Latin name: Avena sativa
Genus: Sweet grasses, bluegrass
Common names: Biwen, Flöder, Haber

Plant description oats

Plant description: Oats are a type of cereal and are widely grown. Panicles consisting of 2 to 4 flowers are arranged on the long stem. From this grow oat grains which are not fused with the outer husks. This is what distinguishes oats from other types of grain.
Flowering time: July to August
Occurrence: Widely grown in crops. For the production of the homeopathic preparation it is mostly grown in own cultures because you need the freshly flowering herb.


Amino acids, B vitamins, phosphorus, iron, zinc, cobalt, manganese, potassium, vitamins K and E, pro-vitamin A. In addition, avenin, an indole alkaloid that has calming properties.

Medicinal effects and uses of oats

The oats play an important role as a component of Extra costs with countless complaints. As a medicinal product, it is mainly used in the homeopathic practice applied.

Use in homeopathy

Nervous exhaustion, insomnia, lack of concentration, Palpitations are the most important areas of application for Avena sativa. The D2 is common.

Combination with other medicinal plants

Oats go well with valerian and Passion flower combine. The mixture works in equal parts sleep-inducing.

side effect

not known.