Red spots on the glans - with and without itching


Red spots on the glans can be an expression of a wide variety of diseases and have a different level of disease value. The causes can more infectious or non-infectious Be nature, not infrequently play sexually transmitted pathogens a role. In general, however, every man can suffer from it. Usually, red spots on the glans are not a cause for concern, but they should be examined by a doctor for optimal treatment.

Red spots on the glans can be roughly divided according to whether they with or without itching occur. In the following, the most important information is presented taking this subdivision into account.

Red spots on the glans - with itching


Red spots on the glans occur in many cases with pronounced itching. There are a number of possible causes that can be an expression of an infection or a symptom of an allergic reaction.

Most common cause of red spots on the glans with itching is one Inflammation of the glans, as Balanitis referred to as (more on the subject under Causes of an inflamed glans penis). Most of the time the foreskin is also affected, so this is affected by Balanoposthitis is spoken. Inflammation of the glans can be seen as a symptom of various causes.

  • Viral causes: Genital herpes is one of the most common causes that cause red spots on the glans with itching. The pathogen is usually the herpes virus type 1 or 2, which is transmitted through direct contact, especially during sexual intercourse.
  • Bacterial causes: Bacteria can also create red spots on the glans under a Balanitis cause itching. Bacterial infections are mostly caused by poor hygiene. However, excessive genital hygiene, in which the natural protective film on the glans is damaged, can lead to irritation-related inflammation of the glans with red spots and itching.
  • Fungal diseases: Finally, fungal infections are also a not uncommon cause of red spots with itching on the glans.

In addition to infections, a allergic reaction cause red spots on the glans with itching. An allergy to the ingredients of shower and care products or to plastics in condoms, especially latex (see Latex allergy), consist.
Are rare Systemic diseases responsible for red spots on the glans.


Red spots on the glansthat are associated with itching can present in different ways. Initially, however, red spots on the glans with itching are relatively unspecific and must be objectified by further diagnostics.

  • Genital herpes: These are small, clusters of red spots that turn into fluid-filled blisters and cause pain. The strongest itching is typical here.
  • Bacterial causes: Such cases can also show symptoms of severe inflammation, which in addition to pain and redness may also include pus. In some cases, the inflammation can also cause pain when urinating.
  • Allergies: Allergic red spots on the glans with itching usually occur in relation to exposure to the triggering substance.


Around red spots on the glans can be clarified with itching Smears on pathogen detection are used. Viruses, bacteria and fungi can be detected in this way. Of course that is also available anamnese in the foreground to inquire about habits during sexual intercourse and accompanying symptoms or to get information about an allergy.


The important question with red spots on the glans with itching is: what can be done? That of course depends on the cause. So you should have the complaints clarified by a doctor if they do not go away after a short time.

  • Herpes infection: Here you can first wait for spontaneous healing, the therapy may be accompanied by an itching ointment. If the symptoms persist it should be for a few days antiviral drugs can be used as an ointment or in tablet form.
  • Fungal infection: An ointment with special, antifungal agents which is applied daily.
  • Bacterial infection: Come here Antibiotics for use.
  • Allergies: Here you should focus on the Avoiding the triggering substances respect, think highly of. So you can e.g. Use latex-free condoms and hypoallergenic shower products. A Cortisone ointment are used.

Itching can help with red spots on the glans daily baths apply that with breastfeeding and pain reliever substances how chamomile be moved.

Prognosis and prophylaxis

In most cases, red spots on the glans are itchy no reason to worryeven if they can be very uncomfortable. Usually these are self-limiting diseases. Still one should Medical clarification if the symptoms persist or worsen respectively.

As prophylaxis plays one adequate genital care play an important role without irritating the sensitive skin too much. Warm water without shampoo should be enough here. Against sexually transmitted diseases, which include genital herpes and fungal infections, are an effective way to protect yourself with one condom. It is also important to itch if red spots appear on the glans Informing sexual partnersso that this can possibly also be treated.

Red spots on the glans - without itching

Red spots on the glans may appear even without itching. Due to the lack of itching, these often only become apparent later.


One observes red spots on the glans without itching, there can be various causes behind it. Especially Fungal diseases can initially only cause red spots without itching on the glans. Red spots on the glans without itching are also partially caused by STDs caused. in the Initial stage of syphilis red spots may appear on the glans without itching, but here a single red spot with an ulcer (Ulcus durum) is more typical.

Besides that, it can also be mechanical irritation after this Sexual intercourse act. Also irritation by laundry detergent can cause red spots on the glans without itching.

In addition, there are rare diseases that affect the whole body, which are also noticeable as red spots on the glans, without causing itching directly. So can a psoriasis also extend to the acorn, likewise a Lichen planus. Red spots can appear here, but mostly accompanied by other skin manifestations like whitish stripes or flaking.


Depending on the cause, you can red spots on the glans without itching are accompanied by other symptoms. In case of direct irritation are Pain not uncommon for psoriasis to come whitish scales added. A red spot caused by syphilis develops one quickly Skin defect with ulcer-like changes. Although not at the beginning itching is present, this can especially be the case with psoriasis and Lichen planus to come in the course.


The diagnosis is also carried out for red spots on the glans without itching Medical history, clinical examination and maybe Smears or Trial excisions the affected areas.


When changes are made to the glans, the question arises: What can you do? First of all, you should carefully observe the spots on the glans in order to recognize further changes immediately.

Red spots on the glans without itching can initially last for a few days with a simple one Ointment against fungal diseases be treated. If this is the cause, it should improve quickly.

Around to reduce mechanical irritation, should be for a period of time refrains from sexual intercourse to give the glans time to recover. Simply warm water is recommended for cleaning. What can also be done is to use a nourishing ointmentthat is suitable for mucous membranes.

If the changes persist or worsen, is a Doctor visit inevitable. For example, if a systemic disease is present, professional therapy must be initiated, e.g. with a Antibiotic therapy at syphilis.

Prognosis and prophylaxis

In the vast majority of cases, red spots on the glans do not pose a threat. They usually heal again after a few days without any consequences.

If there is a systemic disease behind the red spots, the course is more complicated. As prophylaxis recommends a adequate hygiene as well as responsible intercourse. Condoms can avoid getting a yeast infection or other sexually transmitted diseases. Nevertheless, in principle every man can get red spots on the glans without itching.