Homeopathy for cervical spine syndrome


In the case of the cervical spine syndrome, various complaints are observed that originate in the cervical spine.
Different homeopathic remedies are used depending on whether you suffer from muscle pain, headaches, sensory disorders, tingling, numbness or dizziness.

Homeopathics for muscle pain

Rhus toxicodendron / poison sumac

The patient complains of radiating pain in the muscle attachments and muscles of the shoulder region, as well Neck stiffnessthat too violent Back pain can lead (see: Homeopathy for back pain). If you are soaked and exposed to the cold, the symptoms become more severe.

The sensation of pain is described as if the muscles were too short, pulled.

Patients are restless and try to keep moving despite the pain because movement relieves the pain.

Rhus toxicodendron is a characteristic homeopathic treatment agent for the complaints mentioned.

The complaints are aggravated by rest, wetness and cold, are on the sick side. Start-up pain which improves with continued movement.

Aconitum / blue monkshood

Prescription up to and including D3!

Violent and sudden onset of Muscle aches after exposure to the cold as a result of cooling, preferably from strong, cold east wind.

According to the patient's report, the pain is unbearable in character, tearing, less often stabbing, numbness and / or tingling are also described.

The patient does not want to be touched at the painful area.

Typical for Aconitum napellus are the very anxious mood and the great restlessness from which the patients suffer.

The symptoms worsen in the evening, at night and in the warmth of the room or in the warmth of bed.

Arnica / Bergwohlverleih

Muscle pain described as a lame, bruised feeling Bruised pain. The affected areas are very sensitive to touch, and the symptoms worsen with any movement or shock.

Restless sleepbecause all pads are perceived as too hard and it is very difficult to find a resting position that does not cause pain.

Bryonia / red berry bryony

Muscle pain from pungent character. Irritable, angry patients with bad mood. Sensitive to touchAlthough the pain is relieved by firm counter-pressure, the pain is also less at rest.

Aggravation of all complaints by Move and warmth.

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Homeopathics for headaches

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Cimicifuga racemosa / bug herb

Palpable muscular Tension in the neck. Pain when moving head. Sensation as if the neck is stiff. Pain can radiate into the back muscles or into the arm.

Shooting, stabbing a headache, radiating from the back of the head over the crown to the forehead. Very different pain sensations: shooting, pounding, stabbing, as if the skull was about to burst, as if a wedge was being driven in from behind or the top of the skull was flying away.

Headaches are felt like a black cloud that presses and clouds the head. They also go with a deep sometimes depressed mood hand in hand.

Cimicifuga is the remedy for headache in women Menopause with a depressive, hysterical attitude (see: Homeopathy for menopause). A rollercoaster of emotions from "cheering sky high" to "saddened to death".

The symptoms are relieved by warmth.

Dulcamara / bittersweet

Headache combined with a "stiff neck", the neck feels lame and painful. The nature of the pain is often described as burning. The pain worsens or is triggered by wet and cold weather and after Soaking. The headache makes the head feel enlarged, numbing pain rising from the neck.

All complaints are caused and aggravated by wetness and cold. Warmth improves.

Helleborus niger / Christmas rose

Neck and throat muscles seem stiff, pain radiates to the back of the head. The character of the pain is often described as if everything were pulling together, convulsive. The headache is felt to be unbearable when stooping, improvement by lying down.

Typical for Helleborus is general Circulatory weakness Of the patients.

Lachnanthes / red root

The Neck pain feel like they are twisted and stiff. Headache as if the head was enlarged. The scalp is very sensitive to touch. Patients also complain about Visual disturbanceshow foggy.

Even with headaches as a result of whiplash.

Menyanthes / fever clover

Neck pain radiates all over the head. Heaviness, like having to carry a heavy load on your head. Pain worse on stooping and with exertion. The patient has cold arms and legs, Feeling cold is not improved by the application of heat.

The pain is relieved by warmth and firm counter pressure.

Homeopathics for sensory disorders, tingling and numbness

Zincum / Metallic zinc

dizziness, a headache, especially on the back of the head. Great unrest preferably in the legs but also in the arms, inner Tremor. The patient has to move constantly, Numbness.

The patient complains about general weakness, is grumpy and withdrawn.

Typical for Zincum is the aggravation of all complaints caused by alcohol consumption and restlessness in the legs. After eating and through mental exertion, the symptoms worsen. Exercise outdoors improves.

Cocculus / Kockelskorn

Pain and weakness in arms and legs, in the neck and in the whole spine. Limbs trembling. Arms and legs fall asleep, feel cold Numbness. Change of complaints from right to left.

Homeopathics for dizziness

Arnica / Bergwohlverleih

Dizziness associated with general Feeling bruised and Muscle acheswhich gets worse as the head moves. After accidents involving the cervical spine. All ailments are aggravated by any movement or shock.

Cocculus / Kockelskorn

Dizziness with back of headache, worse from movement, vibration, noise and when standing up from the horizontal.

Dizziness related to exhaustion, weakness and nausea.