Causes of Blemished Skin

Synonyms in a broader sense

Skin blemishes, skin irregularities, skin care, acne

English: blemished skin

Causes / forms

Blemished skin is a collective term and basically summarizes pimples and blackheads. The development of blemished skin usually takes place in three steps. First, so-called blackheads or comedones form. These are small skin inclusions, consisting of sebum and small dust and dirt particles. These substances clog the small tubules in the skin.
The blackheads are mostly visible as small dark dots on the skin. Blackheads are mostly due to excessive horn production. This horn formation widens the excretory ducts of the sebum glands. The dark, visible point is caused by melanin and oxidation processes in the air.

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It winds under the blackhead Gland duct into the depths of the skin. Sebum, hair material and pathogens can spread deposit in these corridors. The pathogens mostly come from the group of Staphylococci and are also the reason that minor inflammation can arise in this area. If it finally comes to inflammation, will white blood cells lured from the blood to the site of inflammation.
It creates a small bladder filled with pusalso known as a pimple. Depending on the severity of the inflammation, a so-called carbuncle or, in extreme cases, a abscess. After the pimple has healed you can small scars arise. The cause of blemished skin and pimples are manifold. Most of the time, not just one component is enough to cause blemished skin, but a combination of various factors.

Impure skin can only arise if it has been used beforehand increased sebum production has come. testosterone, the male Sex hormone, promotes sebum production in the skin. So in hormone-intensive times also increases sebum in the skin poured out. Especially in the puberty It comes to strong testosterone releasewho are also known to the Acne formation at that time leads.

Psychological causes:
The Moods and moods also promote acne formation through previously unknown mechanisms. Especially people in and after Stressful situations tend to develop acne. Presumably promote Stress hormones the processes responsible for acne formation. The fact that Adolescents in puberty Suffering from constantly changing moods leads to the fact that it also leads to a Reinforcement of the hormonal effect comes on the skin.

Everyone has their own skin own character. One type of skin is more prone to blemished skin, the other less so. Also hereditary factors apparently also play a crucial role. Some people are very susceptible to blemished skin since their youth, others not or only very little.

Chemical causes:
In addition to the aforementioned factors for blemished skin, there are rarer causes for blemished skin. First of all, chemical factors should be mentioned. That's how it is regular application of cosmetics or fat creams responsible for blemished skin.
The reason is that the creams applied like a film on the skin Act. The skin can no longer breathe properly Tubular skin close up. The skin's response is to produce excessive sebum, which is then transported to the surface of the skin. Furthermore, some ingredients in creams and cosmetics are used not well tolerated, the skin reacts with Hypersensitivity. It comes to reduced peeling of old skin cellswhich is regularly performed by the skin on its own. Old and dead skin cells are deposited on the surface of the skin, forming one uneven, hilly surface and lead to impurity.

The so-called Chloracne is a rather rare cause of blemished skin. Especially people who often swim and swimming in chlorinated pools suffer from so-called chloracne - a kind of hypersensitivity to the chemical substance chlorine.
People who regularly come into contact with oily additives (e.g. car mechanics) often suffer from a kind of chemical acne. With long-term use of cortisone-containing drugs on the skin or systematic use, e.g. in the form of Anabolic steroids at Bodybuilders it comes to the so-called Steroid acne.

Contrary to popular belief, sweets do not necessarily cause pimples and blemished skin.