Triceps extension with the expander


Training the upper arm extensor muscles is often neglected in strength training. As an agonist and antagonist, however, biceps and triceps should be trained alternately. In addition to the pullouts, the triceps extension is an effective exercise around the arm extensor (M.. triceps brachii) specifically developed. Due to the continuously increasing resistance in the expander, the muscle tension in the contraction cycle increases steadily, and the training stimulus is increased.

However, since this exercise is an isolated form of muscle stress, it is preferred in bodybuilding and advanced fitness. Athletes who prefer more complex exercises for lack of time can choose push-ups with the expander, in which the triceps are trained in addition to the chest muscles. The training of the triceps is particularly important in throwing sports and martial arts, and should therefore be given special training in these sports.

Muscles that are used in the biceps curl

  • Triceps (M.. triceps brachii)

Figure musculature

  1. Shoulder muscle
  2. Arm flexors
  3. Arm extensor
  4. Chest muscle
  5. Abdominal muscle

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Motion description

As with the biceps curl, the athlete stands in a step position. The expander is attached to the ceiling so that it can be pulled down. In the starting position, the upper arms and forearms form a right angle, the elbows are close to the body and move as little as possible during the entire movement. The expander is wrapped around the wrists once. In the contraction phase, the arms are fully extended. The forearms are pulled back until a right angle is created in the elbow joint. The number of repetitions varies depending on the training goal.

application areas

Health sport

Triceps pressing with the expander is rarely used in the health sector. This method is only used in regeneration sports for regenerative muscle building training in static form with low tensile loads. Health athletes and athletic beginners in strength training should do triceps training in the form of push-ups “on the knees” in order to train the chest muscles at the same time.


Fitness athletes complete between 12 and 15 repetitions in their training plan. When doing triceps presses, the resistance should be chosen so that no further repetitions are possible. If the resistance is chosen too lightly, the expander should already have an increased voltage in the starting position.


In order to be able to set a targeted muscle building stimulus, the load must be chosen sufficiently high. With this method, between five and eight repetitions are completed, with an intensity that no further repetitions are possible. For detailed information on building muscle, visit our bodybuilding topic, which explains and comments on all modern bodybuilding exercises.

Variations of the triceps extension with the expander

Due to the mobility of the expander, there are a number of variations in the execution of the movements Triceps press to select. In order to load the outer part of the deltoid muscle, the starting position of the arms is crossed. The ends of the expander are guided diagonally downwards behind the body as the movement progresses. The ends of the expander can be knotted to provide support for a pole. This creates a movement similar to that of the cable pull. Your own imagination for attaching the expander knows no bounds, provided that it is safe.

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