Hormonal drugs


Hormonal drugs are a variety of drugs that contain hormones. Hormones are the body's own substances that are not ingested through food. For example, there are the sex hormones, the thyroid hormones, the pituitary gland hormones (Pituitary gland), the hormones of the pancreas (pancreas) such as insulin or glucagon as well as the hormones of the adrenal gland, for example aldosterone.

The most commonly used hormonal drugs included Sex hormones, so either female sex hormones, how Estrogens or Progestins , or male sex hormones, like for example testosterone or Androgens.

Hormonal drugs are used for various diseases or they are used for contraception or to To minimize menopausal symptoms. Some patients abuse hormonal drugs, for example, more Muscle mass to get or to im Sports achieve better performance. Other patients used hormonal drugs to treat a ovulation to achieve and thus have a chance to get pregnant. So there are many different hormonal drugs, all of which are used very differently and sometimes also serve very different purposes.

Hormonal drugs for women


There are three different hormonal drugs, which are used in patients to obtain a pregnancy prevent in the long run.

On the one hand there is the normal one Birth control pills, as well as the Micropill and on the other hand there is the Mini pill, both based on the used Hormones distinguish. If a patient has unprotected sexual intercourse and the patient still does not want to become pregnant, there is a hormonal drug, the so-called Morning-after pill, which can be taken shortly after sexual intercourse and thus prevents pregnancy.

  • birth control pills

    The pill or birth control pill is a hormonal drug that patients use prophylactically if they do not want to have children despite intercourse. The pill is correctly referred to as oral contraceptive as the pill is taken by mouth (orally) and prevents pregnancy. The contraceptive pill is not used to cure a disease, but it is a hormonal drug which, in addition to its actual effect, namely contraception, can also have side effects, such as the risk of a blood clot forming (thrombus). The birth control pill contains two different hormones, which is why it is also known as a hormonal drug. On the one hand the pill contains the female sex hormone estrogen and on the other hand it contains a gestagen, the so-called progesterone.

    The pill gives a patient a constant level of hormones, which causes ovulation (ovulation) is suppressed and additionally the mucous membrane in the uterus (uterus) is not built up sufficiently to allow an egg cell to implant. As a result, the pill, as a hormonal drug, suppresses ovulation and thus prevents pregnancy.
  • Micropill

    The micropill also contains both hormones, although the hormone concentration here is much lower than with the classic birth control pill. In terms of structure, however, both hormonal drugs are very similar and their safety hardly differs either.
  • Mini pill

    The mini pill, on the other hand, contains only the hormone progestin and also prevents ovulation, which is why it is used as a hormonal drug to avoid pregnancy.
  • Morning-after pill

    If a patient has had unprotected sexual intercourse and then takes the hormonal drug “morning-after pill”, pregnancy is also prevented by delaying ovulation until the sperm have died again. There are two forms of hormonal medication to do this. On the one hand there is the morning-after pill, which only contains a high concentration of gestagens, and on the other hand there is a morning-after pill with the active ingredient Uliprista.

    Even if the contraceptive pills are not drugs in the classic sense, since they do not cure a disease, but only prevent pregnancy, they should be viewed as hormonal drugs, the benefits and risks of which must always be weighed against each other.

In addition, a Three-month syringe which also contains gestagens and is injected as a depot once every 3 months.

Desire for pregnancy / absence of pregnancy

There are various reasons why a patient cannot become pregnant despite the desire to conceive. Depending on the cause, there are various hormonal medications that can be used to help the patient become pregnant. One reason for a lack of pregnancy can be that the patient has too high a concentration of the hormone prolactin in her body. This can have a number of causes, including insufficient thyroid function (thyroid dysfunction). In this case, the patient can take hormonal drugs that suppress the production of hormones from prolactin. As a result, less prolactin is formed and the patient can become pregnant through the hormonal medication. If the cause is that the patient is not ovulating, hormonal drugs such as clomiphene or gonadotropin can help.

Hormonal medication for menopausal symptoms

Many patients suffer during the Menopause (menopause) under Menopausal symptoms. There are various hormonal medications that help to balance the hormonal imbalance and thus minimize menopausal symptoms.

One of those hormonal drugs that made up Silver candle extracts is won is called Cimicifuga. This hormonal drug works very similarly to the female hormone estrogen and can thus help to minimize menopausal symptoms. The medication too Femininon® C, Galafem® or Jinda® as hormonal medication can help to minimize menopausal symptoms. Their mode of operation is based on the fact that the hormonal imbalance that exists during menopause is brought back into balance. In doing so, the structures of the female sex hormone Mimicking estrogenwhich can help alleviate falling levels of estrogen during menopause. These hormonal drugs have some Side effects and can partially do that Breast cancer risk increase, which is why it is always important to find a risk-benefit balance and the hormonal drug only under strict medical supervision and control to use.

Hormonal drugs for men

Only rarely does a man need to take hormonal drugs that contain sex hormones. However, it is possible that a patient has too few male sex hormones (testosterone) produced. In this case, a patient can get hormonal drugs that contain the hormone testosterone contain. This can also increase the sexual pleasure (libido), which is why these drugs are sometimes misused. In addition to testosterone, it comes mainly at Athletes partly to the misuse of Steroids, so hormonal drugswhich ensure that the muscles are built up faster, but also have strong side effects. That is why hormonal drugs for the man should be taken when they are Sex hormones should always be discussed in detail with the doctor so that there are no undesirable side effects.

Hormonal drugs for glandular disorders

Hormonal drugs for thyroid dysfunction

There are different hormonal drugs that come with different ones Thyroid dysfunction (thyrioidal dysfunction) can be used. For one, there are hormonal drugs like that Thyroxine, which at a Hypothyroidism is used. Also with the Autoimmune disease Hashimoto's thyroiditis hormonal drugs are used in the course of the disease, which is also the so-called L-thyroxine acts. Thus, with some dysfunction of the thyroid gland, but especially with one underactive thyroid (Hypothyroidism) the hormonal drug L-thyroxine, which helps the body to stimulate the metabolism again and thus creates a healthy balance.

Hormonal medication for pancreatic disorders / diabetes

Are used particularly often hormonal drugs in the Diabetes (Diabetes mellitus). With diabetes it happens that the pancreas (pancreas) is no longer able to do enough insulin to pour out. This insulin normally ensures that the body is getting enough energy in the form of Glucose Has.
If there is a lack of insulin, the organs can no longer work adequately because they lack energy in the form of glucose. In the worst case, it can lead to the so-called diabetic coma come. To avoid this, there are hormonal drugs that replace the insulin. The patient is given the hormone insulin with the help of a small syringe in the abdomen.

Insulin is a very frequently used hormonal drug, which is mainly used by patients with Type 1 diabetes mellitus is used, i.e. the form of diabetes that usually manifests itself in childhood.

In addition to insulin, there are various hormonal drugs, such as this Glucagon-like-peptide 1 (GLP1), which at Type 2 diabetes mellitus is used. Here's another one There is residual function of the pancreas, which is why it is enough to stimulate them to release more insulin. In the end stage of type 2 diabetes mellitus, however, it is often necessary to have hormonal levels drug Insulin can be used.

Hormonal drugs for pituitary failure

There are several reasons why the Pituitary gland (Pituitary gland) no longer produces hormones. For example, it can be replaced by a Bleeding in the brain in addition, the pituitary gland is narrowed and then has a functional failure. This can include at birth occur, as this leads to a increased pressure in the brain area comes. True, there is a failure of the pituitary gland Rare, yet it happens again and again. Affected patients have to take many hormonal drugs to make up for the loss of the hormone-producing pituitary gland. All in all, all hormones must be added to the patient via hormonal drugs that the body can no longer produce itself due to the failure of the pituitary gland. That includes Thyroid hormone Thyroxine, Hydrocortisone, the female sex hormones in one patient Estradiol such as Progesterone derivatives and in one patient, the male sex hormone testosterone. In addition, the hormone "Growth hormone" or short GH called, given (substituted) become. All of these hormonal drugs are necessary for the patient to lead a normal life.

Hormonal drugs in acute situations

During an acute situation, like one surgery or with one Cardiac arrest, one shock or one Cardiac arrest, it can happen that a doctor determines a patient hormonal drugs administered. These are usually given via the vein, i.e. a blood vessel that usually transports oxygen-poor blood (applied). This is, for example, the hormone adrenaline or the hormone Norepinephrine. These ensure that the Cycle of the patient is stimulated. The Heart rate increases himself and the Pulse gets faster. This can be very helpful in acute situations, which is why certain hormonal drugs are essential here.

Hormonal drugs for osteoporosis

In the osteoporosis it happens that the Bone density decreases and thus the bones especially at the Spine slump further and further and sometimes also to Fractions (Fractures) can come. Especially patients beyond the Menopause (menopause) are affected by it.

To reduce the osteoporosis, hormonal drugs can be taken that contain the hormone Calcitonin contain. These hormonal drugs ensure that the bone density increases again, which means that the bone gets a denser structure and does not collapse as easily. Because by a hormonal drug, which contains the hormone calcitonin, but also that Cancer risk seems to be increasing, the drug is rarely used, the so-called come instead Bisphosphonates for use.

Hormonal drugs for kidney failure

At a Kidney failure (one Renal failure) it happens that the hormone Erythropoitin (short EPO) cannot be produced in sufficient quantities. However, this hormone is crucial in that Formation of new red blood cells (Erythrocytes). So it happens that the kidney is no longer adequate due to kidney failure Erythropoitin can produce, it must be injected under the skin in the form of a hormonal drug. However, EPO has often been abused by various high-performance athletes by injecting the drug into themselves to achieve more red blood cells and thus better performance in sports. However, this type of doping is strictly prohibited and can result in athletes being disqualified from a competition or not being granted their victories.

Hormonal drugs with somatostatin

There are three different diseases for which therapy with hormonal drugs makes sense, which one Somatostatin contained as a hormone.
For one, such drugs can be used in patients who are under abnormal (pathological) height (Acromegaly) suffer from the fact that in the Pituitary gland (Pituitary gland) too many Growth hormones are formed, mostly due to a Tumor. Here, the hormonal drugs can with the component Somatostatin help stop the patient's growth and thus relieve the symptoms associated with it.

Another indication for hormonal drugs with the component somatostatin is is a neuroendocrine tumor, a so-called Carcinoid. Also with the portal hypertension, so one high blood pressure in the Portal vein, which leads to the liver can use hormonal drugs Somatostatin can be used.