Home remedies for dry lips


Many people struggle with dry lips, especially in winter. These are not only perceived as unattractive, but can also be very uncomfortable to painful. Especially cold and dry heating air in winter, but also strong sunlight can cause dry lips and dry skin in general. The lips are particularly susceptible to this because, on the one hand, they only have a very thin epithelium and, moreover, they do not have any subcutaneous fatty tissue.

Lip balm sticks are usually the first choice for treating dry lips. However, their effect often does not seem to be sufficient. There are a number of home remedies available as alternatives. The following article provides an overview of helpful home remedies for dry lips.

Vitamin preparations

Sometimes it is still claimed that vitamin deficiency, above all a deficiency and Vitamin A and the B.-Vitamins, leads to dry skin in general. However is a Vitamin deficiency in our society due to our comparatively balanced diet very rarely and therefore very unlikely to be the reason for dry lips. One exception is Vitamin Dwhich the skin cannot produce sufficiently, especially in the cold months. However, using the sun as often as possible is a better solution than buying expensive vitamin supplements.

Lip balm sticks

The widespread rumor that the use of cheap lip balm sticks would dry out the lips instead of protecting them or even making them “dependent” in the long term has not been proven. What is certain, however, is that higher-quality care products from the pharmacy often have a better effect. These contain less unnecessary additives and usually too no mineral oils. Mineral oils are made by the Distillation of petroleum obtained and replace higher quality fats and oils in many care products. You will often get one drying effect attributed. In contrast, lip balm sticks are made natural waxes or Jojoba oil recommendable. Jojoba oil also has a weak one Sun protection factor.

Licking lips

Moistening the lips with saliva is often beneficial brief relief. In the long run, however, this tends to lead to a Dehydration of the lips and should be avoided.

Cream for dry lips

Creams like Milking fat and Marigold ointment is said to have a very good protective effect on dry lips, as they are free of unnecessary ingredients and very fatty are. It makes sense to use them before leaving the house in winter or to apply them thickly overnight. Also Cocoa butter, which is part of many hand creams anyway, seems to be very effective and can be applied to dry lips several times a day.

vaseline is in this context controversial. This is obtained from residues from petroleum distillation and treated with various additives and shines unhealthy substances to give to the body. A effect However, it has been proven against dehydration, especially by preventing cooling and the release of fluids.

Honey against dry lips

Honey is a very common home remedy for various ailments. Among other things, he works antitussive, so cough suppressant, and owns a antibacterial Effect. At the same time, honey is said to accelerate the healing of cracked skin.

Honey can be used against dry lips once or twice a day be applied to the lips for about three minutes. After that, the honey can be wiped off. Licking should be avoided, however, as saliva promotes drying of the lips. The combination of Honey with quark is also very popular in addition to the use of pure honey. The application of Beeswax be.

Drink a lot as a measure

One of the simplest and most important remedies for dry lips and skin in general is to drink enough; However, 1.5 to 2 liters per day are completely sufficient at moderate temperatures. Mineral water and unsweetened tea are particularly suitable. Buttermilk is said to have a good effect on dry lips.

Olive oil for dry lips

The positive effect of olive oil on the cardiovascular system is now undisputed. Applied externally, it should also be helpful for dry lips. Applied thinly, it works here moisturizing and closes the smallest cracks in the skin, which prevents further dehydration.

Peeling against dry lips

Exfoliating can be of cosmetic benefit for dry skin by helping to remove dead skin particles. Furthermore, applying a peeling promotes the Blood circulation of the lips. For this, on the one hand soft toothbrush used from Olive oil and sugar you can also make a peeling yourself. With very dry to painful lips, however, you should refrain from peeling, sinceadditional fine cracks in the skin.

More home remedies

As another home remedy this is Drink from Carrot juice, as well as his Instruct on dry skin. The application of egg yolk its what with its high content cholesterol is justified.

If the lips are already very painful and chapped, applying ointment or ointment containing zinc can help as it promotes wound healing. This is mainly due to the disinfecting effect of the zinc oxide it contains. Some zinc ointments also contain vitamin A-containing cod liver oil, which is important for the development of epithelium. Caution is advised, however, as these ointments also contain drying agents.