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Supplements play a major role in today's world. Athletes in particular must adhere to a precise nutrition plan in order to achieve optimal performance. So are for example carbohydrates important sources of energy that the body normally draws from the reserves in muscle tissue and the liver. In order to replenish these reserves, it is important to eat properly.


In running and endurance sports in particular, the body needs a lot of fluids as well as an increased intake of carbohydrates.

One differentiates here Monosaccharide (Simple sugars), the Disacharide (Double sugar) and the complex carbohydrates (Polysaccharides). The complex carbohydrates have to be broken down into simple sugars by the body in several steps and thus enter the blood more slowly and continuously. This leads to a longer satiety and an energy boost through the release of glucose into the blood. Complex carbohydrates can be found in grains, potatoes, and legumes. However, due to their complex structure, these carbohydrates are not immediately available. It does not make sense to take it immediately before training.

The runners should only consume small amounts of fat, mainly in the form of vegetable fat and fish oils. Food rich in fat puts a strain on the metabolism and thus has a performance-reducing effect.

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Dietary supplement in bodybuilding

In bodybuilding, the aim is to build muscle through targeted training on certain fitness equipment. Sufficient high-quality protein powder, vitamins and minerals are also required for targeted muscle building

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Advice on sports nutrition

Before taking the supplements, indulge yourself in one Muscle building Shop for advice on the various fitness nutrition products in order to get the best and most effective dietary supplement options.

A bodybuilder's diet is extremely low in fat, sugar and salt are only allowed in very small amounts. Here too, sufficient fluids must be ensured.
High quality protein is a vital source of energy for the body. It is mainly found in animal fats, especially in fish and marine animals. But soy products or supplements such as whey protein also contain a lot of high-quality proteins. We speak of high quality when the body generates as much as possible from the food supplement and can convert it into its own protein.

Fruit and vegetables should not be missing on any menu, whether in fitness, bodybuilding or running.
Proteins and carbohydrates are also available as sports nutrition in many different dosage forms and compositions in most fitness shops.

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