The name scaphoid stands for both a bone in the hand and a bone in the foot. In order to keep confusion as low as possible, in medicine the Os scaphoideum and from Os Naviculare spoken, the Scaphoid the bone in the hand and that Os Naviculare the bone is in the foot.

The scaphoid bone in hand

The scaphoid is one of the eight bones that make up the Carpal form. It is between thumb and spoke and is the largest of the carpal bones. The adjacent bones of the navicular bone are:

  • the Moonbone (Os lunare)
  • the small square legs ( Trapezoid bone )
  • the large square leg (Trapezium)
  • the Head leg (Os capitatum)

The scaphoid can through the skin the inner surface because it has a small appendage.

The most common carpal fractures involve the navicular bone. Most often this happens when you fall where you support yourself with your hand. Often such a break is not noticed at first, which later becomes painful arthrosis can lead.

Even with proper treatment, it sometimes grows badly together. This is due to the fact that in the event of a break the blood vessel supplying the bone tears off and can no longer supply the bone.

Right hand shown from the palm side (palmar): A - structure (joint lines green) and B - bones of the right hand

Outline of the hand
(Joint lines green)
I - Upper (proximal) wrist
II - Lower (distal) wrist
III - carpal metacarpal
IV - metacarpophalangeal joint
V - middle finger joint
(missing on thumb)
VI - interphalangeal joint
VII - thumb joint

  1. Distal phalanx -
    Phalanx distalis
  2. Phalanx -
    Phalanx media
  3. Phalanx -
    phalanx proximalis
  4. Metacarpal bones - Metacarpals
  5. Trapezoidal leg - Trapezium
  6. Trapezoid leg - Trapezoid bone
  7. Head leg - Os capitatum
  8. Hook leg - Hamate bone
  9. Scaphoid bone of the hand -
    Scaphoid bone
  10. Moonbone - Lunate bone
  11. Triangular leg - Os triquetrum
  12. Pea bone - Os pisiform
  13. Sesame bone - Os sesamoideum
  14. Cubit - Ulna
  15. Spoke - radius

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The scaphoid bone in the foot

The scaphoid im foot is in the medicine also as Navicular bone designated. This can sometimes lead to confusion because the scaphoid bone in the hand was used earlier than Os Naviculare designated. The scaphoid bone is a relatively short bone and is part of the Tarsusl. The adjacent bones are:

  • the Ankle bone (Talus)
  • the Calcaneus (Calcaneus)
  • the Cuneiform bones (Os cuneiform I & II & III)
  • the Cuboid bone (Os cuboideum)

It lies on the side of the big toe under the Os cuneiform one.

A Fracture of the scaphoid bone in the foot is significantly rarer than one Fracture of the scaphoid bone in the hand.