Symptoms of toxoplasmosis

Symptoms of toxoplasmosis

The nature of a complaint Toxoplasmosis depend on the time of infection and the condition of the Immune system the data subject together. Infections after the birth usually go unnoticed in healthy people. If there are symptoms, they will be noticed by flu-like symptoms. These include swollen ones Lymph nodes (Lymphadenopathy) and a general feeling of sickness with exhaustion and fever. Additionally it can become enlarged spleen (Splenomegaly) or one skin rash (Rash) come.

Do people with a weak immune system become infected due to medication or certain previous illnesses such as AIDS Cysts form from the inflammation and cause symptoms. Due to the preferential formation of cysts in the brain, these are often associated with symptoms such as seizures, a headacheAssociated with disturbances in balance or paralysis.

For the unborn child (fetus) are only initial infections during pregnancy with Toxoplasma gondii dangerous. But here, too, not all initial infections lead to damage to the child. Decisive for the extent of the damage caused by the pathogen child development is the time of the first infection with toxoplasmosis. Generally, infections start early pregnancy more damage than those in late pregnancy. However, the likelihood of toxoplasmosis infection of the fetus increases with the age of pregnancy.

The possible consequences of toxoplasmosis during pregnancy are very diverse. You can go to Termination of pregnancy, one Premature birth or physical or mental disabilities of the child.

The typical symptom of congenital toxoplasmosis manifests itself in an enlarged child's head due to the increased formation of cerebrospinal fluid (Hydrocephalus), Calcifications in the child's brain and inflammation of the Eye retina (Chorioretinitis). However, only 10 out of 100 infected children show these symptoms. Also in Ultrasonic - Examinations of the pregnant woman can be the enlarged child's head (Hydrocephalus), an enlarged liver (Hepatomegaly), increased accumulation of ascites (Ascites) as well as symptoms of a Effusion in the pericardium (Pericardial effusion) represent.

Much more often one observes the course of the disease of toxoplasmosis, which only becomes noticeable after birth. These children become noticeable with a physical and mental development delay, a tendency to convulsions (epilepsy) or inflammation of the Retina (Chorioretinitis) up to Blindness can lead.