Mario Habersack

Mario Habersack is an author at in the field of training science, co-founder of the information portal and head of the sports science department at Lumedis, a private medical orthopedic practice in downtown Frankfurt.

There he works together with Dr. Nicolas Gumpert, who as a specialist in orthopedics and sports medicine puts a special focus on sports medicine.
Mario Habersck is a knee, foot and spinal column specialist (Dr. Nicolas Gumpert).

Brief introduction to yourself

My name is Mario Habersack, I was born in Munich in 1984 and have been living in Frankfurt am Main since 2016.
I studied at Gutenberg University in Mainz, where I also graduated as a sports scientist.

How did you get your job as a writer at Dr-Gumpert?

I know the founders of this information portal through their shared sport of tennis. After interesting conversations, it quickly became clear to make the knowledge publicly available. So it came about that the knowledge learned was published here directly in the form of articles. Of course only if the exam was passed with flying colors.

Were you able to use what you learned in other ways?

During the studio, of course, as a trainee. You were trained in simple areas, e.g. in medical equipment training and has continued to develop bit by bit.
After completing my studies, the first professional ideas came up. I then specialized in motion analysis. I already had contacts and so it came about that sports science was integrated into an orthopedic practice.

Do you keep writing articles?

Whenever there is a need. New knowledge or information on clinical pictures and their diagnostics from the field of sports science are always needed.
These are very individual and complex. Due to my ten years of professional experience, it is of course easier for me to write such topics. Such topics are e.g. "What Causes Retropatellar Knee Pain in Runners?" Here biomechanics must be fully understood. there is not just one standardized cause.

Where do you practice, where do you apply your knowledge?

I am currently in the Lumedis private orthopedic practice. Here I head the sports science department and analyze many athletes. You can find more information about this on my profile page Mario Habersack.