What is the best diet?


There are countless diets that focus on different aspects of nutrition and metabolic properties, such as saving fat, "eating" half of it, avoiding sugar, diet or exercise program. If you want to lose weight in a healthy way, you have to find the diet that is best for you.

Everyone approaches a diet with a different starting situation, possible health problems, different fitness levels and different motivation.

What good diets are there?

  • Detox diet

  • Diet with shakes

  • Logi method

  • Glyx diet

  • Strunz diet

  • Atkins Diet

  • BCM diet

  • Hollywood Diet

  • Alkaline Diet

  • 5-to-2 diet

  • Paleo diet

  • 24 hour diet

  • FdH - eat half

  • Mayo Diet

  • Potato diet

  • Rice diet

  • Cabbage Soup Diet

  • Ketogenic Diet

  • Food combining diet

  • Crash diet

How do I find the right type of diet for me?

We humans differ in many ways. Our genes are different, the predisposition for fat storage and weight loss, the metabolism, the eating habits and much more. Because we humans are so different, there is no one best diet for everyone. Everyone has to find the best diet for themselves.

If you only want to lose 2 - 3 kilograms and vacation is just around the corner, it may be right to try a radical mono diet for 4 - 5 days and then eat low-calorie food to avoid the yo-yo effect. However, due to various aspects, mono diets are not suitable for everyone.

If you want to fight obesity and diet over a longer period of time, other forms of nutrition are better suited, for example low-carb diets with regular exercise.

In order to lose weight, it applies to all people that saving calories helps! There are diets that focus on protein, carbohydrates or fats. You can choose a suitable diet from various diets that you can implement well.

Are there online tests to find the best form of diet for me?

There are various online tests on the Internet that are designed to help you choose a suitable diet between different diets. Such tests ask few questions about the goal of the diet, weight, previous experience and the willingness to change one's eating behavior during the diet.

The online tests are usually free and only contain a few questions, so you can take them within a few minutes. You immediately get a result with the calculated number of points and the corresponding diet recommendation.

For example, it is checked whether you are the type for a radical formula diet or want to change your diet over the long term in order to achieve and maintain the desired weight.

Which diet has the least yo-yo effect?

A yo-yo effect arises especially when you follow a radical diet, then lapse into old eating habits and “overeat” yourself immediately after the end of the diet. Too little exercise during and after the diet increases the risk of the dreaded yo-yo effect.

Basically, diets have a low yo-yo effect, which are only viewed as a transition phase to a permanently healthy, balanced diet. If you do a lot of sport during and after the diet, this helps to maintain your desired weight permanently.

Low-carb diets have a low risk of a yo-yo effect, as they can be designed flexibly over a longer period of time and can be integrated very well into everyday life. Low-carb diets allow a variety of recipes, making it easier to stick to the diet. This means that there is less “relapse” or “overeating” after the end of the diet.

Lose weight with shakes

Losing weight with shakes as part of a so-called formula diet is basically a very effective method of losing weight. You lose a lot of weight in the first few days. However, a large part of the initial success can be explained by the flushing out of water.

Formula diets are very radical in their implementation, since all or a large part of the main meals are replaced by protein-rich shakes. Many people have difficulty following the diet due to hunger and poor performance due to low calorie intake.

If the diet is carried out for a long time, the side effects should not be neglected. Serious deficiency symptoms can occur.

One advantage of the shakes is the high protein content. Despite the low number of calories per day, the proteins prevent the body's own protein, i.e. muscles, from being broken down. At the same time, the protein promotes the breakdown of sugar from the fat deposits.

The diet is a good way to lose a few kilos quickly for an event. However, even after 1 - 2 weeks of dieting, you should slowly switch to a permanently healthy, balanced diet in order to avoid the dreaded yo-yo effect. For long-term success, a healthy diet and regular exercise are the healthiest way to maintain the desired weight after a 1 - 2 week formula diet that boosts your metabolism.

Lose weight with capsules / pills

There are different capsules and pills for weight loss. On the one hand, there are appetite suppressants that are supposed to reduce appetite and lead to a faster feeling of satiety. On the other hand, there are numerous capsules that stimulate fat burning and thus melt the love handles.

It is important that the pills alone do not lead to the desired weight. In order to lose weight effectively and maintain the desired weight permanently, you should change your diet to a healthy, balanced diet and do a lot of sport. Appetite suppressants and capsules for fat metabolism can accelerate the way to the desired weight.

When buying weight loss aids, you should pay attention to the ingredients and avoid dangerous and illegal substances.

Lose weight with HCG

HCG stands for humane Chorionic gonadotropin, a hormone that is naturally produced in the placenta during pregnancy.

The founder of the HCG diet, British endocrinologist Albert T.W. Simeons, found that women on low HCG doses lost more fat tissue than muscle tissue and developed the concept of an ultra-low calorie diet with small amounts of HCG taken daily. HCG can be bought in the form of globules, syringes or drops.

The first two days of the diet are feasted in order to oversaturate the body. From the third day onwards, a maximum of 500 kilocalories are ingested with food. Fat, sugar and alcohol are completely forbidden during the diet.

The HCG diet is highly controversial because the calorie intake is far too low and the implementation in itself is unhealthy. Often the radical HCG diet is followed by the yo-yo effect, so that after the diet you sometimes weigh more than before. If you want to lose weight in the long term and maintain your desired weight, you should keep your hands off the HCG diet and change your diet and do a lot of sport.

Lose weight with globules

Losing weight with globules is a way to lose weight that is controversial in our society. The idea behind losing weight with globules is to eat healthy and low in calories, do a lot of sport and swallow globules, which promote the personal weight loss situation. This means that when losing weight with globules, the appropriate means are selected according to the causes of the obesity.

There are globules that reduce appetite, reduce hunger pangs or help with diet stagnation. This means that one recognizes the individual cause of the obesity and combats it in a targeted manner. The daily intake of the globules for several weeks should help to get the fat metabolism going.

To avoid a yo-yo effect, the globules should be slowly tapered after the diet. It is very questionable whether you lose weight by taking the homeopathic pellets when you lose weight with globules, or by changing your diet and exercising. To date there is no proof of the effectiveness of homeopathic globules.

Losing weight with globules is a way of losing weight for people who are generally open to homeopathy and who have tried many diets without success.