Inflammation of the tibia


If there is pain in the shin, it can be a Inflammation of the tendons, Muscles or the Periosteum act. In case of Inflammation of the periosteum of the tibia one speaks of a in medical terminology Periostitis and is also under that Shin splints known. This very uncomfortable Inflammation of the thin Periosteum often arises at excessive stress. The bone marrow itself can also be affected by painful inflammation. It is then a Osteomyelitis.


Typical complaints with a Periosteum inflammation in the area of Shin are pain when touching the sensitive area. The pain is common in peace significantly more often and more uncomfortable than when moving or exercising. At times they can also disappear completely. In addition to the pain, there may be more typical signs of inflammation occur. So can the affected shin overheated his and one Redness exhibit. Depending on the severity of the inflammation present, the section in question may also be swollen his and one shows up decreased mobility. Since an infection in the body can always affect the entire organism, the patient can also generally knocked off, tired and weak feel. There is also one decreased performance.

root cause

Excessive stress

Periosteum inflammation of the tibia can have a number of causes, but the most common is exercise. Last but not least is one of the most common complaints in athletes. Different factors come together. An overload can result from extensive and intensive training. Often there are also excessive increases in load that the bone cannot cope with. Especially when jogging on a training surface that is too hard, the permanent impacts can lead to mechanical irritation of the periosteum, which then develop into smaller foci of inflammation. Furthermore, changing technique, overtired muscles and changes in training conditions can also trigger the onset of periosteum inflammation. Tendonitis on the shin is also a possible cause that can spread to the periosteum and bones.

The wrong footwear with unsuitable insoles or insufficient shock absorption can also contribute to the development of inflammation. Very good footwear in particular is essential for a regularly active athlete and prevents such complaints. People with flat feet or flat arched feet should also have very well-fitted shoes if they are active in sports, as they are also at risk of developing inflammation on the shinbone more frequently. Due to the misalignment of the feet, the acting force may not be properly absorbed and distributed, which then leads to irritation of the muscles or even the periosteum.

In addition to the mechanical causes mentioned, bacteria or viruses can also be the cause of inflammation in the shin. They can also spread to the periosteum, especially in the context of bone marrow inflammation. Furthermore, they can also be carried off by surgical interventions and settle on the bone and trigger a painful infection. The typical pathogens that are carried over during an operation include streptococci and staphylococci.

If an infectious disease such as tuberculosis, syphilis or typhoid is present in the organism, the pathogens can also spread through the bloodstream and also cause an infection in other parts of the body. The bones can also be affected.

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Gentle massages of the affected extremity

Treating a Periosteum inflammation can drag on for a long time, especially since it is important to them consequent perform. For many people who are regularly active in sports there is one special longer break Exercise can be challenging, but can be essential in curing inflammation. The inflammation otherwise can too chronic and then have far worse consequences for an athlete.

always recurring pain are a first sign of inflammation and should be examined by a doctor. The cause can then be found out and other diseases can also be ruled out.

At acute pain should be the leg first no burden and you can cool the painful area immediately. To the Cool are suitable in addition to the practical Cool packs also Ice cubes, the lower one Printing compound be attached. But here, too, there should be one between ice and skin protective distance be. Also cooling ointments like sports ointments, which also have a pain reliever Component like that Diclofenac may reduce inflammation and its pain.

The shin should elevated this avoids swelling and is often very good for the patient. You can also temporarily and in consultation with a doctor anti-inflammatory and pain reliever drugs be taken.

In order to avoid a renewed overload of the muscles and bones, the patient can use a physical therapy also Relaxation exercises for learning after exercise, which are essential in helping the bones and surrounding muscles between exercise recover sufficiently can. Also Massages can on the one hand help to alleviate the symptoms, on the other hand they can also help regularly prevention inflammation.

Depending on the cause of the inflammation should also long-term therapy options be considered. Lying for example Deformities on the foot or the doctor presents a previously unknown Misalignment firmly, which has led to an incorrect load, can use the right footwear and individually adapted orthopedic shoe insoles be very helpful and the complaints are avoided in the long term. Furthermore you can Beginners Get advice from trainers on how to optimize your training so that you can avoid renewed overload. In rare cases, it may also be necessary to use a surgery to remove.


Inflammation cannot always be prevented, especially in athletes, there are many factors that contribute to its development. Accordingly, especially beginners should consider some factors in order to avoid inflammation or its recurrence. First of all, the training should be well adapted to the athlete's performance level. Stress and sudden increases in training should be avoided and should be done slowly so that the body has enough time to adapt to the new requirements.

In order to pursue an optimal training plan, this can also be worked out in consultation with a professional trainer. He can also advise you on your running style and equipment. The technique of running is particularly important in order to distribute the load correctly on the foot and leg. The athlete also needs the right footwear for this. If there are misalignments, the corresponding insoles should be used from the start when doing sport. Furthermore, the athlete should allow himself sufficiently long breaks between the sports units. During this time, the body and the stressed muscles can recover and gain new strength. A trainer can give you comprehensive advice on this as well.