Figure muscles - hand

Right hand image: A - palm (superficial and middle layer) and B - back of the hand

Hand muscles
I - muscles of the ball of the little finger
Hypothenary group (green)
II - muscles of the ball of the thumb
Thenar muscles (blue)
III - Metacarpus muscles (red)

  1. Little finger spreader -
    Abductor digiti minimi muscle
  2. Short little finger flexor -
    M. flexor digiti minimi brevis
  3. Short palm tendon tensioner -
    Muscle palmaris brevis
  4. Little finger counteracting device -
    M. opponens digiti minimi
  5. Thumb pull -
    Muscle abductor pollicis
  6. Short thumb flexor -
    Muscle flexor pollicis brevis
  7. Short thumb spreader -
    Muscle abductor pollicis brevis
  8. Thumb counter -
    Muscle opponens pollicis
  9. Spinal muscles -
    Lumbrical muscles
  10. Palm side intermediate
    bone muscles -
    Palmar interossei muscles
  11. Elbow-sided hand flexor -
    Flexor carpi ulnaris muscle
  12. Spoke-sided hand flexor -
    Flexor carpi radialis muscle
  13. First back intermediate
    bone muscle -
    Muscle interosseus dorsalis I
  14. Long thumb stretcher -
    Extensor pollicis longus muscle
  15. Short thumb stretcher -
    Extensor pollicis brevis muscle
  16. Short spoke-side hand straightener -
    Extensor carpi radialis brevis muscle
  17. Long spoke-side hand straightener -
    Extensor carpi radialis longus muscle
  18. Backhand intermediate
    bone muscles -
    Dorsal interossei muscles
  19. Finger extensor -
    Extensor digitorum muscle
  20. Klenfingerstrecker -
    Extensor digiti minimi muscle
  21. Extensor tendon strap -
    Retinaculum musculorum extensorum
  22. Elbow side hand extensor -
    Extensor carpi ulnaris muscle

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