Cost of a thigh lift


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Cost of a thigh lift

All cosmetic interventions belong to the Hedgehog services (iindividual Gehealthlperformance), which means that the costs and follow-up costs must be borne by the patients themselves. Exceptions exist if the deformity leads to severe impairment of the patient's health or the ability to walk. In these cases, the costs of the procedure can rarely be covered by the health insurance after an assessment.

In Germany, a thigh lift can be expected to cost around € 3500 - 5500 on average, which is usually not covered by health insurance companies. This concerns the pure operation costs, additional costs may arise from the anesthesia and the inpatient accommodation.

In the event of complications in particular, follow-up costs in the range of several thousand or tens of thousands of euros can arise, so that taking out follow-up cost insurance for plastic surgery may be recommended

One should always keep in mind that an option also involves certain risks. You can also reduce the fat on the inside of the thigh or on the entire thigh without surgery. Read for this: How can I lose weight specifically on the inside of the thigh?