Adrenal inflammation


The adrenal glands lie on the kidneys at the upper pole and are therefore paired.

The Adrenal gland is in pairs in healthy people and takes on some important functions. You can turn into a Adrenal cortex as well as that Adrenal medulla be divided.
The adrenal medulla is responsible for the production of adrenaline and Norepinephrine responsible.
The adrenal cortex produces a number of important messenger substances for the body.

There are different diseases of the adrenal gland which mostly with one Over or under function of the organ. So it can be in addition to malignant and benign Tumors also to one Adrenal glandsignition come.
Such inflammation is present if that Autoimmune system attacks and destroys the adrenal cortex. In medicine, such adrenal inflammation is a possible cause of the occurrence of the disease Addison's disease represent.
The main problem with such inflammation lies in one Subfunction the adrenal cortex. In the presence of the disease, this is no longer able to provide sufficient quantities Messenger substances to produce, which is associated with a failure of important functions of these messenger substances. In acute cases such Adrenal insufficiency it can even lead to life-threatening conditions that should be treated immediately.

Adrenal inflammation usually becomes noticeable due to the symptoms of the affected person.

Treatment is relatively simple because those produced by the adrenal gland Hormones easy substituted can be. With proper treatment of adrenal inflammation caused by the immune system, a normal life can be lived and a average lifespan can be achieved. However, the disease should be recognized and treated, since if therapy is not taken the disease will develop always fatal runs.


Symptoms occur with Adrenal inflammation only when a large part of the cells of the adrenal cortex has already been destroyed and the remaining part can no longer compensate for the production of the hormones.
Since the inflammation is usually a slowly advancing This is also associated with a slow onset of symptoms. So it happens that many people who are affected by the disease and their contact persons do not initially notice the changes or interpret them as natural changes in the body.

A typical change caused by adrenal inflammation is the Browning of the skin. So it happens that although affected persons are the UV radiation Do not expose more than you would normally have a significantly darker skin color. Because of a lack of the hormone Cortisol there is a reduction in performance and weight loss.

It can also cause gastrointestinal discomfort like nausea or Vomit come. A deficiency in the hormone aldosterone causes one low blood pressure as well as a pronounced Appetite for salty food. It can also like electrolytes in the blood sodium and potassium get out of whack.


A Adrenal inflammation with the result one Adrenal insufficiency arises from an immune reaction in which in a previously unexplained way antibody which attack and destroy the adrenal cortex. Antibodies are usually produced to eliminate harmful pathogens that can infect the body. The production of antibodies that attack the adrenal cortex happens for no apparent reason. The disease can affect everyone and people of all ages can get it. Women are statistically speaking, however more often affected.

In rare cases a so-called Addison crisis come. The untreated, presumably undiagnosed, adrenal insufficiency leads to an acute decrease in the messenger substances that are normally produced by the adrenal gland. Such a drastic drop in these hormones can have life-threatening consequences for the person concerned and should be treated as soon as possible.

The exact background of the development of adrenal insufficiency, which is caused by such an inflammation, has not been conclusively clarified and is the subject of numerous research projects around the world.


A Adrenal inflammation, which leads to an insufficiency of the organ, cannot be cured in principle. The disease can still be treated very well by consistently taking medication. With correct treatment of the disease, affected people reach a normal age and usually are symptom-free.

The therapy consists primarily of the Substitution of hormoneswhich the adrenal gland can no longer produce on its own due to the prevailing inflammation. Medicines can be taken that can reduce the effects of Cortisol and Aldosterone imitate in the body and thus be able to help the affected person well.

Of the Time of ingestion medication is important because the adrenal gland usually releases hormones into the blood at certain times of the day. So should the drug with the active ingredient Hydrocortisone for example, be taken in the morning and in the evening. The drug that replaces the effects of aldosterone Fludrocortisone called and is usually taken in the morning. Since the human body would produce more cortisol in stressful situations is one Adaptation possibly necessary. For this reason, patients with the disease should carry out close checks with their doctor. So that rescue workers know about the presence of the disease in an emergency, it is advisable to carry a so-called Addison Passes on.

Treatment of Addison's crisis should be administered by doctors in the hospital. So that the affected person can be monitored, they should spend a few days in the hospital for monitoring.


The typical symptoms of adrenal insufficiency can usually be recognized by any doctor with a visual diagnosis. Since the insufficiency however through different causes can be triggered, and inflammation is not always responsible for the discomfort, it usually becomes comprehensive diagnostics carried out. By spraying a certain substance which the Adrenal cortex stimulates the body's reaction in the blood can be measured and, if necessary, adrenal inflammation diagnosed. If an acute Addison crisis is suspected, therapy should be given before the diagnosis is made in order to avoid serious consequences.


The prognosis of an associated adrenal inflammation Adrenal insufficiency is very good. Affected people do not have a reduced life expectancy and can symptom-free life to lead. It is important to take the medication correctly so that the function of the adrenal gland is mimicked as well as possible. Regular check-ups with a doctor are just as important in determining the need for medication adjustments.


The causes of the occurrence of a, by the immune system evoked, Adrenal inflammation are the subject of medical research and have not yet been clearly clarified. So far no recommendation can be given how the occurrence of the disease can be prevented.