Taping a tennis elbow

Synonyms in the broader sense

Kinesio taping, tape, tape dressing


The Applying a tape bandage can be used in the treatment of tennis elbow meaningful and complementary method in support of the conservative therapy be.

So it makes sense already in the acute phase of the tennis elbow to apply a tape bandage, as this Relieve pain immediately and Prevent bad posture through pain can. So the therapy becomes moderate stretching, Pain medication and cooling added an important aspect.
However, it must be said that the effects of the tape bandages scientifically examined even more closely and compared with each other need to understand the exact mechanisms of action and the To prove the effect scientifically.

In principle, one differentiates elastic tapes as the Kinesio tape from inelastic tapes how Leukoplast.

  • The non-elastic tapes have one rather supporting and shining function and can prevent swelling through the pressure they exert on the tissue. This improves muscle function and relieves pain.
  • The elastic tapes should rather have a Activation of the muscles affect the blood circulation and the Lymphatic drainage promote and thus cause a swelling and a pain relief.


The Principle of kinesio taping was founded by Dr. Kenzo Kaze designed that instead of rigid associations for partial Immobilization the joint used elastic bandages.

The word "kinesis“Is Greek and means Move. On the one hand, they enable Kinesio tape bandages furthermore a movement of the affected joint, on the other hand the kinesiotape works through a Movement of the skin against the underlying tissue layers.
With kinesiotape, the tapes are stuck so that they reflect the anatomy of a painful joint or muscle support. The tape is applied to the painful part of the body glued while this is under pre-stretch. Thanks to the kinesiotape to which the skin is attached, there is one with every movement Displacement of the skin against the underlying layers. Through these small movements there is one Increase blood circulation and to one Improvement of lymph drainage, whereby functional disorders and limitations can be eliminated and pain can be alleviated.

Often, kinesio taping even brings you a short time after taping Relieving pain. The immediate pain reduction prevents bad and relieving postures which results in less muscle tension than without kinesio tape. By normalizing the Joint position and Reduction of muscle tension is the forecast of the functional joint disorder significantly improved and the Accelerates healing process.

Since the kinesio tape is through the constant small movements also the Regulates muscle tone, it can even preventive be used in sports that place excessive demands on a certain region of the body. So can Injuries or muscle spasms be prevented.

To a optimal tape result It is important that the person applying the tape has a thorough knowledge of the anatomy and the functional anatomy the affected body region. Since the medical layperson generally does not have this knowledge, should no tape on your own attached, because this way serious diseases can be overlooked.
Physio- and Occupational therapists, Masseurs, Naturopath and doctors can use the technique of kinesio taping learn on advanced training and then offer them in their practices. It is also possible for a patient to have a specific tape needed again and againe.g. to treat chronic pain from tennis elbow, to train in the tape technique. Before doing this, you should use the kinesio taping experienced practitioner be attached to the optimal position of the tapes for the individual patients to find out.

Of the Color of the tapes will sometimes further effects attributed to: so should the colors Red or pink stimulate the blood circulation particularly well and bring warmth to the affected region, the color blue intended to cool inflamed areas. The different effects of different colored tapes have been scientifically proven though not.

The kinesio taping is in general free of side effects. Nevertheless one can Wrong application to a Worsening of the clinical picture lead that you actually want to treat. In rare cases allergic reaction possible on the acrylic adhesive used, so that the kinesiotape due to the Itching and the progressive reddening of the skin must be removed earlier than planned and the healing process is interrupted. A tape bandage holds about a week, the holding period is from Sports and showers unaffected.

You can find more information about the technique of kinesio taping here.

Kinesio taping on a tennis elbow

The Effect of kinesio taping on the healing process in tennis elbow not yet scientifically proven, but many testimonials from formerly affected patients speak for one Relief of the pain and a Accelerating the healing process.

At the Kinesio taping the tennis elbow will the affected extensor muscles of the forearm and fingers. Before applying the tape dressing, a strong arm hair may be shortened to include the liability to improve and strengthen the tape Pain when peeling off to prevent. One is also useful thorough cleaning of the forearm, because this also improves the adhesion of the tape.
To put the tape on, this is Elbow joint straight while the Palm towards the floor shows. Now becomes one Flexion in the wrist performed by kinking the wrist. The patient can now see parts of his palm. Then a first tape about two to three centimeters above the wrist glued on and along the Forearm extensor musclethat can be felt with the hand, glued to the forearm. The tape ends about five to seven centimeters above the elbow joint on the outside of the upper arm.
In the area of ​​the elbow joint should be above the Region of greatest pain a stronger pull prevail than over the rest of the forearm. Then a second, shorter tape glued to the outside of the elbow. It is said to be about the region of greatest pain pull diagonally upwards and end on the inside of the upper arm. The region of greatest pain in tennis elbow is inflamed, overloaded and irritated starting point of the Tendons the forearm extensors on the outside of the elbow. The stronger train over this region will be here particularly many movements of the skin against the underlying layers causing what the Blood circulation and the Lymphatic drainage particularly promotes and becomes a rapid pain relief contributes. There are different ways in which a kinesio tape can be attached to treat tennis elbow. A therapist or doctor who is experienced in kinesiotaping can do the for any patient recognize the best variant and apply.

Acute taping

Just like in kinesio taping, the bandages used in acute taping are stretchable. Akutaping represents a further development of kinesio taping and combines the knowledge of acupuncture and osteopathy with kinesio taping. As a result, not only the painful areas are tapped, but also regions of the body that can trigger a disruption in the painful area due to a functional impairment.
For example, a finger and forearm extensor Akutape can be used with a tennis elbow, as in kinesio taping. If this form of taping does not produce sufficient results, the flexor muscles of the fingers and forearm, the upper arm or the cervical spine can also be included in the treatment.

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