist if you have rashes on your eyes. First of all, the rash is described and examined with regard to any accompanying symptoms. Sometimes a smear may be necessary.


Treatment for a rash on the corner of the eye depends on the underlying cause and condition. Therefore, general treatment plans or suggestions are not possible.
Allergic rashes are mild with Antihistamines treated, which help against the itching. Stronger allergic reactions require that Treatment with ointments containing cortisone or gels.
In the case of infectious causes, there are a number of eye drops or ointments and gels antibiotic or antiviral agents available, which are used, for example, for eyelid inflammation or infectious diseases of the lacrimal system.
Also Hygiene measuressuch as the careful rinsing of the edge of the eyelid in the case of inflammation of the eyelid (blepharitis), are common treatment measures. Stand for relief from accompanying pain Painkiller to disposal.


The duration of a rash on the corner of the eye cannot be narrowed down across the board. General statements can therefore not be made. Some causes, such as mild allergic rashes, can go away within a few days, but other rashes, including shingles (ophthalmic zoster), can persist for several weeks.