What can you do about bags under the eyes?


The eye area is very sensitive and the skin at this point is only a third as thick as in other areas of the skin, which makes it less resistant to external and internal influences.

A sleepless night can therefore be seen quickly when the regenerative power decreases with age. In the region around our eye there is neither pronounced connective tissue nor subcutaneous tissue under the epidermis, and the veins running under the eyes therefore appear particularly quickly through the thin skin.

For temporary bags under the eyes, the main factors are too little sleep (sleep disorders), too little drinking and too salty food. If, on the other hand, it is a question of permanent bags under the eyes, this is a symptom of old age, since the muscles and connective tissue in the eye area also slacken with increasing age.

Bags under the eyes in men

Since men are human too, they too will experience one or two age-related signs of wear and tear over the years. Overall, the skin becomes thinner, more fragile and more wrinkled. The eye area is not spared from these processes either. Since the skin around the eyes is naturally thinner and more sensitive and therefore more prone to imbalances in the body and stress, this is where age often makes itself felt first. The dark circles in the morning appear faster and go away more slowly and bags under the eyes become larger and more annoying.

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On the one hand, this is due to a natural aging process Loosening of the connective tissuewhat a increased storage of fat and water leads. But also bad habits like too little sleep, too much stress, too salty food at the same time insufficient fluid intake have a negative effect on the eye area.

But this is exactly where you can start when it comes to countering the bags under your eyes. Often they are tried and tested Home remedies quite effective and sufficient to give the face a younger and rested look. But nowadays, especially men, are increasingly stepping into the Cosmetic surgeons who promises quick and effective remedy with the help of syringes and a scalpel.

How to use the normal signs of age the eye area must be left to everyone. But it might be worth mentioning that old age cannot be stopped and every major intervention has risky side effects and consequences brings with it. Since the bags under the eyes are a purely cosmetic and not a medical problem you should decide carefully here.

Bags under the eyes in women

The Generally speaking, women's skin is often considered thinner and more sensitive described as that of men and that's partly true. Women in particular tend to have noticeable dark circles and bags under the eyes, especially under the eyes, where the skin is already very thin and susceptible to disruptive factors. A few hours too little sleep or one or the other glass too much in the evening can quickly become uncomfortable on the face in the form of thick shadows under the eyes the next morning.

But don't worry, if you have dark circles or bags under the eyes caused by stress, lack of sleep, alcohol or other environmental factors are, it is usually just one temporary appearance and after a few minutes to hours, the body and gravity have taken care of that overnight excess accumulated lymph fluid, which is responsible for the bags under the eyes, is removed and the face looks like it did before.

If, on the other hand, the bags under the eyes are based on a gradual one over the years NRelease of the elasticity of the connective tissue, this is a completely normal phenomenon and belongs to us as well as small wrinkles and gray hair. The bags under the eyes are therefore of no medical relevance, but many women are bothered by them for cosmetic reasons.

Fortunately, you can help yourself with the numerous home remedieswithout having to resort to more serious steps such as injections or even surgical removal of the bags under the eyes. It often helps that Keep sensitive skin under the eyes moist and Massage a little gently on a regular basis to stimulate lymph flow. You should also ensure adequate fluid intake and a rather moderate salt consumption, both of which have a positive effect on any fluid retention in the body. The classic cool cucumber slices on the eyes and the quark mask are also often recommended for a reason. They give the skin the necessary moisture and also ensure a fresher and more relaxed appearance in the eye area.

Generally one should take care of oneself not to expose too much stress and enough sleep to get. If you take all of this into account and if you practice a more relaxed approach to your own body and the unrealistic ideal of beauty for women dictated by the media these days, the bags under the eyes are no longer a big problem.

Measures to reduce bags under the eyes

Contrary to advertising, in which dubious promises are often made against bags under the eyes and in most cases products are advertised that only contain the helpful ingredients mentioned there in minimal concentration, there are a few simple measures that can be used to reduce bags under the eyes.

  • The head should not be too low during sleep, so that fluid cannot collect in the eye area overnight, which can lead to swelling.
  • It is important to have a pleasantly cool room temperature in the bedroom (ideal is 17 degrees) and not to use air conditioning, which dries out the air unnecessarily, which also affects the eye area (dry eyes). Instead, you should sleep with the window open, which counteracts the swelling of the eye area overnight, as sufficient blood flow with oxygen-rich blood is guaranteed.
  • It is also important that the skin is adequately hydrated, which is ensured by drinking two to three liters of sugar-free beverages every day. Water or unsweetened tea is ideal for this.
  • Care should be taken not to consume too much salt with food, as this promotes the retention of water in the tissue.
  • Excessive stress and lack of sleep are poisonous for the skin around the eyes. So make sure you treat yourself to relaxation every now and then and get enough sleep.
  • Ultima ratio is the surgical removal of the bags under the eyes. Since, as with any surgical procedure, wound healing disorders, complications, infections and scarring can occur, this step should be carefully considered, especially since the bags under the eyes are cosmetic, but in no way medically relevant. Under certain circumstances it can even happen that the tightening of the skin prevents the eye from closing properly after the operation, which leads to the cornea drying out and vision impairing.

With beauticians or dermatologists there is the possibility Lymphatic drainage to allow the swelling-causing fluid to drain from the eye area.

  • Instead of many Creams Buying with dubious ingredients is one massage the skin with a metal roller applicator. Ideally, he also distributes a highly concentrated one Hyaluronic acid gel on the eye area, which is able to create an optical smoothness.
  • Decongestion through so-called swelling is also possible Cooling glasses, which are gel cushions in the shape of glasses that are stored in the refrigerator, which can then be applied if necessary (e.g. in the morning after waking up) and also have a soothing effect.
  • Home remedies like Cucumber slices, Quark masks or chilled Black tea bags have also proven themselves many times over to reduce the swelling of the bags under the eyes.
  • The sensitive eye area always needs enough humidity, which is why it is important to apply an appropriate moisturizing cream with high-quality (preferably silicone-free) ingredients, especially overnight. Here, too, the highly concentrated Hyaluronic acid, but also Aloe vera and other natural ingredients proven.

In addition to the options mentioned, it must always be clarified that there is no serious illness. A visit to the family doctor is therefore useful to get one Kidney disease, one Heart failure or Allergies to exclude.

Home remedies

The list of suggestions, ideas and well-intentioned tips against bags under the eyes seems almost endless. Many aim to to provide the skin with sufficient moisture and to tighten the connective tissue by means of massages and thus to promote the body's own regenerative powers.

  • For example, a Face mask with cold curd achieve quick results. Simply apply the quark generously and leave it on for half an hour.
  • Move generally gets the circulation going and ensures that blood and lymph always stay in the flow and that undesirable water retention cannot occur.
  • Even the well-known ones Tea bags on the eyes have a proven effect. The tannins contained in green and black tea, in particular, have a decongestant effect on the tissue and can relieve the bags under the eyes.
  • Often one is also advised to gently and extensively with the skin around the eye area sesame oil rub in and massage. The oil is good for the skin and the massage promotes lymph drainage.
  • Also can cool cucumber slices actually work effectively against dark circles and bags under the eyes. Simply hang up for a quarter of an hour and try to relax your face as much as possible.
  • In general, you should also pay attention to enough liquid to be consumed throughout the day. You should primarily use water and unsweetened tea. As a guideline, around two liters per day are recommended.

In any case, it is not advisable to use hemorrhoid creamseven if you can often read about it on the Internet. Applied to the eye area, these can thin and irritate the skin uncomfortably and thus aggravate the bags under the eyes and irritate the eyes themselves dangerously.


As our grandmothers already knew: Tea is good for dark circles and bags under the eyes. However, not every type of tea is equally suitable. Black and green tea are especially recommended, because these two types contain the most tannins, which have a decongestant effect on the bags under the eyes. For such an easy-to-make tea compress, pour boiling water into the tea bag as usual and then let it steep for about five minutes. Then take the tea bags out of the cup and let them cool down a little. As soon as the tea bags have reached a comfortable temperature, place them on the eyes for about a quarter of an hour and let the tannins soak in.


Homeopathy also offers numerous therapeutic approaches for dark circles and bags under the eyes. For example, one helps Acupressure the special acupressure points around the eyes. However, since this is a very sensitive part of the body, you should better yourself contact a specialist and refrain from self-treatment.

Also Schuessler salts can help against bags under the eyes. Especially number 6: Kalium sulfuricum and number 10: sodium sulfuricum are recommended.

There are also homeopathic creamsthat promote lymph drainage and thus counteract the formation of bags under the eyes. Globuli Secale corntum and Berberis said to have a positive effect. However, since the homeopathic medicine cabinet is as numerous as it is versatile, professional advice from a specialist is always worthwhile.


The cosmetics industry offers a whole small universe of supposedly helpful creams, ointments and tinctures against dark circles and bags under the eyes. The main main ingredients are mostly Hyaluronic acid, urea in a highly concentrated form, Vitamin A, Q10, Collages and Retinol. The latter offers the most promising chances of success, but is often only contained in low concentrations and in a few of the creams freely available on the market. The active principle of hyaluronic acid is based on the fact that the acid fills the bags under the eyes, so to speak, due to its enormous water-binding capacity, and thus makes it disappear. Here, however, you should be careful not to get the cream into the eye itself, as this can lead to an unpleasant, strong burning sensation. Collages on the other hand, tightens the elastin fibers in the connective tissue and thus ensures that the Skin looks younger, wrinkle-free and smoother.

In general, it can be said that the body's own active ingredients are preferable to chemical agents, as they potentially have fewer side effects and are both better tolerated and absorbed by the body.

Hemorrhoid creams

The logic behind the idea of ​​using hemorrhoid ointment as a miracle weapon against bags under the eyes is as follows: usually the Hemorrhoid ointment used to to contract the affected skin and so to tighten. After all, what works well on the backside could work just as well on the face. However, this is a fundamental error, since the effect of the hemorrhoidal ointment is based on the dilated vessels contracting and not about the skin itself tightening. Since the dark circles usually have nothing to do with worn out vessels, but are simply based on fat and water retention, the hemorrhoid ointment cannot work here. On the contrary, that of the cream often Additional substances added can sometimes dry out the skin under the eyes and thus do more harm than good.