Upper bone muscle


Latin: M.. supraspinatus


The upper bone muscle is triangular in shape, up to 2 cm thick. The supraspinatus muscle has its origin in the fossa of the shoulder blade.

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Insertion / origin / innervation

Attachment: facet of the upper, large humerus cusp (Greater humerus tuberosity)

Origin: fossa of the scapula (Fossa supraspinata scapulae)

Innervation: suprascapular nerve, C2

How is the muscle trained / contracted?

Like the hamstring muscle, the hamstring muscle is a muscle that is not given special attention in weight training. Only in the definition phase in bodybuilding is specific attention paid to the development of individual muscles. The upper bone muscle is stressed during abduction in the shoulder joint and therefore the following exercise is recommended.

  • Lateral raise

How is the upper bone muscle stretched?

In order to set the stretch stimulus for the upper bone muscle, the arm must be crossed in front of the body. The free arm also pulls the elbow of the arm to be stretched towards the center of the body.

For more detailed information, see Stretching


The function of the upper bone muscle (Musculus supraspinatus) consists in anteversion (lifting forward) and abduction (lifting outward) of the arm.

It also takes over the stabilization of the humerus head in the shoulder joint socket.