Vitasprint B12


Vitasprint B12® is a non-prescription but pharmacy-only drug that has been established in Germany for over 30 years.It contains a combination of 500mg vitamin B12 and the two amino acids phosphonoserine (40mg) and glutamine (60mg) and is therefore one of the vitamin B12 preparations.

The purely synthetically manufactured Vitasprint B12® can be administered in the form of capsules or drinking ampoules and is sugar-free as well as free of dyes and alcohol.

As a dietary supplement, it supports the nerve metabolism and promotes cell regeneration, so that performance and concentration, general well-being and driving power can be increased.


The exact ingredients of Vitasprint B12® are next to that Vitamin B12 the amino acids DL-Phosphonoserine and Glutamine, whereby these three main components are precisely coordinated with one another in terms of their dosage and effectiveness.

In addition to these ingredients, Vitasprint B12® also contains purified water, D-mannitol and a sorbitol solution as well as sodium methyl 4-hydroxybenzoate and sodium hydroxide.

Vitamin B12 is one of the obligatory water-soluble vitamins that are used by human body not self-made so that it is dependent on an external supply through food (animal products such as meat, fish or eggs).

Vitamin B12 has to be more important Cofactor for certain Enzymes an essential task in Cell division and Blood formation (Formation of red blood cells) and for the correct functioning of the nervous and immune systems.

The vitamin B12, which is absorbed through food, is initially bound to food proteins, from which it is split off in the stomach by the gastric acids and to those formed in the stomach Intrinsic factor (Transport protein) is coupled. The vitamin B12 intrinsic factor complex can then be used in Small intestine absorbed into the blood, then stored in the liver or muscles, or made available directly to specific cells.

Between 1.5g and 3g of vitamin B12 are required daily (information for adolescents and adults), although 26% of women and 8% of men do not reach the recommended daily dose.

A defect Vitamin B12 can make itself felt unspecifically, for example through increased levels Fatigue, Lack of drive and Exhaustion, paleness, Concentration- and Memory impairment.

Phosphonoserine as an amino acid derivative is an important building block for protein and phospholipid formation, both of which are essential for the production of new cell membranes, e.g. B. of muscle and nerve cells.

A sufficient occurrence in the body guarantees the development of nerve and muscle cells as well as the optimal conduction of stimuli in the nervous system and in the brain.

A deficiency in phosphonoserine can accordingly faulty stimulus conduction With Concentration- and Muscle coordination disorders to lead.

As a mono-amide, glutamine has the task of being a further amino acid that is mainly found in foods such as milk and soy products Water retention in cells and thus the Increase in cell volume to support during physical exertion, which in turn is a signal for an increased production of proteins and glycogen. In stressful situations prevented it thus the Breakdown of muscle tissue and at the same time supports the ability to regenerate overnight while sleeping.

In addition, the glutamine can be converted into glutamate in the central nervous system, which in turn serves as a chemical messenger in the brain.

Both amino acids, phosphonoserine and glutamine, can produced by the body so that humans are not only dependent on their intake through food. However, malnutrition or malnutrition can quickly lead to a shortage, as the body is not able to produce the amount of amino acids that are actually needed in the organism throughout the day.

field of use

In general, Vitasprint B12® can always be used if it can be proven Vitamin B12 Deficiency State consists. A vitamin B12 level in the blood that is too low can have various causes, which either lead to an impaired supply, incorrect absorption or a general increase in demand.

For example, make it difficult Gastric mucosal disease (chronic Gastritis) or Gastrointestinal resection operationsthat lead to a deficiency in intrinsic factor, the absorption of vitamin B12 into the bloodstream. In the same way, taking certain medications, such as B. antihistamines, metformin or proton pump inhibitors prevent the correct absorption of vitamin B12. In addition, certain diseases in other parts of the intestinal system can lead to an incorrect absorption of vitamin B12 (e.g. celiac disease, Crohn's disease, exocrine pancreatic insufficiency, Fish tapeworm infestation Etc.).

An inadequate supply of the vitamin can arise in the context of a vegetarian or vegan diet and during chronic alcohol abuse.

An increased consumption of vitamin B12 can be seen among others during chronic infectious diseases or during pregnancy.

The intake of Vitasprint B12® is usually recommended whenever the classic symptoms of a vitamin B12 deficiency become noticeable or to prevent the occurrence of a vitamin B12 deficiency from the outset.

At physical exhaustion, increased fatigue and Exhaustion, nervousness and increased irritability just like Concentration and Memory impairment and in particular Stressful and overloaded situations, taking Vitasprint B12® can significantly improve general well-being and restore performance.

Vegetarians and vegans who have made a conscious decision in favor of this diet should pay particular attention to an adequate supply of the most important nutritional components. Since vitamin B12 in particular occurs almost exclusively in animal foods, an additional supply of this vitamin by means of a dietary supplement such as Vitasprint B12® is recommended in order to prevent a deficiency.

Also diabeticThose who are dependent on the intake of the antidiabetic drug metformin should ensure that they have an adequate supply of vitamin B12, as long-term use of metformin can interfere with the absorption of vitamin B12 into the body.


Above all, Vitasprint advertises that the active ingredient (vitamin B 12) is contained in high doses. Higher dose than with many other preparations. The drinking solution from Vitasprint contains 500 µg vitamin B12, the capsules contain 200 µg vitamin B 12. The manufacturer recommends taking 1 drinking ampoule or 3 capsules daily.


As mentioned briefly above, the capsules each contain 200 µg vitamin B12.It is recommended to take 3 capsules a day, i.e. 600 µg vitamin B 12 daily. It should be taken whole with some liquid. Side effects rarely occur and - if - are usually only caused by the ingredients. The only known side effect is a hypersensitivity reaction in the sense of an allergic reaction. This may show up in the form of a rash, tingling sensation in the mouth and a sudden feeling of heat. The maximum variant of the allergic reaction, the anaphylactic shock, can lead to a swelling of the airways, a racing heart and a drop in blood pressure that can even lead to death. 20 Vitasprint capsules of 200 µg each cost just under 16 euros. With the recommended intake of 3 capsules a day, the daily costs are just under 2.50 euros. The capsules are also available in larger packs (up to 100 pieces). Here the daily therapy costs are about 1.80 euros.


Vitasprint is available in the form of drinking bottles and capsules. There are no tablets yet. However, there are other suppliers that offer vitamin B 12 in the form of tablets

Drinking ampoules

The Vitasprint drinking ampoules contain 500 µg vitamin B 12. We recommend taking one drinking ampoule per day. The side effects are similar to those of the capsules, so far only a few allergic reactions to the ingredients are known as possible side effects. 30 Vitasprint drinking ampoules cost just under 49 euros. This corresponds to daily costs of around 1.60 euros per day. The vials are also available in larger (100 pieces) or smaller (10 pieces) packs.

Side effects

Side effects after correctly dosed intake of Vitasprint B12® are generally rare, but occasional Hypersensitivity reactions occur in the form of allergic symptoms to individual ingredients.

During the pregnancy and the Lactation However, Vitasprint B12® should not be taken, as the study situation regarding the safety has not yet been fully clarified during this period.

Alternatives to Vitasprint B12

Vitasprint is a so-called dietary supplement that contains vitamin B 12 (cobalamin). The company also touts that it also contains glutamate, a substance that plays a role in the brain, but which is completely unnecessary ingestion through a dietary supplement. Vitasprint is expensive. Hence the question of cheaper alternatives. There are numerous preparations that contain vitamin B 12, the main component of Vitasprint. Vitasprint is available in different dosage forms, for example as a capsule and, probably best known from TV advertising, as a drinking solution. Here, 30 drinking bottles with 500 µg vitamin B 12 cost just under 50 euros. It is recommended to take one drinking bottle per day. the daily therapy costs are thus around 1.60 euros. There are numerous preparations that contain vitamin B 12 and are significantly cheaper, but vitamin B 12 drinking solutions are rather rare.

There are two alternatives that are a bit cheaper: Tetesept B 12 Vitakick offers 7 drinking bottles for 10 euros, 30 bottles would cost just under 43 euros. The daily therapy cost would be about 1.40. Doppelherz also offers vitamin B 12 drinking ampoules, 8 of which cost 7.50 euros. 30 bottles would therefore only cost 28 euros, the daily therapy costs would be just under 1 euros. Thus, the Doppelherz Vitamin B 12 drinking ampoules are significantly cheaper than Vitasprint drinking bottles. However, both preparations contain less vitamin B 12 than Vitapsprint: Vitasprint 500 µg, Tetesept 50 µg, Doppelherz 55 µg. And Vitasprint advertises precisely with the high dose of vitamin B 12. However, it should be said that the human body has a daily vitamin B 12 requirement of around 3 µg. In addition, for people who eat well-balanced, the intake of vitamin B 12 through their diet is completely sufficient; food supplements are unnecessary.

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A deficiency in vitamin B 12 can be determined by a blood sample by the family doctor. If there is such a deficiency, a substitution makes sense. Vitasprint is also available as capsules, 20 capsules cost just under 16 euros. The capsules contain 200 µg vitamin B 12. 3 capsules should be taken daily. That makes daily costs of just under 2.50 euros. There are numerous alternatives for vitamin B 12 capsules, here are just two examples: B&K Nutripharm B 12 capsules, 60 pieces for just under 12 euros, taking 1 capsule per day (contains 3 µg vitamin B 12) is recommended. Daily costs about 20 cents. In addition, Pure Encapsulation (per Medico) vitamin B12, 90 capsules of 500 µg for 18 euros. Daily costs about 20 cents. There are also numerous preparations that contain several vitamins from the vitamin B complex. They can be bought over the counter in drugstores or pharmacies. The main difference between Vitasprint and other preparations is - besides the price - that the high dose of vitamin B 12 is advertised. So far, however, there is no evidence that such high doses bring benefits, even if the manufacturer promises significantly more energy after ingestion. As already described above, the body does not need more than 3 µg of vitamin B 12 per day. Studies will show whether a high dose of vitamin B 12 can actually increase energy.

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Dosage form

Common for adults is the daily administration of one drinking ampoule or three capsules for a period of 4-6 weeks, with the ingestion on empty stomach favors vitamin intake.

A short-term overdose is usually not a cause for alarm, as excess vitamin B12 is excreted from the body with the urine, so that there is no oversupply.