The Bach Flower Pine

Description of the flowering pine

The slender pine tree grows in forests and on sandy heather soils. The male and female blossoms are abundantly covered with yellow pollen.

State of mind

One blames oneself, has Feelings of guiltis discouraged.

Expression children

Children are in the negative pine state overly conscientious and exactly - for fear of making mistakes. you are self-critical and not satisfied with their own performance. When something goes wrong, they feel guilty, blamed and They find it difficult to take criticism. They even allow themselves to be punished without contradiction for things that are not their fault and are the scapegoat of the class.

Expression adults

Pine characters are often shaped by a guilty attitude towards life and theirs physical condition is tired and exhausted.
The word “joie de vivre” hardly ever appears in vocabulary or emotions. You always ask more of yourself than of other people, you are never satisfied with what you have achieved and you feel guilty inside because you haven't tried harder. This Feelings of guilt can cause a recently experienced event or it is basically an inner, unconscious attitude.
You have the feeling that you are not worth something When talking to others, one often uses apologetic phrases.
One blames the mistakes of other people as guilt and thinks to be jointly responsible. If you get sick, you apologize to everyone around you.
If five people want one bread and there are only four available, the pine person will be dispense because he himself otherwise feel guilty afterwards would and have a guilty conscience.

Aim of the Bach flower pine

Pine should help to alleviate the feeling of being responsible for everything and to accept oneself with one's mistakes. You feel real remorse instead of guilt, you can forgive and forget yourself.

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