Cost of the morning-after pill


The morning-after pill is a hormone preparation that ensures that a woman who has forgotten her pill or otherwise not using contraception does not become pregnant.

For this reason, many patients also refer to the morning-after pill as an emergency plan or emergency contraception. While the morning-after pill is not 100% safe, it is now very safe if taken within 24-72 hours of unprotected intercourse.

The hormones contained in the pill prevent ovulation or delay it long enough for the sperm to stop working. The morning-after pill is chargeable, which means that the patient has to pay for the morning-after pill herself. These costs are also not reimbursed by the health insurance.

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Economical effort

The cost of the morning-after pill varies depending on the manufacturer.

The morning-after pill costs differently depending on the manufacturer and when and where it was bought. For example, the cost of the morning-after pill in emergency pharmacies that are only exceptionally open at night or on Sundays are often higher. In addition, there are different preparations and different pharmaceutical companies that charge different costs for the morning-after pill. Just as bread from different manufacturers costs differently in the supermarket, it is also possible that the morning-after pill from different manufacturers has different prices. The cost of the morning-after pill varies from € 17 to around € 35. These different prices are mainly related to the manufacturer of the pill, but not to a weaker or better effect just because the preparation costs more or less. Since the morning-after pill is only taken once, these are the full costs and there are no additional costs because no additional preparation has to be bought. However, since the cost of a morning-after pill is quite high and the morning-after pill is generally associated with higher side effects than the "normal" birth control pill, it is not advisable to regularly rely on the protection of the morning-after pill.

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"Morning after pill" without a prescription

The morning-after pill is a controversial one Hormone preparation, which for a long time was considered an abortion drug rather than a contraceptive drug. For this reason, until about a year ago, it was common for a woman to make an appointment with you when she needed the morning-after pill Gynecologist who could then prescribe her the morning-after pill. Above all, this somewhat cumbersome way should prevent the morning-after pill from being used too often and too "freely". On the one hand, this is due to the fact that the morning-after pill is still different today ethical issues raises, for example, from when a pregnancy is to be rated as pregnancy. On the other hand, they should Side effectsWhich may occur due to the morning-after pill, can be minimized by the morning-after pill prescription only was. However, it has been possible to take the morning-after pill for about a year without recipe to acquire. That means a woman in that pharmacy and can get the morning-after pill there without a prescription.

For the woman, this has the advantage that there is no need to visit the gynecologist, which also means that the woman takes the morning-after pill a lot more quickly because with many gynecologists it takes a long time before the patient gets an appointment. Receiving the morning-after pill in the pharmacy without a prescription offers many advantages, above all a more convenient and faster intake, which in turn leads to a increased security the morning-after pill leads. However, this has the disadvantage that the morning-after pill can be obtained from the pharmacy without a prescription and this seems so convenient that many patients trust again and again that the morning-after pill will fulfill its protective function. It is important to remember that while the morning-after pill is quick and easy to get without a prescription, it is one for the female body great burden and it is therefore safer and better to take prophylaxis in the form of condoms or the birth control pill.

"Morning after pill" under 18

The morning-after pill is for patients over 18 years left chargeable. The cost of the morning-after pill for under 18 years of age are from the Health insurance accepted.The reason for this is the fact that patients under 18 have a full School education should enjoy without incidentally having to pay for the cost of their contraception. The cost of the morning-after pill usually ranges between 17-35€, however, these costs are waived for patients under 18 Since above all patients between 13-16 years of age prefer to spend their pocket money on clothing, jewelry or the like, the non-chargeable pill is intended to create the opportunity to achieve reliable contraception despite little money. Nevertheless, it should be said at this point that the cost of the morning-after pill does not apply to patients under the age of 18, but young patients in particular should be careful not to take the morning-after pill too often, but really only in the emergency to use. The morning-after pill messes up the hormonal balance very much and this represents a big one burden for the young body, which, especially after puberty, is not at all hormonally balanced. The fact that the cost of the morning-after pill does not apply to under 18-year-olds should by no means be a free ticket and the morning-after pill should still be viewed as emergency aid.