Coverings with the expander

Worked muscles

  • Triceps (M.. triceps brachii)


As with the triceps extension, the covers with the Theraband are an extension of the elbow joint. Here, however, the stretching takes place above the head. This method is particularly suitable for targeted muscle building, as the stretched, head-facing arms have higher muscle tension. This exercise of the covers is based on the covers on the cable pull or the "nosebreaker" in body building.

When training the upper arm muscles, it should always be ensured that the triceps and biceps are trained in harmony.

Figure musculature

  1. M. deltoideus
  2. M. biceps brachii
  3. M. triceps brachii
  4. M. pectoralis mayor
  5. Rectus abdominus muscle

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Motion description

The athlete stands in a lunge with a strong upper body forward, the head is an extension of the spine and is facing the floor. This exercise is not recommended if you experience discomfort and tension in the cervical spine.

The expander is attached behind the body. The body weight is supported on the front foot. In the starting position, the hands are behind the head. The expander already has a pre-stretch. In the contraction phase, the hands are pulled forward over the head, the elbows being moved as little as possible. This exercise requires a certain amount of coordination, so beginners should work with less resistance.

application areas

Health sport

The covers with the expander are not used in the health sector.


The resistance should be chosen during fitness training so that between 12 and a maximum of 15 repetitions can be completed. After the last repetition, no further repetitions may be possible. Between 2 and 4 sets / series should be completed per station


In order to be able to set a targeted muscle building stimulus, the load must be selected high. In this exercise, between five and eight repetitions are completed, with an intensity that no further repetitions are possible. For detailed information on building muscle, visit our bodybuilding topic, which explains and comments on all modern bodybuilding exercises.

Further information

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