Skin folds


With age, the skin becomes less elastic.

Aesthetics are becoming more and more important these days and more and more people want a permanent, youthful appearance. Skin folds are seen as increasingly annoying and unattractive, even though these are basically perfectly normal signs of aging.

Around the age of 25 there are increasingly intensive changes in the metabolism and cell renewal performance of the human organism.
These changes ensure that the aging process begins and the skin also reacts by wrinkling it. Wrinkles are caused by a loss of elasticity and resilience of the skin and the underlying subcutaneous tissue. For this reason, the age of 25 is seen in many cultures as the beginning of skin aging. The speed at which the aging process progresses by no means follows a fixed pattern; rather, special habits and living conditions play a decisive role in the development of skin wrinkles.

Skin fold measurement

The skinfold measurement is a simple and cheap method to get around the Calculate body fat content. The mechanical method for measuring skin folds is Calipometry called and only needs a so-called Caliper, which acts as a caliper.

The Thickness of the subcutaneous fat (subcutaneous adipose tissue) by the Thickness of various skin folds is measured. Depending on the method, three, four, seven or nine folds are measured. It is important that exactly the same points are selected for each measurement.

With Thumb and forefinger if you grab an approx. five to seven centimeters body fold, which then with the help of the caliper (Calipers) is measured. As soon as the pressure measuring aid is engaged, the measured value is read off. To improve accuracy, it is recommended that you measure three times and from the three measured values ​​the Calculate mean.

In the case of the three-fold measurement, one fold appears in each woman Triceps, belly and hip measured, for men chest, belly and Thigh.

With the also very common Seven folds method we then chest, shoulder blade, Armpit, Triceps, belly, hip and Thigh measured. The noted values ​​are inserted into a formula and thus the fat percentage is determined. In addition to the measured thickness of the skin folds, various factors go into this formula other sizes a, such as the Age in years or that Body weight in kilograms.

There are also several on the Internet Software and applications available, which, after entering the determined values, automatically calculate the body fat percentage. At Women lie the Normal values ​​slightly higher than in men, there pregnancy and Lactation make large energy reserves necessary for the child. Furthermore, it is normal that the body fat percentage with increasing age increases.
For example, the Normal range for a young woman between 21% and 33%, that of a young man between 8% and 20% and that of older women and men between 24-36% and 25-30%, respectively.

The obvious advantage of this method of fat percentage determination is that cheap cost; you can buy such a caliper for a few euros on the Internet or in specialist shops. The method also convinces with its simplicitywithout complicated technology and invasive procedures.

For the determination of the pure subcutaneous fat, the method is relative precise and reliable and is so well suited for assessing a trend, for example as part of a diet or a sports program. However, using this method is one Determination of organ fat, and so strictly speaking the total body fat percentage, not possible. However, precisely an increased occurrence of the so-called Depot fatwhich is not located directly beneath the skin is a significant risk factor for Cardiovascular disease represent.

Causes of skin folds

Factors such as extreme heat and cold, stress and an unhealthy diet all contribute to skin aging in a drastic way. In addition, numerous studies have shown that people who are frequently exposed to sunlight (especially the UV rays it contains) suffer from deeper and more pronounced skin folds.

The action of UV light accelerates skin aging. In addition, it was found that the consumption of nicotine and / or alcohol has an equally bad influence on the elasticity and elasticity of the skin and subcutaneous tissue.
Skin folds show up particularly quickly on parts of the body that are particularly stressed by muscle work. Due to the extensive muscular processes involved in facial expressions, skin folds appear particularly quickly on the face. The areas around the eyes and mouth usually show particularly early signs of aging.

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Today, however, there are a multitude of ways to counteract aging. Skin folds can be caused by injecting Botulinum toxin (short: Botox) be treated. Botox is a cytotoxin secreted by bacteria (Clostridium botulinum) that paralyzes the muscles. You can also use less deep skin folds Hyaluronic acid be injected. A much more radical method of Skin fold treatment, is performing one Facelifts.

Prevent skin wrinkles

Anti wrinkle cream

Once the first wrinkles are there, it is almost impossible to erase them again. That's why you should go to the Fight against wrinkles optimally start, still before the first become visible.

Scientists believe that the skin from the age of 25 on Tension and elasticity to lose and thus the skin aging begins to be visible in the form of the first wrinkles. This process can be delayed and mitigated, but the course of nature cannot be stopped completely.

It has to be said that you can basically choose between the biological, genetically determined (intrinsic) and the extrinsic Skin aging, which by environmental influences caused differs.
However, we can only influence what is known as extrinsic skin aging. The most common causes of premature aging are above all UV light and tobacco use. It has been proven several times by studies that Smoke besides the long-known negative meaning for lung and Cardiovascular system also directly related to the premature aging of the skin.

Also with the UV radiation it is up to us to counteract premature aging. Too much sun can not only Skin cancer but also causes the skin to age prematurely. If you enjoy being outside a lot, you should always be up Sun protection with a sufficient UV protection respect, think highly of. Many moisturizers contain a light one from the start Sun protection factor and thus protect the skin of the face every day from the UV radiation to which it is exposed every day. In any case, you should avoid excessive sunbathing and solarium visits refrain.

A simple trick to prevent the first wrinkles is on the body enough liquid feed. Two liters of water or unsweetened tea daily can help purify the skin and stimulate its blood circulation. In general, a healthy, balanced lifestyle is crucial for healthy, youthful-looking skin that is always a mirror of our inner body.

Above all, this includes sufficient sleep and as little as possible stress, as well as a balanced diet and moderate consumption of alcohol. Spinach, for example, has been shown to protect against oxidative stress, which damages cells and thus contributes significantly to the aging of the skin and the formation of wrinkles. Furthermore, tomatoes, carrots, berries and broccoli are true miracle cures when it comes to fighting wrinkles.

What sounds paradoxical at first, can lead to visible results in the prevention of wrinkles without great effort and at no cost: a special one Facial gymnastics. Over 20 muscles are solely responsible for our facial expressions, but we rarely use many of them and so they atrophy. The result is fine wrinkles. With targeted tensioning of these muscles, the Blood circulation are stimulated in the affected facial region, nutrients are delivered more quickly and pollutants are removed more quickly, The result is fresher and smoother skin.

Another crucial factor in preventing wrinkles is taking proper care of your skin. The Anti aging-Industry makes billions in sales every year, financed by the increasing desire of people to keep a youthful appearance into old age. The drugstores and pharmacies are inundated with new miracle drugs that seem to stop the time, although the demand has been growing in recent years, especially among men.

Most importantly with the Prevention of wrinkles is that the skin is always adequately covered humidity is supplied. The skin changes in the course of our life and needs more and more moisture with advancing age. Every well-known cosmetics company offers one for this Care series for mature skin consisting of cleansing products and creams for increasingly demanding, dehydrated skin.
From terms like "Anti aging"Or"Lifting“Should however also younger women and men Do not be put off, because, as explained above, the most effective way of fighting wrinkles is to prevent them from developing prematurely. In addition, many creams contain it special ingredientsthat are designed to prevent the formation of wrinkles, such as Q10 or Hyaluronic acid. Q10 (Ubiquinone-10) is structurally related to the Vitamins K and E. and essential for that in our body Cell respiration.

For several years now, Q10 has been the talk of the town in the antiaging industry, as it also includes those that arise with age Replace lack of endogenous Q10 should and the cells like that protects against oxidative stress. The same is true Hyaluronic acid an endogenous molecule that occurs in large quantities, especially in the connective tissue of our body, and because of its negative charge has the property of storing water many times its own weight like a sponge.

The cosmetics industry has taken advantage of this by creating creams containing hyaluronic acid water-tank fill the skin and thus wrinkles "upholster" optically should. However, the effectiveness of these sometimes very expensive products in preventing wrinkles has not been clearly proven by independent medical studies. In contrast, the relationship between Lifestyle, Diet and UV Radiation Known for a long time about skin aging and undisputed medical knowledge.