Definition of biolifting

Biolifting is a gentle, simple and bloodless process that is supposed to support the body's own renewal processes of the skin. This should rejuvenate the skin and reduce wrinkles. Only natural products should be used in biolifting. Biolifting is one of the minimally invasive procedures, as neither a scalpel nor an operation is required.

This method comes from America. It is classified in the field of anti-aging and because it is gentle and requires little effort, it is becoming increasingly popular. The basic idea of ​​biolifting is to use natural products to activate the skin's self-healing powers, which should restore the skin naturally. However, the effect of the biolifting experience is not permanent. It lasts around three to six months on average. Treatment should then be repeated.

Since there are a few variants, the most common biolifting methods are presented here.

Biolifting with injections of animal preparations

The interaction at the Protein synthesis as well as other metabolisms play an essential role in the Skin aging. With this therapy, products that have been adapted to one another should become a thoroughgoing one Revitalization of the cell structures in the skin. These coordinated products, which consist of biomolecules, are injected under the skin.

Skin aging

As the skin ages, the cells lose their adaptability and elasticity, and enzyme production is reduced. The restoration of the cell structures in the skin no longer works as well as it does in a young person, so expression lines, deep wrinkles and other signs of aging appear in the skin.

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In the cytoplasm of the cells there are small biomolecules, which are responsible for the restoration and regulation of the skin. Preparations with such biomolecules of animal origin have enormous potential for restoring normal conditions in the skin.

The regenerative therapy of biolifting consists of several parts:

  1. First, the body needs to be purged. This is followed by healing with biomolecules. Then comes the decisive step: the injection of biomolecules along the folds. This happens once a week for about six to eight times.
  2. After the wrinkle injection, care products are applied to the skin. In addition, trace elements, vitamins and dietary supplements should be taken during this biolift. The injection preparation consists of four tissues: muscles, placenta (placenta), thymus (or sweetbreads, is part of the immune system), skin or mucous membrane. One ml of each of these four tissues is injected twice each.


The patient should without makeup come and look good before the treatment clean. The skin is additionally covered with a alcoholic product degreased. Then one will local anesthesia applied in the form of an ointment. The Wrinkle injection. A total of approx. 90 times 0.1 ml Injections given. Since the special injection cannulas become blunt after ten punctures, they have to be replaced accordingly often. Following that will be specific Creams applied to the skin and massaged in.

Result and effect

Of the Skin tone will be improved, scar and other Skin defects decrease, superficial wrinkles can disappear completely, while deep skin folds become visibly smoother. Also Age spots can thus be treated successfully. The skin on the chin or other problem areas may tighten. It is also an effective one Cellulite- (Orange peel-) Treatment has been shown.

The effect occurs about 2-4 weeks because the biolifting needs some time to awaken the cells' own strength.

Other procedures:

Bio-lifting with electricity

This is a method in which only herbal and biological Materials as well Fabrics from the sea combined with biotechnological active ingredients are used. The product contains a high concentration of active ingredients. In addition, synthetic fragrances are not used in order to maintain the purity. There are three phases in this type of bio-lifting:

  1. The first is that general evaluation the superficial layer of skin called the epidermis. With the help of specific criteria, the current Skin condition determined to determine the appropriate care products and treatment.
  2. This is followed by the second phase, the Initialization phase. This plays an indispensable role as the skin is optimally prepared for the subsequent treatment phase. It includes that To remove makeup, a gentle one Exfoliation and a mask. As Exfoliation is the removal of dead skin cells for example using a Peels designated.

The treatment phase includes working with a product made from 50 different vegetable, biological and marine organic ingredients. The cream is massaged into the skin millimeter by millimeter. This is followed by the second part of this phase. At the "Remodeling Face Treatment“(In German Redesign of the Facial) comes with a cool metal pin stroked all over the face. This pen directs gentle current over the skin so that the ingredients massaged in before can penetrate the skin better. At the end of the treatment, the fine lines have disappeared. Unfortunately, this method only lasts about five days to a week until the old skin symptoms reappear.

Bio-lifting with hyaluron and cold laser

The principle here is to give the skin its own substance hyaluronanwho for the Skin elasticity is responsible to offer in concentrated form. The hyaluronic acid is in gel-like form and is obtained from natural hyaluronic acid. When massaging into the skin, the gel can easily be absorbed because it is in a greatly reduced form and water soluble is. It can penetrate to the so-called intercellular fluid of the germ cell layer and is completely absorbed by it. This is followed by a Cold laser treatmentthat transforms the minimalized pieces of hyaluron in the gel into their original state. This is how a long molecular chain, causing an increase in the volume in the skin of up to 15% can be achieved. The laser light stimulates the production of the body's own cell proteins Elastin and Collagen that fill the spaces between the cells and maintain the moisture level in the tissue.
The Result: Expression lines and deep wrinkles are smoothed and the overall complexion is significantly improved.


Also Botox is one of the bio-lifing processes.