Wrinkle treatment with autologous fat


Skin folds are considered to be one of the clearest features of the aging process; they mostly arise as a result of a natural decline in the inherent elasticity and resilience of the skin and the tissue below.

At the beginning of the 25th year of life, the body and its metabolic performance begin to change drastically, for this reason one speaks of the beginning of skin aging from this point in time.

The signs of age do not express themselves in the same way in every person and the progression of the aging process does not always take place at the same speed.
External factors (so-called exogenous factors) can have a negative impact on skin aging. Excessive consumption of nicotine and / or alcohol is considered to be a radical accelerator of skin aging. UV light also has a negative effect on the skin's elasticity and resilience and therefore accelerates skin aging enormously.

Correction methods

In the Wrinkle treatment one fundamentally differentiates between two methods:

  • On the one hand, the skin and / or the underlying tissue surgically be tightened (so-called Facelift)
  • on the other hand, the wrinkles and bumps in the skin's appearance can through Replenishment balance.
  • Another, but very controversial, method is the use of Botox (Botulinum toxin), the one Paralysis of the facial muscles triggers and in this way corrects the wrinkles.
  • The Wrinkle treatment With Autologous fat In contrast, it is a very gentle procedure that is essential in comparison to Botox treatment and facelifts lower risks conceals.


In the Wrinkle treatment with autologous fat it is one transplantation from the body's own fat tissue (Synonym: Lipofilling).
This method is particularly suitable for Replenishment from large folds of skin and or Soft tissue defects, since large volumes can also be introduced into the furrows. The necessary adipose tissue is used in wrinkle treatment with autologous fat with the help of a small cannula out selected parts of the body sucked off and following a sterile reprocessing in the too treated area.
Since it is exclusively the body's own fatty tissue, there is no danger one allergic reaction, or the risk of a Rejection reaction.

The real deal takes place below sterile conditions instead of. In most cases one is enough local anesthesia completely off, one too hospitalized following wrinkle treatment with autologous fat not necessary.
The Duration the treatment depends primarily on the Initial state, the Degree of relaxation the skin of the face and the planned end result.

Usually the Wrinkle treatment with autologous fat a period of approximately two to three hours in claim.

Risks and costs

The Risks at a Wrinkle treatment with autologous fat are comparative low. Some patients complain of the onset of in the first few days after use Redness and Swelling in the treated areas of the face. Also the emergence of Bruisingwhich, however, quickly subside, cannot be ruled out.

The costs of the Wrinkle treatment with autologous fat align to the scope the necessary activities.
Low degrees of relaxation and loss of elasticity (read: small wrinkles) can be relative inexpensive Getting corrected.
In Germany The cost of wrinkle correction is approximately 1500-4000 euros. Since it is a purely plastic, aesthetic measure, wrinkle treatment with autologous fat is not covered by either statutory or private health insurances.