Back school

Synonyms in the broadest sense

Back exercises, neck training, spine stabilization, physiotherapy, physiotherapy, back training, back muscle training

What is a back school?

Back school are special courses that deal with the prevention of back pain. A wide range of exercises, back-friendly behavior in everyday life and therapeutic options - even if they have already occurred Back pain - presented.

In the Back school will be pretty simple strengthening exercises for that Back muscles taught and often repeated so that you can still practice regularly at home after completing a back school.
Instructions on how to properly lift, carry and sit, as well as strengthening and balancing exercises, will help you. The back school gives an impetus and information about how to protect your back yourself, how to strengthen it and how to deal with the increasing age-related wear and tear of the Spine can prevent.

Note: aim of the back school

The aim of all back schools is to strengthen everyone Core muscles on belly and move and mobilization of the spine to maintain its mobility.
In addition to the exercises, knowledge of back-friendly behavior in everyday life is promoted and awareness of harmful movements at work and at home is trained.

Who teaches the back school?

A back school is always instructed by an experienced physiotherapist

Specific Back exercises has been a hot topic since the 19th century. With the increasing mobilization of society by railways and cars in the course of industrialization, which was accompanied by one-sided and mostly difficult sequences of movements for the individual, the general suffering of the back also increased. Special back exercises were developed by a French surgeon as early as the first half of the 19th century. The beginning of the 70s was in Sweden the first back school founded. Back schools followed in the USA and, from the mid-1980s, the back schools are also known in Germany.

Back schools are now part of company health care and are in Gyms, Adult education centers or at Rehabilitation clinics offered. In some cases, the health insurance companies have special contracts with fitness studios, which on the one hand guarantee a high quality standard of the back school and on the other hand an attractively priced offer. So ask the health insurance company directly and find out about the respective conditions.

The management of the back school is usually taken over by a physiotherapist, occupational therapist or sports teacher, who each had to acquire an additional qualification and license to teach.
In the back school, the leader will pay attention to the individual requirements of each participant. He will first ask whether a back problem or even therapeutic interventions have been carried out on the back.

Thus he has an individual picture of each participant in the back school. In addition to teaching the back school content, his task is to protect his participants from being overwhelmed and exercising too enthusiastically. For this reason, recognized back schools are with a number of participants 10 to a maximum of 20 People quite manageable. The back instructor will not only give a frontal lesson but will give the participant direct corrective advice or help with exercises during the course. A qualified back training teacher should always be open to individual questions on site.

Appointment with a back specialist?

I would be happy to advise you!

Who am I?
My name is dr. Nicolas Gumpert. I am a specialist in orthopedics and the founder of .
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The spine is difficult to treat. On the one hand it is exposed to high mechanical loads, on the other hand it has great mobility.

The treatment of the spine (e.g. herniated disc, facet syndrome, foramen stenosis, etc.) therefore requires a lot of experience.
I focus on a wide variety of diseases of the spine.
The aim of any treatment is treatment without surgery.

Which therapy achieves the best results in the long term can only be determined after looking at all of the information (Examination, X-ray, ultrasound, MRI, etc.) be assessed.

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Who pays the back school?

Back schools are repeatedly accused of being of no use. That is also the reason why the financing of such courses has so far mostly been at the full expense of the visitor. This has changed in the awareness of the health insurance companies.

Fortunately, most of the statutory health insurances have now realized that the personal responsibility for health taught in back schools will pay off in the long term. The large statutory health insurance companies therefore finance the back school with a share of 80% (approx. 150 euros) once a year. It makes sense to take advantage of this offer every year to return to the Back exercises to repeat, to recognize mistakes in your own training and ultimately to be motivated! Most of the time, typical posture errors have crept in again, which can be learned again correctly in a subsequent course.

Contents of the back school

The targeted strengthening of the abdominal and back muscles as goals of the back school

Back schools not only aim to strengthen the back by building up the back muscles and abdominal muscles, they try to make their visitors aware of how they harm their backs and what they can actively contribute to protecting their own back. Instructions for correct lifting, carrying and sitting as well as strengthening and balancing exercises are the main topics. The exercises are often repeated, everyday exercises are not only shown but must be trained by the participants in the back school. Again and again, the back school teacher will motivate you to perform the exercises and everyday movements correctly and correct you on site.

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Note: healthy back

A healthy back needs trained back and abdominal muscles, a healthy spine, long-term correct posture and lots of exercise.

Each Back school shows different exercises to train muscle building and posture training. Unfortunately, it is far too seldom that what has been learned is implemented and that what has been trained is applied Musculature in everyday life through a constantly correct posture rarely takes place. Almost every visit to the back school brings a relief in the sense of one Muscle building, one Relaxation and short-term posture improvement - but only for a short time. One is quickly overwhelmed with the regular exercise programs for at home or there is a lack of self-motivation. After doing nothing for a long time, one or the other even forgets the sequence of the exercises and is no longer willing to deal with it again. Muscle illustration, Loss of attitude and the resulting Muscle tension creep in again.
The aim of the back school is therefore to teach everyday back exercises and behaviors, which the visitor can recall again and again in brochures and various literature. Numerous illustrations and photographs show how back-friendly and training behavior can be integrated into everyday life. It makes sense to hang up such images in place as a reminder. For example, in the bathroom next to the mirror, the note can be used Brush teeth To bend over with a straight back instead of with Hunchback, contribute to the early morning Band washers of the Lumbar spine to relieve. The correct adjustment of the driver's seat must also be learned. The correct way of carrying heavy loads, such as carrying the crate of drinks down to the cellar, has to be reminded again and again. Otherwise wrong behavior will creep in quickly.

Who is suitable for the back school?

The target group are primarily patients with back pain, but also people with prophylactic intentions.

Visiting a Back school is especially useful if you haven't already Back pain appeared. Learning back and abdominal strengthening exercises and back-friendly everyday behavior should avoid pain and spinal damage in the first place.

In practice, however, it looks different. Usually, patients only get the idea of ​​attending a back school when the pain or perhaps serious damage to the back is already there. In this case, some exercises are painful and you can only participate to a limited extent in the exercise program. Typical illnesses and symptoms that lead to attending a back school: Back pain

  • Back pain
  • Lumbar spine syndrome
  • Cervical spine syndrome
  • disc prolapse
  • Lumboischialgia
  • Degenerative spinal diseases
  • Facet syndrome
  • Lumbago etc.

Physiotherapists and Back school teacher but still motivate you to train your muscles even if you have back problems, to relieve the spine from now on and, above all, to do everything now to avoid further signs of wear and tear.
It's never too late for a back school!
Studies have shown that a regular training program that can be carried out at home even after the course has a positive effect on pain perception. In addition, the back training teacher will give advice on how to avoid painful movements. In addition, he has a huge repertoire of everyday and alternative movements that can make life much easier despite having a back pain.