Bach flowers with excessive concern

What Bach flowers

The following Bach flowers can be used in people who suffer from excessive worry:

  • Beech (European beech)
  • Chicory (chicory)
  • Vervain (verbena)
  • Vine (grapevine)
  • Rock Water (healing spring water)

Beech (European beech)

  • You judge other people without any compassion, you are overly critical and not very tolerant
  • You are extremely arrogant and have prejudices with no experience
  • You have no opinion of your own, you have no mercy and you see the mistakes of others immediately
  • One is wrongly friendly and pretended to be understanding for everything
  • You are tense and hardened inside and isolate yourself through your overly critical attitude
  • You always see the splinter in the eye of the other person, but not the beam in your own eye!

Positive development opportunities: Tolerance, understanding and understanding that everyone is different.

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Chicory (chicory)

  • You expect full attention from your surroundings and break into self-pity off when you don't get your way
  • Possessive attitude who likes to meddle and manipulate
  • Outwardly, motherliness and selflessness are demonstrated but in reality they are used as leverage
  • One demands honor, respect and gratitude for his behavior (possessive super mother who controls the life and feelings of her family)
  • I love you …… .. but provided that…!
  • People who Chicory need use illnesses (even imaginary ones) to bind other people to themselves, sometimes therapies are refused because one fears one's own position of power will be undermined

Positive development opportunities: Real ability to love.

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Vervain (verbena)

  • You stand up for a good cause, drive Depletion with its forces, is irritable and fanatical
  • Missionaries and manager types
  • You think your own opinion is always one hundred percent correct
  • One practices force and pressure and is cruel for everyone to do it that way
  • You are overzealous, act for others and try to force them to be happy
  • The world will end without me, I mustn't be sick.

Positive development opportunities: Accepting other opinions, focusing energy on a worthwhile task.

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Vine (grapevine)

  • You are a strong personality and you absolutely want to get your way
  • One is ruthless, does not tolerate contradiction and has a high claim to power
  • One oppresses weaker people and considers one's will to be the only thing that saves
  • People who need Vine are overly authoritarian and their assertiveness is misused.
  • an doesn't argue because you're always right anyway.

Positive development opportunities: Positive authority and assertiveness, willingness to help

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Rock Water (healing spring water)

  • You are hard on yourself, have strict and harsh views, suppress your needs
  • You live in self-imposed, narrow structures
  • You want to be ideal, you are arrogant, proud and immobile
  • People are prone to exaggerations and extremes (anti-smoking, anti-alcoholic, etc.) and are fanatical about their opinions
  • However, you don't try to proselytize, you put yourself above others

Positive development opportunities: Adaptability and inner freedom.

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