Men's flu


The men's flu is a common cold that is widespread, especially in the cold autumn and winter months.

Most of the time, the men's flu is triggered by a mean and particularly nasty virus, which has set itself the goal of completely paralyzing the male ability to act. For this purpose, the virus triggers the typical symptoms of men's flu: headache, weakness, men's cough, men's cold and men's throat pain, which occur in more than 90% of cases together with severe wailing.


Men affected by the male flu have the feeling that they are looking death straight in the eye and therefore suspect that their symptoms are serious. From a men's perspective, possible causes are severe defects in the immune system, severe infectious diseases such as HIV, tumors and leukemia.

In fact, in most cases, the male flu is triggered by typical viruses that sneakly sneak up on the dry mucous membranes of men, especially in autumn and winter.
Due to the cold weather, the mucous membranes have to work harder in order to master their task of defense against germs.
This does not always succeed and viruses such as influenza, parainfluenza or adenovirus can gain access behind this barrier and then multiply in the body.

This hostile attack activates the man's immune system, mainly white blood cells are sent into battle. It is through this fight that the symptoms of the male flu are triggered. So the men are fighting an uphill battle and due to a lack of multitasking skills, they are no longer able to do anything else besides coping with the male flu.

Why do men suffer more than women?

Men suffer more than women for a number of reasons. Scientists at the John Hopkins University of Baltimore (USA) have found that the female hormone estrogen has an antiviral effect. Women have more estrogen than men and therefore have a stronger protective wall against the nasty flu viruses.

It is also common knowledge that women have to endure extremely painful childbirth. The female body is designed to endure this pain. Women are naturally more capable of suffering than men and experience illness and pain differently than they do.

Another theory assumes that the most common male flu viruses are directed more strongly against the male sex and also attack them more strongly than women. A general hatred of men for these viruses or the inability of these viruses to assert themselves against women are discussed as possible reasons. These theories have not yet been substantiated.

Can women get men's flu too?

Women are immune to male flu and cannot get male flu even if their partner is seriously ill.

Women cannot get men's flu because the men's flu viruses incite their young and inexperienced counterparts against the female gender. There these viruses are trained in the fight against the robust female immune system and turned into male flu viruses. Only the best are allowed to fight the male immune system as the male flu virus. A reason for the sharper attack by the male sex has not yet been found.


The diagnosis of male flu is very easy and even for the medical layperson without any problems.

The main criteria include:

1. Male patient
2. runny nose
3. Cough
4. Sore throat
5. headache.

Criterion 1 must be met, and two of the criteria 2-5 must also apply.

If only one of the criteria 2-5 applies, the following secondary criteria can be consulted, of which at least three must then apply:

6. Extreme intolerance
7. Whole body weakness
8. Incapacity for work
9. + 10. Temporary abandonment of all household and father duties.

Concomitant symptoms

A man's flu runs with typical symptoms, which should be explained here in detail.

Male headache: pain in the part of the body that is above the neck. A maximally unpleasant, oppressive sensation that makes it impossible to think about other things.
Men's sore throat: pain in the throat, both when swallowing and when completely at rest. The pain is usually so bad that the man cannot eat anything.
Men's runny nose: the nose doesn't run, it runs in a sprint.
Men's cough: A normal cough can reach up to 80 km / h, men's cough hurls men's flu viruses at the speed of light into the environment.
Fear of death: Another main symptom of the male flu. Affected patients watch their lives pass by.
Extreme intolerance: men who suffer from the male flu are sick. And everyone should know that. Therefore, a sick man will keep mentioning this and show theatrically how badly he is. Examples of this: extremely loud blowing of the nose, extreme tearfulness, need for a 24-hour nurse.
Incapacity for work: Affected men not only cannot go to work. It is also no longer possible to carry out light activities such as putting the dishwasher or taking out the garbage, as the body is practically at war with the virus. The only activity of those affected: Lying. Maximum television is possible.


The men's flu generally lasts around seven days. If a doctor is consulted, the duration of the illness can usually be shortened to a week.

The worst phase of the men's flu takes place in the first three to four days, when the symptoms are very pronounced. The following applies to affected patients and their relatives: keep calm! Don't lose patience. Contrary to the expectations of everyone involved, a man's flu will eventually pass and heal without complications.


The most important therapeutic measure for the male flu is the attention of a loving partner and / or the attention of one's own children. Loving care can work wonders and get the terminally ill man back on his feet faster. Ideally, a man with male flu should not be left out of sight, but should be looked after around the clock.
If this is not possible, the patient can watch films in the living room. The caregiver should be patient and compassionate, make tea, and prepare light meals.

Painkillers for headaches and sore throats, nasal drops or inhalations for a blocked nose can help with medication. Cold baths are also recommended.

How can you prevent men's flu?

An effective prophylaxis against male flu has unfortunately not yet been found. As mentioned above, the male flu viruses use the female body as a training camp and are very strong when attacking a man.

Until an effective and specific prophylaxis against the male flu is found, we must advise general measures: healthy diet, adequate exercise. Dress warm enough in winter, drink enough. Regular hand washing.