The Bach flower hornbeam

Description of the flower hornbeam

The drooping male and the female standing upright Hornbeam blossoms open from April to May.

State of mind

One feels tired and mentally exhausted and feels too weak to be able to do the daily chores.

Expression children

Children are in the hornbeam state sleepless in the morning and do not feel good because they think they will not survive the school day with its demands.

The children suffer from the monotony of school and everyday life and react with fatigue, act without drive.

Expression adults

One feels one great tiredness when you wake up in the morning and think about the work that lies ahead (hangover) and does not believe to have the strength to cope with everything. But then you realize in the course of the day that you but all done well Has.

Hornbeam people suffer from a one-sided mental overload in the physical compensation is missing. Often one lives a well-established professional and private routine life, lives heavily consuming on the spiritual level (e.g. television), takes too many impressions not all of which can be processed.

Short-term and temporary, Hornbeam fatigue can also occur in people who are preparing for an exam and who have been doing one-sided intellectual work for weeks. Here, too, there is no compensation on another level.

Hornbeam fatigue, whether chronic or temporary, disappears very quickly as soon as something out of order happens, you are torn from the rut!

Hornbeam people often complain about "tired eyes“.

The aim of the Bach flower hornbeam

The Bach flower hornbeam should help to regain positive mental resilience, mental freshness and energy. You gain the strength to break out of the routine, become enterprising. At this moment, Hornbeam acts like an “energetic shower” on a spiritual level.

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