Therapy of dry skin

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Treatment of dry skin:

Medical: Xerosis cutis
English: dry skin therapy

General therapy

The aim of treating dry skin is to restore normal skin moisture levels. So you either have to provide them with more fluid or prevent excessive fluid loss. This is possible with the help of various measures, the indication of which depends on the cause of the dry skin. The cold shower serves to prevent the dry skin from becoming worse, but it can also be viewed directly as a therapy, as the cold water can significantly reduce the itching.
Another therapy option can be carried out through various home remedies.

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After showering or bathing, it is generally advisable to apply lotion, but this recommendation applies even more to people with dry skin. Creams that contain active ingredients are particularly beneficial for the skin Aloe vera, Shea butter, almond oil or Jojoba oil contain.
Detergents that are used on dry skin should be as mild as possible, i.e. not contain any irritating substances such as alcohol or perfume. With face creams, it is advisable to choose between a day and a night cream. Both should Vitamins A and Vitamin E. and ideally the night cream is slightly more greasy than the one that is used during the day.

Medicinal oil baths can also provide relief for dry skin. Oils that should be used here because they are high in fat are for example Olives-, soy- and Sunflower oil. Some essential oils are also sometimes added, for examplelavender-, Melissa- or Sandalwood oil. Some people also swear by certain herbs for treating dry skin, like Aloe, burdock orToadflax.

If the skin is extremely dry or already has cornified skin, you can use creams that are completely anhydrous and contain a lot of fat, for example the vaseline.

If everything doesn't seem to help, you can also consult a doctor or pharmacist who is more knowledgeable and can give individual tips on care. One option that conventional medicine still offers for treatment is, for example, urea. This is a normal part of our skin and ensures that moisture remains bound on it and that it cannot dry out.
For diseases like Neurodermatitis The epidermis has been shown to have a significantly lower urea content than that of a healthy person. However, if there is an acute inflammation of the skin, one should refrain from using urea-containing agents, as these can irritate the skin and the affected area then burns.

If the dry skin is the side effect of another underlying disease, for example neurodermatitis or psoriasis(Psoriasis), then the primary focus should be on treating it specifically in order to be able to get rid of dry skin in the long term.

Home remedies for dry skin

In the Therapy of dry skin there is a great need for well-known home remedies that rebuild irritated and rough skin and ensure adequate care.
More conventional Carrot juice can be used well as cleaning water. It not only provides moisture, but also supplies the damaged skin with many nutrients and vitamins that strengthen the skin and make it soft again.
Are also popular Baths with milk or olive oil. They strengthen the skin's structure and, above all, have a calming effect on the irritated skin surface. Due to their high fat content, they give the skin additional fats that can be used to restore the damaged protective grease film on the skin's surface.
To add moisture to the damaged skin, will gladly Quark or yogurt envelopes used. They provide the skin with important nutrients and also have a nourishing and calming effect on the affected areas.
In order to effectively prevent the skin from drying out, it should be ensured that enough liquid is recorded. Two liters of water or tea per day are sufficient.
You can take further care of irritated and dry skin Aloe vera, chamomile or honey to reach. These products can be applied to the damaged areas. They relieve skin irritation and have a calming and nourishing effect. They also reduce severe itching.

Diet for dry skin

Also the nutrition can play an important role in the treatment and prevention of dry skin. Overall is one healthy and balanced diet with much fruit and vegetables important to not just the skin but the entire body sufficient nutrients to supply and him too strengthen.
In order to supply enough oils to dry skin, one should be on Avocados To fall back on. They contain fats that the body needs and make the skin very soft.
To prevent infections, we recommend consuming citrus fruits such as oranges or grapefruits. The vitamin C strengthens the immune system and offers the damaged skin protection from pathogens. Carrots and Sweet potatoes have a nourishing effect, protect the skin from sunburn and give it a healthy complexion.
In Food how oatmeal, Nuts, milk and egg yolk is a vitamin called Biotin which promotes the regeneration and rebuilding of damaged skin and soothes rashes. zinc also promotes regeneration and prevents inflammatory processes.