Flax - best known as "flaxseed"

Latin name

Linum usitatissimum

Common names

Flax, flax lentils

Plant description

The annual flax plant grows up up to 50 cm high, stands out for its delicate stem with narrow leaves and sky-blue five-petalled flowers. From these a capsule arises, which brown to yellow, shiny seeds contains.

Occurrence: The flax was already cultivated by the Egyptians. Today it is widely planted in cultures and known as the "Crossroads“Mostly both for Flax extraction as well as for Seed harvest suitable.

Plant parts used medicinally

The linseed and the linseed oil obtained from it is used to make medicinal products.


  • Plant slime
  • Crude fiber (pectin, cellulose)
  • polyunsaturated oil

Medicinal effect and application

The flax is considered a non-irritant agent

  • chronic constipation
  • Stomach and intestinal ulcers
  • hemorrhoids

The mild laxative effect of the flaxseed results from the swelling plant mucus, the contained oil and the indigestible seed coats (fiber).

It is recommended for constipation morning, noon and evening Take 1-2 tablespoons of flaxseed meal. After a while and after the symptoms have improved, you can reduce to 2 tablespoons of meal in the evening.
Also recommended mixed with fruit and yoghurt or as an addition to muesli.

It is very important to keep it on adequate hydration to pay attention because the Need to swell fiber to the Bowel movement (peristalsis) to promote.

The linseed oil, with its polyunsaturated fatty acids does the arteriosclerosis opposite.


Flaxseed should coarsely ground shortly before use become. If flaxseed is enjoyed whole, it has to be chewed well become. You can mix the meal with muesli, eat it with yogurt and fruit.

At Inflammation of the gastric mucosa or ulcers in this area, prepare flaxseed as follows: 50 g unmilled flaxseed will with 1 liter of cold water poured over. Heat to the boil, briefly bring to the boil, allow to cool and strain. Drink a cup of lukewarm before meals.

Combination with other medicinal plants

The decoction described above can be used after boiling and before straining to increase the effect 3 teaspoons Chamomile flowers add.

Side effects

When used properly, flaxseed is not expected. However, care must be taken to ensure that there is sufficient fluid intake. Flaxseed is in the stated quantities Suitable for long-term use.