Ovarian pain during pregnancy


Many women experience ovarian pain during pregnancy.

In the ovaries (Ovaries, Singular ovary) it concerns the paired female genital organs, which are not visible from the outside but hidden inside the woman. The egg cell matures in the ovary, which then attaches to the fallopian tube (Tuba uterina) is released in order to fuse with the man's sperm. If pregnancy occurs, ovarian pain can occur, whereby the pain is not felt in the ovary itself, but rather is projected onto a so-called head zone. This means that although the woman has pain in the ovary due to the pregnancy, it is more likely to feel it in the groin or lower abdomen.

root cause

There are many reasons why ovarian pain can occur during pregnancy. Also the Localization of the pain is with every patient slightly different. Some patients only feel pain in the ovary where the pregnancy occurred. So it can right in the ovary during pregnancy to Pain come when the right ovary also produced the eggwhich fuses with the sperm or vice versa. Rare have women both sides pain in the ovaries during pregnancy. In addition to the localization of the pain is also the The intensity of the pain often varies. That it too Start of pregnancy to slight pain comes in the area of ​​the ovaries is quite normal. Other women, however, have it strong painthat it is them Difficult to walk upright and to cope with everyday life.

The root cause for the different perception of pain is still one today controversial topic. However, it is important to know that light pain in the ovary during pregnancy, whether right, left or bilateral, quite normal are and not meanthat it becomes a Pregnancy loss (Abortion) or one Ectopic pregnancy has come. The body must first get used to the new circumstances and initially reacts with a variety of symptoms. Especially too Start of pregnancy Suffer many women under Pain in the ovary, while others do not notice the pregnancy for a long time because they show no symptoms at all. Most of them are Pain due to irritation of nerves because the body is not used to a small life growing up in it. Should the Pain will get worse however or occur more and more frequently so the patient should have one Gynecologist (Gynecologist) seek out and get specialist advice from them. In rare cases can it be that the Pregnancy doesn't go smoothly and the body therefore reacts with pain.

Here there is different causeswhich are rare, but also possible and then sometimes cause severe pain in the ovary area during pregnancy, and they too here mostly on the right or left and only very rarely on both sides occur. On the one hand, the cause of the pain may be that the patient has a Ectopic pregnancy Has. In the case of an ectopic pregnancy, the Egg fuses with the sperm in the fallopian tube and subsequently not through the fallopian tube (Tuba uterina) Towards the uterus (uterus) moves but moves begins to implant in the fallopian tube. However, since the fallopian tube is not intended for implantation of the egg, it comes with me increasing growth of the two fused cells to the fact that the Fallopian tubes inflamed and the woman thus tremendous pain in the area of ​​the ovary or fallopian tube that gets project into the abdomen.

It comes to one right ectopic pregnancy so they step Pain in the right ovary area if the left fallopian tube is affected, the pain occurs on the left. It is here too typical, that the Pain at the beginning of pregnancy arise. In extremely rare cases can the Cause of pain during pregnancy on the ovary also a so-called ectopic pregnancy be. In the case of an ectopic pregnancy, the Egg fertilized with a sperm and instead of wandering into the fallopian tube gets into the area of ​​the abdomen. Such an ectopic pregnancy becomes usually noticed very early and leads to severe pain in the ovary during pregnancy, sometimes on both sides.

Still, it is important to know that this is the case very rare is and that ovarian pain during pregnancy often a psychosomatic cause to have. Lots of women have dated Fear of losing the child intestinal problemswhich then lead to the woman feeling the pain in the area of ​​the abdomen (since loops of the intestine are also localized here) and this incorrectly interpreted as pain on both sides of the ovary. That's why it is importantwho have favourited pain in the ovary or abdomen during pregnancy to take seriously but also to accept that no pregnancy is always asymptomatic.

Pain and malaise during pregnancy should always taken seriously become and from one Specialist for gynecology (Gynecologist) examined become. Nevertheless, they are and should be part of pregnancy not to be overrated otherwise one can suffer many psychosomatic problems during pregnancy. It is also important to know that Ovarian pain does not automatically mean pregnancy. So-called Ovarian cysts, so cysts on the ovary can also become severe pain in the ovary to lead. The pain kicks in mostly only on the side on which the cyst is located. If a woman suffers from an ovarian cyst in the right ovary, pain also occurs on the right and vice versa. If she Ovarian pain because of a pregnancy or adue to a cyst only one can arise Doctor using imaging (mostly ultrasound, i.e. sonography) judge.

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To determine why a patient has ovarian pain there is various diagnostics. First of all, that is important Doctor-patient conversation (anamnese). Surely there is a pregnancy (usually proven with the help of a pregnancy test) different forms of diagnosis such as the Computed Tomography (CT) out of the question since this is a very high radiation exposure comes which that could harm the unborn child.
Helpful are the physical examination as well as the Ultrasonic (Sonography). in the advanced stage pregnancy can be one here definitive pregnancy confirmed can also be a Ectopic pregnancy diagnosed become.
Also one cyst can be determined using ultrasound. The pain is in the ovary area attributed to a cyst, then a Laparoscopy be performed.
At a ectopic pregnancy (i.e. a pregnancy outside the womb) it can be that a MRI during pregnancy must be made.
In most cases, however, a laparoscopy is also performed in the case of an ectopic pregnancy, especially if the egg has "nested" in the area of ​​the abdominal cavity.
A MRI in pregnancy may only take place under very strict indications.
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Frequency distribution

Left or right ovarian pain during pregnancy quite often and usually no cause for concern. Bilateral pain kicking on the ovary during pregnancy less common because the pain is mostly localized on the side where the fertilized egg cell originated. Rare The cause of ovarian pain during pregnancy lies in one Ectopic pregnancy (Tubal pregnancy) This only occurs at approx 1-2% of all pregnancies on. Even more rarely is a ectopic pregnancy (Ectopic pregnancy). Depending on the age of the mother Frequency distribution (Incidence) different levels. At 20 year old mothers it is only included 0,4% while they at 30-40 year old mothers already at 1,3-2% lies.


At Ovarian pain during pregnancy it usually comes to Abdominal pain, the one pulling or stabbing character can have. The pain kicks in right, left or both sides on. Occasionally it happens to other symptoms how Swelling, malaise or because of the psychological stress and fear of losing the fruit in addition to Hot flashes, Palpitations and Restlessness.

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At a Ectopic pregnancy different scenarios can arise. For one, it can be one Death of the fruit comes (Abortion). In this case the only symptoms besides that are possible pain on the ovary that the Menstruation (period) the patient starts again. However, if there is one Rupture of the fallopian tube (Tubal rupture) so it happens sudden abdominal pain and Symptoms of shock (Blood pressure drops, heart rate accelerates, etc.). This is one acute emergency of the treated immediately must become! Symptoms of a ectopic pregnancy are often very similar to the symptoms of a normal pregnancy, but can with significantly increased pain or frequent intermenstrual bleeding accompanied. At a Ovarian cyst In addition to the pain in the ovary, it often also occurs Back pain and Pain during sexual intercourse or when urinating.
In some cases the pain can also be purely one-sided, for example only on the left, occur.


The therapy for ovarian pain during pregnancy is common only very limited because the most drugs not tested on pregnant patients were and thus the Effects on pregnancy unknown are. Important it is above all that the patient don't panic but tries to do simple work or other things distract. Also pleasant hot hip baths or warm wraps can help. Is there a Ectopic pregnancy or one ectopic pregnancy before, so must this removed by surgery become one Probability of survival for the unborn child as good as impossible and such pregnancies are also one enormous danger for the patient represent. Also Cysts have to usually removed by surgery be, being yourself small cysts also regress spontaneously can.


Most of the pain in the fallopian tube during pregnancy is unproblematic and goes away on its own within a few weeks. It is therefore important that the patient remain calm. However, if the pain gets worse or persists for a long time, a gynecologist should be consulted, as ectopic pregnancies can also be dangerous for women. In general, however, most ectopic pregnancies resolve on their own, and it is only in very rare cases that the fallopian tube ruptures.